I saw the electronics products were cheap and the products were some of very demanded and costly products. Do not direct transfer payment to bank account. Do not fall for cheap products compared to other online website.

Bilei Liang, LAN CHEN

Buyer’s Nationality:

Bilei Liang, Lan Chen

Seller Website:,,

Seller Address:
NO.57 Yuehua Road, Hecheng Street, Gaoming District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Introduced by a 3rd party

Type of product(s) being purchased:
Electronics, mobile, cellphones, laptops, apple phones, ipad, led, television

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
1,001 to 3,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:

Type of Complaint(s):
scams & other unethical activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:
I found this website from in some product i was browsing and i visited this website.
I saw the electronics products were cheap and the products were some of very demanded and costly products.
I made an account on their website. I selected a phone (iphone6S – 330$) and put it in cart and generated order.
They sent me payment details via mail.
I have to transfer money through Western Union or bank account transfer.
At that time i didn’t know what I was doing. The website looked legitimate, there were reviews of other buyers and i thought i was doing things right way.
I told some of my friends. My friends gave me money to invest, like 1000$. In India its a big amount.

I transferred them money from a new savings bank account i opened. 330$. He received it and sent me a china post tracking code.
I tracked the order it was trackable. :::: we have send your order by fedex, THE TRACKING CODE IS RH328505483CN , please check it on later. ::::: I kept tracking parcel and i was happy that finally I am getting what i need.
Then i received another mail after 3 minutes ::::: the tracking code is RH328505404CN, not RH328505483CN. :::::::
I thought ok it may be a human error and i started tracking that number.
After 3 days I mailed him how much time should I have to wait. he mailed “as usually it takes 8-12 days to India. PLEASE WAIT SOME TIMES, they will update this parcel.”
I knew the parcel updates every 2-3 days from the point of origin till destination till it gets delivered.
I waited 5 days and parcel didn’t even leave China. I talked to live help on his website and he told me to wait china post will update status
I waited for several days and talked to him via status somehow he convinced me to wait 15days and then he will solve the issue.
I waited 19days and then he said to me there was some custom problem and he will resend item.

Then I got another mail ” now we will resend your items, your order hold by CUSTOMS, you need to pay $70 for customs duties, we will resend it.
If you do not want to pay it, we would like to make a refund. return China now, so it stop updating, hold by china customs .. we will pay it and release it
we would like to resend via FEDEX , send as a gift ,mark low value to avoid customs fees.

As usually we mark gift on box to avoid customs, if you buy more , i think you could pay more customs fees.”
I thought what the hell I have to setup this business lets pay him another 70$.
my bank charge me 20$ every time i send money. I sent.
“we have resend your order, the tracking code is RH329712297CN, please track it on”
At that point my payment was returned from the bank because his bank refused to accept it.
I didnt told him and started sending process again.
note that tacking was still china post while I transferred him fedex amount.
he answered “FEDEX cannot help us resend, so we choose china post again.” i thought ok.
i have waited long enough let the parcel begin his journey.
after 3days parcel status was still not updating. I mailed him and he replied
“yes, please wait some times, it will update soon.”
in them meantime i had some queries about some new orderes and i kept in touch with him.
he then in the conversation informed me that ” FEDEX DOES NOT allow us to send items with batteries .”
parcel status was still not updating.
“it will update soon.please wait some times.”
The parcel didn’t update and when it updated I found out that tracking code was not mine.
I talked him via live chat and he said he didn’t received 70$ so he didn’t send.
that was mistake he sent another person tracking code.
at that time in India some banking rules changed and sending money wasnt easy and I already put enough time and money to send 70$.
i sent thrice and it returned thrice from my bank and charges were always taken from me.
any way i had to sent him money cause now from the day of order till this status i reached 3months.
i returned some friends money and took some more from another interested friends that’s how I make them wait 3 months by rotating the money somehow. I opened another bank account and sent him 70$ again. he received and informed me.
“WE HAVE RESEND YOUR ORDER.THE TRACKING CODE IS 676262099386 BY FEDEX, please track it on”
I again waited for 6days and found out it was also not mine. I sent him mail again and then he replied. “WE WILL SOLVE THIS SHIPPMENT ISSUE”
at this time I again sent him 562 $ as I was in impression that he will send me. I had trust.
because there were several times after he received money he could have stopped responding my emails and live chat.
at this point i was too mentally fucked. I mailed him again and again without annoying him to solve issue soon.
I then at last mailed him what situation i was in. and the people i took payment from are impatient and will fuck me if i dont deliver item or refund them.
now he stays online but doesnt pickup my support request on live chat. doesnt reply email
now at last i got reply of my mail of 1000words”pleasewait our mail,we are processing your order.”
but now i dont think he will send me items. I am scammed. now two of his website is down and another two are up and running with same bank details

Bilei Liang
6216 6970 0000 2314 817

NO.57 Yuehua Road, Hecheng street
Gaoming District, Foshan City,
Guangdong Province, CHINA

Money I sent 962$ + Extra bank charges)

approx 1500$
Bank’s Swift Code
Bank of China Foshan Branch

Payment: Western Union
First Name: LAN
Last Name: CHEN
Country : China

User Recommendations:
Do not direct transfer payment to bank account. Do not fall for cheap products compared to other online website. If listed always pay via credit card and PayPal. Always keep an eye on these websites and update others


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