YANLONG MACHINERY LIMITED longqi heavy industry machinery limited

Are you looking for information on Yanlong Machinery Limited in Shanghai China? Continue on below to read about 1 buyer losing their deposit when they were trying to buy a 215,000 USD crane truck.

YANLONG MACHINERY LIMITED also Longqi Heavy Industry Machinery Limited

Buyer’s Nationality:

YANLONG MACHINERY LIMITED longqi heavy industry machinery limited

Seller Website:
No Website Given

Seller Address:
NO.299,Fangsi Road, Sijing Town,Songjiang District,Shanghai,China , SHANGHAI, SHANGHAI, 201615, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Introduced by a 3rd party

Type of product(s) being purchased:

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
100,000 to 1,000,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:

Type of Complaint(s):
Contract Violations, Scams & Other Unethical Activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:
i buy three used tadano truck crane from shanghai yanlong machinery limited company , both sides signed the contract, the transaction price of 215000 dollars, first down payment of 5000 dollars, but when they received my deposit, do not give me delivery, and inform me of truck crane is fake , not TADANO brand,But don’t want to give me my money back,Just for Cheat the deposit, with low prices, but not delivery.

User Recommendations:
Do not believe yanlong machinery limited company ,and also Shanghai LongQi heavy industry machinery Limited,the low price just to cheat deposit.


1 comment on “YANLONG MACHINERY LIMITED longqi heavy industry machinery limited

  1. I’m shocked and furious at the complaint. I’m the manager of long qi heavy industry machinery company .limited. my name is olivia .he .i need to clarify the facts for our company. Don’t be deceived by mean liars.
    First. Our company does not sell used tadano truck cranes. We haven’t had a Argentina customer last year and this year .i have been working here more than 2 years i know every deal clear.We haven’t received any deposit either. This case does not exist. Framed
    Second. Our company name is long qi heavy industry machinery company limited exactly , we also have a domestic business license, but not this yanlong machinery company LTD, our boss is not surnamed Mr.lee .
    Third. Not is the company address. The address is wrong, too.
    Our company warmly welcomes professional mechanical engineers to check the machines. Purchasing machinery. If you are not professional, you can bring professional engineers to come over. Or ask the SGS Engineer for inspection.
    After testing machinery, if you agree to purchase machinery. We will provide export license and domestic business license, my boss.s identity card information, pay cash 30%, or transfer into the company’s account. (sole designated account). There is no prepayment phenomenon.
    Our business license is issued by the Shanghai Administration for Industry and commerce. It is a regular and legitimate company, and any customer is protected by law. We have an office in the machine yard, and it’s impossible to do anything illegal.
    The case is untrue. Our boss has investigated the result. A colleague recieved commission from client, fired by our boss, he later worked in the Yanlong company. Recently, he was also fired. Now he works in Shanghai long gong Machinery Co., Ltd. and sells new machinery.he kept company license to cheat clients ,recieve deposit . His purpose is to make all the used machinesout of order, chaotic ,new machine will sell easily ,so please don’t believe it. We have sued him too .if we hope all clients kept proof about every deal ,don,t Fabricate facts.
    Remark: the second-hand machinery industry is not standard enough. There are at least 30 brokers and agents in each yard. They have no offices, no machines. They buy our machines and sell them to you at a high price. they often cheat clients. We hate them very much, too. Disturb the market order. If you are interested in second-hand machinery, please find a company who has office in yard ,and provide recently year BL .all documents ,keep contract all documents well .sign contract .pay deposit take photoes or take vedio .until machine reach port safety and used for several months .and i also warned all clients ,Don’t make up the facts here. Dare to write, please leave the real information and evidence, everyone must be responsible for their own behavior, if the supplier is illegal, please send him to jail, if you accuse falsely, sorry, we will also sue you.olivia,s email address :longqimachinery@163.com warm welcome all emails about used machines .

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