PZ Laser Slim Technology Co., Ltd

Buyer beware… This company has taken my money and will not give it back! They started to make me an order which took over 3 months! I never received the order as it was completely wrong. They would not listed to what I wanted and in the end I realized why, and it was because they did not have what they promised me to begin with!

PZ Laser Slim Technology Co., Ltd

Buyer’s Nationality:

PZ Laser Slim Technology Co., Ltd

Seller Website:

Seller Address:
Building 13, Electronic Industrial Park, Hi-tech Development Zone, 450000 China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Introduced by a 3rd party

Type of product(s) being purchased:
IPL Laser Machine

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
3,001 to 6,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
Australia/New Zealand

Type of Complaint(s):
lack of labor, contract violations, scams & other unethical activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:
Buyer beware… This company has taken my money and will not give it back! They started to make me an order which took over 3 months! I never received the order as it was completely wrong. They would not listed to what I wanted and in the end I realized why, and it was because they did not have what they promised me to begin with!

I chose a machine from them, they offered me 2 colors, I chose one and they said it will take a couple of weeks to do it (it took 2.5 months) I kept asking is it ready, I told the girl before they ship it I want to see a video, they started shipping without me confirming anything so I requested they take it back half way and demanded the video, when this happened I saw my logo was wrong, the hand pieces were wrong. I said I want my money back and trade assurance gave me my initial payment which was half $1400usd then I tried to get the rest and trade assurance would not help me!

I went back to PZ laser and begged for it. They said no you have to buy something else. I did not want anything from this company so I offered them some money so they can take for the preparation of machine shell which costs them nothing! I offered $300 USD which was more than enough. They will not return my calls or my emails. They have blocked me. I am a fairly big company in Australia!

I will now proceed legalities and social media listing and also report to Alibaba company complaints as well as black list account. This will be shown in Europe and Australia.

I will not stop until I get my money back. For us it is not the money anymore but the principal. The customer rep I was dealing with was Angelia Shang the CEO is Edward Lei.

User Recommendations:
Have your money covered at all times and double check as trade assurance had a problem with their website on my second payment and did not cover me for that amount. This is wrong. They still should have helped as I showed them emails from PZ Laser which proved they were in the wrong and my whole order was wrong.

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  1. This is Helen Cheung write here on behalf of Zhengzhou PZ Laser Slim Technology Co Ltd

    Firstly, we are very sorry for Maryna Bilostotska’s experience due to the cooling problem.
    We know Maryna has suffered a lot and we high appreciate Maryna’s great cooperation during the whole
    As we have been agreed with Maryna Bilostotska, we send her a brand new laser with all cost.

    Secondly, due to former accident, we have adjusted our purchasing department and changed
    the supplier for the cooling system inside our laser,we guarantee the new laser
    we send to Maryna could work 8 hours continuously without stop.

    And we guarantee to the all the customers who are interesed in our laser,it could work 8 hours
    continuously without stop after using new patented cooling system.

    Thirdly, to who it may see this message and concerns, if you want
    to know more details or want to see the original agreement copy we signed with Maryna Bilostotska,
    welcome to email eric@pzlaser.com or call 0086 0371 556 77886
    or contact Maryna Bilostotska directly with email sign.life@mail.ru or phone number: +380950988145

    Best Regards!

    Helen Cheung

    1. Dear Helen,

      I have been having nothing but issues since I purchased my cool slimming 360. It has never worked from the beginning. It has been months of text messages, videos, taking my machine to try and be fixed. It does not work right. I have lost a lot of time and money. I have asked for a new system or my money back. I have gotten neither. This has been extremely frustrating to both me and my patients who have come in for the treatment and the machine wont work. It has never suctioned properly.

