Hgme Electronics co.,ltd, HGME International Co.,Limited

Hgme Electronics co.,ltd, HGME International Co.,Limited

Buyer’s Nationality:

Hgme Electronics co.,ltd, HGME International Co.,Limited

Seller Website:
http://www.hgme-electronics.com/, http://hgme.en.seekic.com,

Seller Address:
Tan Tou , Song Gang, Bao An district or #901 Nan Guang Jie Jia Building #3037 Shen Nan Road,, , Shenzhen, Shenzhen, n/a, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Online Supplier Directory

Type of product(s) being purchased:
Electronic chips – integrated circuits

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
Under 1,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:

Type of Complaint(s):
, , , , scams & other unethical activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Order #2

User Experience:
I ordered electronic components from this company more times. Shine, email Shine@hgme-electronics.com (or info@hgme-electronics.com, yester310@yeah.net), Skype: shine09282 has responded promptly as expected until proforma invoice with relatively good prices prepared and payment obtained. Then communications problem has began, and from quoted 1 day leading time it ended in up to couple weeks till they shipped out that order – blaming for holidays, for colleagues, or simply become silent. But what a disappointment unpacking received parcel, when I have seen fine pitch QFP ICs just stacked one over one and such pile put into a stretch non-esd foil so there was barely no chip with unbent leads, you can imagine. How they call themselves as professionals. I have finally asked for compensation of severe damaged chips, which they accepted.

After a time, I gave them second chance with placing next order of similar QFP chips, as I was lazy to search for an other supplier; with strictly requesting proper packing etc. You can say, what a mistake. But communication was fine, parcel has been shipped out within a day or two after sending payment, photos before sending out looked promising. But soon after delivery, I have found maybe half from some hundreds of supplied qty was not performed OK, I assume like waste chips after sorting at a production line, who knows. Mix of date codes also supported that assumption. They accepted replacement so I have returned back those chips which failed in my test, but then they become silent, when replied blamed for holidays etc and I haven’t received neither compensation nor replacement parts. Company started to hide as a classic scammer, so I decided to report them here to warn others.

User Recommendations:
Avoid HGME electronics or HGME International at any cost.

Do not trust to companies from seekic.com or chinaicmart.com. If possible, try to buy components from verified sources (it is not always possible e.g. specific or obsolete ICs, as in my case).

It is known that Chinese people tend to never tell you truth even face to face, if there is a problem., but behavior I explained here is simply unacceptable.

It would be great if someone should create a verified supplier list, especially if it is about companies from Shenzhen region, it is just pity no one will be willing to share a good supplier with others – surely not all of Shenzhen companies are amateurs like HGME, trying to sell electronic chips to overseas but having experience from a grocery, or are intentional scammers.


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  1. I have been recently (March/2008) contacted by HGME, and they were finally willing to compensate me value of the non-working parts. So they now behave honestly. As it is not possible to remove a supplier from this listing, I encourage their buyers to give them a chance and not judge them based an old, and already solved case.

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