Hangsun Plastic Additives Co Ltd

Hangsun Plastic Additives Co Ltd

Buyer’s Nationality:

Hangsun Plastic Additives Co Ltd

Seller Website:
http://www.hangsunplastic.com/ https://hangsunplastic.en.alibaba.com/

Seller Address:
No. 353 Chengnan Economic Zone, , Jingjiang, Jiangsu, 214500, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Online Supplier Directory

Type of product(s) being purchased:
Azodicarbonamide Blowing Agent AC 1000

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
25,001 to 100,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
South East Asia

Type of Complaint(s):
Scams & Other Unethical Activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Order #6-10

User Experience:
We are a chemical trading company located in Jakarta, Indonesia. We have been importing Azodicarbonamide Blowing Agent AC 1000 from Hangsun Plastic Additives Co Ltd since September 2015. We are contacting with Mr Thomas Huang. All this while, goods shipped has been of good quality as per initial sample and main application is for blowing agent additive in EVA Sponge Sheet production. We have placed order to them more than 6 times.

But our last order of 20MT, which arrived in Mid April 2017 is not the same quality as previous order / sample. When product is used in EVA Sponge Sheet production, it caused lots of pin holes / small holes on the sheet and thus becomes rejected goods. When we compare the problem goods with the previous shipment, it was found that the particle size is different. When we scrub by fingers, the problem goods have some particles of bigger size like grains. Whereas the previous orders have been always in powder form and has no grains.

We have informed and placed complaint to Hangsun Plastic Additives Co Ltd and requesting them on how to solve this problem and their good intention on the affected remaining goods which we cannot sell due to bad quality. But after contacting them via private message / email, seemed that they are not responding on how to solve this problem and ignored us.

User Recommendations:
Seemed that when there is a quality problem, supplier in China prefer to wash their hand. Even though we have known them for some years and been buying for some times, it is no guarantee that supplier is always maintain their quality / has good faith when problem arise


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