Fujian Huamin Import & Export Co. Ltd – Hua Min Industrial Ltd

Stay away from this Chinese company. You will never know whom you are corresponding with. There is no legitimate contact details on neither their website, sales contract, invoice etc. etc. They don’t care about your problems, they will really screw you and your business up and you may end up dissolving your business. I have imported goods for more then two decade and I have never experienced such humiliation before.

Fujian Huamin Import & Export Co. Ltd/Hua Min Industrial Ltd

Buyer’s Nationality:

Fujian Huamin Import & Export Co. Ltd/Hua Min Industrial Ltd

Seller Website:
http://www.fjhm.com – www.cool-dry-sportswear.com

Seller Address:
Hua Min Industrial Bldg No 48 Yi An Jie Tai , Sha Rd Hai Zhi Qu Guangzhou Gd Cn, Guangdong, Guangzhou, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Search Engine

Type of product(s) being purchased:

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
25,001 to 100,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
Western Europe

Type of Complaint(s):
missed lead times, contract violations, scams & other unethical activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Order #2

User Experience:
I do not know where to begin and where to end. The experience with this supplier was a complete disaster and catastrophe. I really regret contacting this supplier for our business. Nothing work out well this supplier. It seems more scam and fraud to me. Nobody takes liability for the incident occurred. I got my orders delivered 8 months after placing and all of them was defects. I even paid for orders which literally was defect but they enforced me to pay or they will not supply my other orders which was in progress. They have many different company names as below:

Hua Min Industrial Ltd.
Fujian Huamin Import & Export Co., Ltd.
Cool Dry Sportswear

There is no way to verify these companies existence.

I personally went to company address and nobody knew anything about any of above company names. They are certainly operating with fictive names to scam people. I could not even trace the people who appeared on emails when they responded.

User Recommendations:
Stay away from this Chinese company. You will never know whom you are corresponding with. There is no legitimate contact details on neither their website, sales contract, invoice etc. etc. They don’t care about your problems, they will really screw you and your business up and you may end up dissolving your business. I have imported goods for more then two decade and I have never experienced such humiliation before. I literally begged them in the end to deliver my goods but that also by being forced to pay a handsome amount or they will not ship my goods. They use fictive names to respond which are enclosed below:

Charles He
Lisa Li
Amy Zhou
Ben G-Y Zhou
Andy Liu

All above names appear on emails but I could never verify if these person actual existed since they never provide their contact details. I was successful to obtain contact number of Charles He after I took contact with the local police and he was the only person I spoke to for 1 year. I don’t know if he is the only person who is running this scam or not.

They are not friendly or co-operative. I called almost 200 times a day but no response. Once in a while Charles called us back with dozen of excuses and promises for sorting things out, but nothing happened.

If you don’t want to burn your fingers or destroy your business then take my friendly advise to stay away from these people. If anyone needs more clarification on our experience then feel free to contact me.


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  1. I came across this supplier blacklist and feel the need to leave a comment. **I am not a competitor nor an employee of Hua Min Industrial Limited.**

    I’ve dealt with this company once during Oct – Nov 2017 for 100% polyester t shirts. I visited Guangzhou, China and met with Charles He and his associates in person for several days as I was monitoring the production of my order and touring their facilities. Before the visit we’ve had months of communications. I traded emails with Ms. Ping Ping Huang initially then Charles took over afterwards.

    Based on what the initial complaint said I can understand the frustration of the person that decided to add this company to a supplier blacklist and I am in no way trying to undermine the validity of this person’s complaints as I have no proof or evidence and also it’s not my job. As a buyer myself, I’m sorry to hear the details of what happened with your order(s). I can feel the pain.

    Having said all of the above….

    I really enjoyed meeting Charles, Nicole, Mr. Samson and I can’t remember the names of the rest of the many people that I’ve met from Hua Min. My order was finished on time. The quality was good with no defects. Response time was fast and samples were delivered fast. I did have an issue with the shipping side being delayed but that was due to my own mistakes and a major U.S based logistics company that over promised and did not deliver. I was told it was because of the iPhone X’s release. But I could’ve prevented that delay either way.