  2. I purchased pz laser diode laser machine in December, 2016. From first day of treatment on it I notice, that mashine working continuously only 40 minutes, than it is gives message on the screen: Error 1: over temperature. In manual book is mention, that current mashine continuously working 7 hours, than need one hour brake. But in reality be ready, that ur mashine , if room temperature 22-23, normal room temperature for people, to be treated ( many of them need to be hulf naked, during the treatment) . I directly msg by WhatsApp,( as we use to contact same way before), Susan Lee – Sales Manager, whatsapp/viber 086-13303820560, from sales department, and informed her about the issue. She replied me, she will ask engineering department. And what the solution they gives me is: add very cold water to the mashine and reduce room temperature, but unfortunately, even after if, mashine can’t work more , than one hour. What I create to do, is to change water after error msg. So , if client coming to treat full legs, I have to make brake in the middle of treatment and change water once, coz mashine simply can’t work this much long as needed to treat full legs. If need to be treated bikini, legs, arms or full body, need to preper cold water about 4-5 litr, and to change water 2-3 times. To change water once taking time about 30 minutes. So my clients and me facing discomfort and loothing time, some of them thinking that this issue effecting in quality of treatment. Now end of November 2017. For one year I am trying to fix this issue with company, and find the answer, why my purchased mashine is working very short and limited time from begging, is it need fixing, changing spare parts etc. Or its all this kind of mashines have similar issue, and mentioned in manual book parameters with continuously working 7 hours – is big lie. I non stop talking and msging Sales person Susan with reguest: to give me proper answer. I talk to after sales support and send videos a lot. Person from Pz after sale department Molly, +8618236913062, just stopped to answer for my msges, and requests to give me answer and comments, and to help me to fix the error1 msg each 40-60 minutes.

  3. If you were really cheated, why not take legal action, because you didn’t tell the truth. Actually you breached the contract in advance. We modified your customized machine again and again, and you said yes then rejected to accepting the cargo, causing a great loss of manual labour, material, financial and time to us. Trade Assurance(the third platform) has made fair judgment, you were not satisfied with it and spreading rumour and slandering our company, Such behaviors are not like a fairly big company does. We no longer remain silent and we have presented the evidence to our lawyer.

    1. Helencheung. Good day to you.
      First of all. Introduce yourself, and mention contact number. Real name, position in the company, and email. Unfortunately, there was no tries from mentioned company to exchange or fix my issue, and i do not rejecting cargo, if at least once you will offer it for me.
      You want to clean your company face? For that, send me new machine. I paid to company full amount, of normal working machine, with reasonable working hour, there was a lot of choices, but i choose your company, and your machine. I do not took legal actions, i had a hope, that finaly, your company will do something and will try to fix tham mistake. I also have a lot of patience, but you and your comment pushing me to it. Give me normaly working machine, with approximately, 7 hours continuously working time, and i will write here about it. But till now, all what you wrote quote “We modified your customized machine again and again” , is only my dreams, but NOT what company did. I need, that your company finally take responsibility, and fix this issue, company sold for me faulty PZ Laser Diode portable machine, wich working continuously maximum for one hour.
      All my conversation with Susan and Molly is screenshotted, and saved, and any time i can give a prove, that there was no tries to fix the issue with ERROR 1, from first day, when i received the Diode laser portable machine! I am requesting, and strongly want to see that conversations with me, when i did, what you said.
      Surprisely you breached with me some imaginated contract. Contract for payment? All payment from my side were done for 100%, If you need a prove, i have it.
      It’s good that we finally talking officially, and not by whatsapp, with one of representative PZ Laser company ( again requesting your contact details, with name )
      And i officially telling you now, that i am NOT rejecting and I AM ACCEPTING and waiting for cargo, actually i dreaming, that company finally will do it.
      Best regards.
      Maryna Bilostotska +380950988145 ( with any questions for mentioned issue with the company and purchased PZ LASER Diode Portable Machine anyone can contact me by given number. )

      1. Maria, did they ever make this right? I have been going thru the same thing. Hundreds of WhatsApp messages and videos with no resolve on my brand new cool slimming that has never worked. Did you take legal action? Please contact me. I would appreciate any advise. Thank you!

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