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Don’t do the business if you don’t know the supplier as well via Facebook Network. And do not deal with the Baloxinh Shop from Vietnam. I need some help to recover my losses.

Baloxinh Shop

Buyer’s Nationality:


Seller Website:

Seller Address:
22/18 Hoàng Diệu 2, Linh Chiểu, Hồ Chí Minh,Vietnam, Hồ Chí Minh, 700000 Vietnam

Initial contact with the supplier:
Introduced by a 3rd party

Type of product(s) being purchased:

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
Under 1,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
South East Asia

Type of Complaint(s):
missed lead times, scams & other unethical activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:

User Experience:
Report Bad Supplier in Vietnam
It was in JUN 3RD,2016 12:40PM This is my History Chatting

so you have to waiting about 3-4 day for receive money
but i’m already give my money to the bank
then have to wait in process tranfer
The bank will need 3-5 working days to proces

JUN 2ND, 4:54PM
Bad Supplier:
Of course
When i receive i will tell you

JUN 2ND, 5:56PM
JUN 2ND, 7:50PM
Bad Supplier:
I start packing now

Show me ?
JUN 3RD, 12:40PM
Evidence “The Slip Tranfer moneys” Via Photos
JUN 3RD, 2:34PM

JUN 4TH, 9:58AM
Can I have size of the box please
JUN 4TH, 3:33PM
Bad Supplier : Still Silence

JUN 4TH, 6:09PM
Me: Hello my friend
I waiting for your reply
Please give me weight and size of the box
Thank you

Bad Supplier:
Sr im not at my home now
Im prepare for my travel
When will you travel?
Next 2 days for a week
So what about my bagpack

We have to wait till you come back right?
JUN 5TH, 8:00PM

Bad Supplier: Sorry for bother you but We have to do business ?
Me: Please confirm my order and give me the detail of my order are you ready to sent bagback to me
JUN 6TH, 8:17AM
ME: I waiting for you
JUN 6TH, 10:59AM
ME: Good Morning
Bad Supplier: Silence again No replying from him
JUN 6TH, 12:35PM

Me: Have a good travell and safetrip my friend
JUN 6TH, 4:59PM
Me: Did you receive my money yet?
I worry about my money

Bad Supplier: Sr mate. I got it here
But im still lack 4pcs of superdry for you
So i cant not pack the box right now
Tomorrow i will calculate the size
You transfered 279$
Me: Thank you so much

Me: can you tell me when will you ready to sent me the backpack it can be this week or next week ? I want to know can you plan it for me Thank you bro.
it would be great if it can be this week or if next week it’s ok but please let me know .
I have to plan my money also
very stick
JUN 9TH, 11:18AM

Bad Supplier : I have enough number for u
Start packing today
Sr for a long hold

Me: Yeah no problem
Thank you so much

Bad Suppiler: I have problems these days

Me: Oh i see
You can do it

Bad Supplier: Plus Im preparing for the trip

Me: You can do it i know
Dont give up

JUN 11TH, 7:55AM
Me: How are you my freind?

JUN 13TH, 9:07AM
Me: Good morning my friend
Are you ready for this week

Bad SupplierThe size of the box is 70x50x50
Me: and weight ?

Im borrowing the weight
Around 8-10kg i guest
If i ready to shipping i ll tell you

Me: I have a problem

Bad Suppiler: Whats the problem
I have problem now

Me: The tranfer fee is about

Bad Suppiler: What?????
223 us

Bad Suppiler: 4984000 cnd?

ME: Yes

Bad Suppiler: Damn
We can find other way
No need that much
Me: Yes
Very shock
i need some help ?

Bad Suppiler: I will contact some of my friend who will go to thailand
ME: Thank you so much

JUN 18TH, 9:50AM
Bad Suppiler: Silence
JUN 23RD, 8:31AM

Me: Hi How are you?

Bad Suppiler: Goood my friend

JUN 23RD, 10:21AM
ME: Can you find the shipping yet?

JUN 24TH, 11:59AM
Me: if you are tired to find shipping you can give me back my money
JUN 24TH, 4:53PM
ME:what do you think??
is it possible to ship my backpack in this month ?
let’s me know what the plan ?

Bad Suppiler: I just contact a shipping company and also ask my friend who comin to thailann next month…

Me:we can do it

JUL 29TH, 1:57PM
Me: hi
JUL 29TH, 3:28PM
Me: will you give me back my money?

***Bad Suppiler: Yes. So sr. Can not find any way to ship to your place. I thought you took care of shipping when you ordered****

Me: yes sorry about that
it so expensive

AUG 5TH, 9:42AM
me: Hi
AUG 5TH, 1:19PM
Me: Hi Stevie
AUG 5TH, 3:29PM

***Bad Suppiler: Can i have your transfer information??***

***Me: yes
Siam Commercial Bank PCL(SWIFT CODE): SICOTHBK
Blank account number:
Siam Commercial Bank PCL

AUG 9TH, 1:31PM
Bad Suppiler: Silence Again

AUG 13TH, 12:04PM
Me : is it ok ?

AUG 13TH, 6:29PM
THU 2:18PM

when will you give me back my money?

THU 6:12PM
Me:I need my money TT

THU 9:23PM
Me: You can talk with me
When will you give me back my money
Am good guy and you too
Please dont be silence
I m waiting for your reply
Becuase this is so long time

Me 279 usd

Now Bad Supplier: Still Silence 9/9/2016


User Recommendations:
Don’t do the business if you don’t know the supplier as well via Facebook Network. And do not deal with the Baloxinh Shop from Vietnam.

So I need some help to recover my losses.

Thank you
Best Regards
Voravoot Prawatyothin


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  1. Here This is Supplier black list : Baloxinh Shop Vietman Ho chi minh
    ***They didn’t give me back my moneys***
    #badsupplier #supplierblacklist #baloxinhshopbadsupplier #missedleadtimes #scams
    I ordered with this store Balaxinh Shop and I already Transferred my moneys for the products that I ordered .And I have to find the transport to shipping the products into Thailand specific (cheap prices) that seller recommend. But unfortunately the shipping that the seller recommend to me they can not shipping goods from Vietnam to Thailand they only shipping from Thailand to Vietnam it ok I can tied to find my shipping in Thailand so hardly they are all so expensive to shipping my products. So we have to wait for transport is the cheapest, but we just could not find it, so I decided to ask. refund the seller was willing to return the money, but he quietly disappear and left me alone.
    ***I have all of my history chat logs from Facebook**
    ***Please Click below to find more detail about this Bad Supplier Blacklist**

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