    Friendly advise from a person that started my new company years ago blindly with zero experience in textile manufacturing or import/exporting:

    No factory really cares about you or your own business. Never expect them to. You always have to be in that mind state. Money talks in this business period. They want your money and you want their services. Not a type of business where customer service is a top tier concern. I hear stories like the complaint all the time. You must be on top of everything with your order and never ever expect anything out of a factory besides the super detailed instructions that you provide them with the exact deadlines you give them. I deal with factories in Bangladesh, India, China, and a few more countries. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. Honestly, I was very shocked when I had my first bad experience with a factory because in the beginning everybody is smiling and happy until something goes wrong and finger pointing starts to happen. But over the years after making every mistake in the book I’ve become more seasoned in this business and have met all types of people and feel that I can give some good advice now.

    You MUST be 110% on your end. You have to know exactly what you want and how and when you want them and instruct the factory to make it happen. Never expect the factory to do any thinking for you. Not many people in China use their actual name when they conduct business compared to other countries. I’ve met people named Marlboro and Benson & Hedges and it’s clearly not their birth given or legal name. My company is U.S based and you should not expect them to understand how business is done in another country and have them meet your standards all the time. You must be in their mind and learn how they do business differently than where you’re used to doing business and adapt to their style. There are ways to better vet a factory than just rolling the dice.

    I hope your business ended up surviving this loss and I bet you are a much much better business person now than you were before. It’s always a growth process and there’s always a brighter side to everything even though it’s almost impossible to see the brighter side while in the middle of a losing situation.

    I personally would give Hua Min another try if the opportunity comes. Charles is on top of his game but he has several people he has to answer to. The more middle guys the higher the possibility of something not going your way…

    If you read all of this thanks for taking the time to read all of it and please have a wonderful day.


  2. To whom it may concern!

    I can certainly acknowledge the comments made by the person who complaint about Hua Min company as we`ve spoken to this company. This company is based in Europe, but the complain was submitted in China with help of their legal representative.
    We`ve also had very bad experience with this company back in 2016-17 and I know least 3 other companies which have been dealing with this company and experienced same problems. I can clarify this company is not a fraud as they are exporting to several US and Europe companies but the customer service is very poor and they are not committed at all. Lack of communication, delay in delivering the order is just some of the issues we had.

    I am not a competitor and I can prove the complaint is legimate to admin of this website or anybody and I am also willing to share our experience with all evidence and relevant documents which can prove this.

  3. This is complete rubbish and invented by some competitor for commercial gain.
    My company has dealt with Hua Min Industrial Ltd and found the product to be excellent and the deadlines, service and communications to be first class.

  4. I am Charles He.
    I have seen the comments by my colleague Ms. PingPing Huang.
    And I feel very sad about the defamation to our company and us.

    My moblie number is 86-18922192570.
    As now all mobile number are under real name registration system, my identity can be proved by this mobile number.

    Besides, Police officer Mr. Zhou Di of Hai Zhu Qu Police Office can also prove the identity of our company and me.
    The telephone number of Hai Zhu Qu Police Office is 86-20-84075333.

  5. To whom it may concern :

    I am shocked to read this complaint.

    Our company does not involve in any fraud activities.
    The identity of the presenter and his description are fictitious.
    Please advise if you can disclose the name of the presenter to us and to other visitors of your website ?

    All our products are exported outside China and we do not sell our products locally.
    So we are wondered why there is a buyer with China nationality.

    Our company identity can be proved by the Police Officer Mr. Zhou Di of Hai Zhu Qu Police Office in Guangzhou.
    Mr. Zhou has known our company and us for more than 10 years.
    And the contact details of Mr. Zhou can be found in the official website of Hai Zhu Qu Police Office easily.

    The presenter mentioned he had contacted the local police.
    And so there must be a receipt with case no. issued from the local police.
    Can you ask the presenter to disclose this receipt ?

    And in China Telecom Regulations, buying a mobile number requires real name registration.
    That means you have to present your ID card to buy a mobile number card.
    So the owner of a mobile number must be a real person.
    And with that mobile number, you can find the owner of that number.

    The description by the presenter is abstract and ambigeous.
    There is no actual data as order number, order date, order quantity and invoice amount.

    We believe supplierblacklist.com is a responsible and valuable website.
    But in this case, we hope you can clarify for us to retain our company reputation.

    Ms. PingPing Huang

    cc : Mr. Charles He

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