Billoomi Fashion

Billoomi Fashion

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Billoomi Fashion

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Seller Address:
E-88, Sector 63 Road, A Block, Sector 63,, , E-88, Sector 63 Road, A Block, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201301, India

Initial contact with the supplier:
Search Engine

Type of product(s) being purchased:
Fabric Swatches for approval to make designs

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
Under 1,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
US or Canada

Type of Complaint(s):
, , , , scams & other unethical activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:

User Experience:
I was searching for manufacturer to produce and small minimun of dresses and skirts for my line. I found billoomi fashion and conducted my own research on them before even contacting them. There was not one bad review and there was a lot of information and websites on them so i assumed they were legit. I spoke to someone via email for months negotiating terms. Sending designs. Ect. Thank Gd i listened to my husband when he told me not to be so trusting and only pay for one product at a time. The product they were sending me were the swatches of fabric to approve. They agreed for me to only pay for the swatches around $50. They initally wanted over $1000 deposit. Im guessing they just wanted me off their back already and thought lets just get what we can get from her and be done. The “swatches arrived”… well, i really didnt know weather to laugh or cry lol. They sent a swatch of polyester, a swatch of dirty wrinkled cheap taffeta, a swatch of lace if you can even call it lace, looked like fabric made of rope with holes in it. I mean, i even thought they sent me the wrong shippment by mistake because they actually did send it to wrong address at first (different state). When i contacted them and let them know that this was not what i asked for. They played stupid. When days of ignoring me and then late laughed about it. I have a screen shot of the conversation. All in all. Dont trust them. They dont care. They just want your money and they give you tuna when you asked for pasta and then they play stupid. Dont waste your time.

User Recommendations:
Never ever give any sort of deposit. I am actually incredibly gratefull for this experience. Paying for swathes only. Show me what you got and well go from there! ?

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  1. Wow this person has tried to defame a company because they were not happy with there fabric samples How ridiculous and after reading the documents they wanted 6 to 14 items produced per design To find a company who produces that small amount is rare but then they wanted to negotiate on a quite low price because they thought it was too expensive ..I suggest if you want a bigger discount get more units made, most minimumus start from 30 to 50 units. Myself and my daughter traveled to India and actually visited Billoomi and spoke to Danny who was very helpful and we had a good look around the factory and also viewed there sample room which had a large example of all there work that they have done. We closely inspected all the clothing mainly ladies wear and it was very high quality and the sewing was excellent When we get all our teckpacks organised I will definitely be in touch with Billoomi to get a quote.. I think to defame a business about something so ridiculous says way more about the sort of person they are. Just goes to show theres one in every crowd .

  2. There are unhappy customer in every business! Even world’s biggest profit making company Apple Inc. too have set of unhappy customer. Billoomi Fashion is not an exception. We too sometime not live upto the expectation and some of our client become unhappy! However, we leave no stone unturned by taking the genuine feedback of our customers and always do necessary change(s) in our way of doing business so that we can ensure avoid future occurrence of same set of problem!

    The above posting is a classic example how at times a buyer too speak false, do mischievous activity with their supplier and bad-mouthing about something never happened. When it comes to a buyer-supplier relations, whatever a buyer speaks are taken as true work and whatever a supplier says – becomes an excuse!

    But we have the valid proof against (shared below) what we say here and we sincerely want the world to read / view it and refrain from making poor decision about not only Billoomi Fashion but any of supplier so called “blacklisted” by their respective buyers.

    The above written post is made by one of buyers who approached us sometime in March 2017. We earlier thought not to respond the above post, but every week we use to get at least one e-mail from our prospective client asking about the above post. Hence today, we have decided to let the world know the full story. The above post is made by Galit Yukhnanov ( and from USA and I want her to prove Billoomi Fashion wrong on below points :

    01. We never asked and insisted Galit ever to pay us over $1000. We challenge Galit to share the proof of any email conversation or invoice from us asking the same. This is absolutely wrong!

    02. It was a small USD 46 value of transaction as the shipping charge against FREE fabric swatches we wanted to send to Galit and take the approval before proceeding for sampling or production.

    03. Galit (the buyer) did not find the swatches as per her expectation and raised the dispute in PayPal as we received the amount through PayPal.

    04. PayPal refunded the amount to Galit, she paid to us for shipping. Hence Billoomi hit the loss of shipping charge and there is no loss of Galit (the buyer).

    05. The buyer has made wrong statement mentioning above. She has written there that she paid us USD 50 while she actually paid us USD 46 whereas we got only USD 43. (refer the proof in URL below)

    06. She has tried to defame us saying that we were asking USD 1000. In no where we have asked that from the buyer. We ask the payment against proforma invoice based on the agreed work order we receive.

    07. The given case is not a fraud or scam where Billoomi has took the money and ran away. Rather, we have kept in touch with the buyer but once you raised the dispute we respected her decision. We did not ask PayPal to stop as we were having proof of delivery.

    08. Hence there is nothing called “played stupid” with me as she has mentioned in her post above.


    We want the world to decide who is the actual victim? After reading above and going through all the proof we have shared above, if you still have any question then please do write us: or

    Hope you all readers will make a healthy decisions about Billoomi Fashion and all those suppliers who are being tortured by false allegations. Also think twice about the credibility of website like and several others where competitors plant negative comments about great suppliers. Beware!!

  3. I challenge the writer of the above post to reveal his/her identity in very next comment to prove that he or she is a real customer and did not get response whatever so called wrong was made. I Appreciate the initiative taken by this website:, but I wish if someone from will respond to me on the followings :

    01. You have given a platform where anyone (even a fake customer) can do a free sign up and post anything negative about any of supplier. Before making the post live, don’t you think you should give an opportunity to supplier as well to keep their points?

    02. I know the key persons in Billoomi Fashion and the company as well. I claim that the posting written above is not valid and totally biased. This seems an attempt of the competitors of Billoomi Fashion to defame the company (supplier here).

    I do not hide my identity. I am a human being and my name is Danny. I request the admin of this website or /and the so called customer of above posting to contact me or respond to my comment. My email ID is:

    Thank you!!

  4. Hi,

    I am currently working with them and we are currently in the process of making the samples. I haven’t payed yet. Could you please send me your full experience at my e-mail , as I have to pay a high amount of money and I’m a bit worried now. Could you please attach screenshots of the converation please?
    Thank you.
    Have a great day 🙂

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