Tai Sang Embro – Melco Dragon Development Limited

We have paid $76,000 US for 2 – embroidery machines. Order, 25% advance and remaining after the machines completion followed by physical visit on site and after satisfaction balance amount transfer term in PI. Machine delivery period was 45 Days, Order date 5th July 2016.

We have started follow up after 30 days until today (more then 130 Days!!), but we have never received our embroidery machine completion written email from Company.

Tai Sang Embro – Melco Dragon Development Limited

Buyer’s Nationality:

Tai Sang Embro – Melco Dragon Development Ltd.

Seller Website:
www.taisang.net, www.tsemac.com

Seller Address:
103 Unit 2, Building 8, Guang An Xin Cun, Zhuji, Zhejiang, 311800 China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Search Engine

Type of product(s) being purchased:
Embroidery Machines

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
25,001 to 100,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:

Type of Complaint(s):
contract violations, scams & other unethical activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:
I have contacted this person through online search followed by Whatsapp chat and call. He showed me some invoices and references in India where he supplied machines in past. Based on his false talk he created a picture of a honest manufacturer. Later I came to know that he (Da Shan – Dharmesh Shah) does not have any factory in China or manufacturing unit.

We have paid $76,000 US for 2 – embroidery machines. Order, 25% advance and remaining after the machines completion followed by physical visit on site and after satisfaction balance amount transfer term in PI. Machine delivery period was 45 Days, Order date 5th July 2016.

We have started follow up after 30 days until today (more then 130 Days!!), but we have never received a machine completion written email from Company. Every time we contact them, they make a new story up. After searching we come to know that this person (Da Shan Original Indian name – Dharmesh Shah) cheated and done scam with many persons and companies. Even in this site also his old company name (Melco Dragon Development Limited) is mentioned in the blacklist.

Till date we are following up to get our advance payment back or an equivalent value of any machine delivery, but he is forcing us to pay more money without any evidence of a machine.

Please stop this guy from continuing cheating innocent and small business people!

User Recommendations:
Please do not buy directly or without visiting manufacturer location and must involve a China local third party who can give you insurance or guarantee.

Chinese government also need to catch this kind of fake people.


6 comments on “Tai Sang Embro – Melco Dragon Development Limited

  1. Yes , here is another evidence
    this company cheated with me by taking full payment and not supplying the order.
    The person take all history and back ground about myself. once they feel that they can easily make cheating with me , he started pampering me. I realize all this things once I became a victim of this.
    Tai Sang Embro – Melco Dragon Development Ltd gives me fake BL copy and other document stating that the shipment was dispatched.
    believe me , no shipment arrived and after that I exchange various letter and email .but nothing happen.
    Small business man like us can not do anything better then this. We tried to contact embassy to resolve the problem but nothing positive happen. it is more than 2 year and I am still waiting . . . . don’t know for what.
    it is my humble request to keep safe distance with such kind of dirty business person who only knows to make cheating and fraud.

    regards ,
    True supporter of future buyer and a victim of such case.

  2. hello supplierblacklist.com,
    my name is Nazir Gafur, living in dubai. we bought 2 18 head machines from this company taisangembro in 2015.my partner also had visited the factory and tested the machines. we have the machines working with us in good quality and we have no problem. in the start, our warehouse was small and taisangembro company send their engineer to help us and also not charge any fees from us. the engineer had come from china. these years many of our friends buy machines from taisangembro and all machines in uae, oman, qatar, kuwait, saudi, egypt and many other places i know are working well. when i come to know that there is a complaint against our friends, it becomes my duty to tell that the complainant is himself a cheater. for taisangembro, i know they cant be cheating. they are strict in their policy and may be there is some policy problem. supplierblacklist.com should not just post this kind of irresponsible complaints without verification. it is not good. taisangembro has send this link to many customers, clients, agents and fans of taisangembro and you will get more and many people to exchange their experience from many years and till now. my english is not good but i want to tell this website to not allow complaints for without verification.

  3. I Joan Al Bouri from libya. i buy one machine in 2015 from taisang. i no problem buy mahine. send pay usd and he send machine by agent in china.

    the machine work well now too. company good respond when some problem.

    i read this problem and think, this is wrong person or wrong problem. my machine 24000 us dollar. i send all. i get machine. i know many friend buy machine, no problem. why you have problem.

    i no believe this person – Bouri Machines . Libya

  4. we are a company in india & we are working with this company from 2007. thus i wish to put our comment to protest against this fake and stupid complain.

    Though our business of embroidery machines for indian market has not been stable as because of our local market, but we have never had any problems with this company. earlier working with a chinese company as partners and now owning their own company, they have been doing one of the best business and are one of the best quality suppliers.

    for the above matter, we have contacted with Tai Sang Embro and understood thru the documents. also have contacted with the indian embassy in shanghai to understand the problem as it is been dealt by them and also have tried to contact the chinese person who has interfered in this matter.

    the above complaint has been trying to cancel the order and does not want to send the payment before shipment which they need to do as per the agreement. the consignee [above] has been asking to inspect the machine which is not the clause in the agreement. the supplier has asked to open the LC at sight which is the best alternative & after that they can inspect the machines and the shipment can be dealt in the presence of the consignee, but the consignee is not ready to open the LC and trying to put this kind of fake complaints in all internet and public forum to blackmail tai sang embro so that they can take the advance back after 130 days.

    any company who is really eager to work with Tai Sang embro, can work with them as they work on LC At Sight.

    i am taking this personally as i have known Dashan from many years, the company managers and all other team is working together from last 1 decade and is a dedicated company. this kind of fake complaints should not be allowed by https://www.supplierblacklist.com without verification.

    i am trying to contact more customers of taisangembro and asking them to put their experience and comments here.

    1. It seems Mr. applecorpo is Tai Sang employee or Owner it self.

      Here is my point :

      1. Why any good company not allow for inspection if machine is ready and made ??? It is always better to gain customer confidence expect if you made something else or not made anything to show customer.

      2. Some buyer given 100% payment till not received any machine after 2 years..!!

      3. Why any company forcing to do LC ? but not ready show machine ? This company also done many wrong thing in LC.

      Intention is to save other buyer.

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