Shenzhen Jumbo Power Technology

I bought 3 power savers form Shenzhen Jumbo Power Technology, When I received the products, they came with wrong old user manual, I installed power saver and test 2 units. 1 tested 1 hour with Jumbo C100 power saver and lost 0.04kw/h – not won, but lost!

Shenzhen Jumbo Power Technology

Buyer’s Nationality:

Shenzhen Jumbo Power Technology

Seller Website: &

Seller Address:
North Of A-503, Floor 5, Jingyefang Industry Zone, Wanfeng Mid. Road, Shajing Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong 518000, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Direct Buy Website

Type of product(s) being purchased:
3 power saver model C100

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
1,001 to 3,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
South East Asia

Type of Complaint(s):
scams & other unethical activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Order #3-5

User Experience:
I bought 3 power savers form Shenzhen Jumbo Power Technology, When I received the products, they came with wrong old user manual, I installed power saver and test 2 units for true test.

I test to 2 places hotels 1 room 2 air condition 2 hour without power saver , and 2 hours with jumbo power saver C100, and 2 hours with another power saving true.

after many test same time , same place , same conditions
1 detect the monitor screen show LCD show not true Power factor, show not true % saving. with a meter control test i see the evidence without power saver 4.1 kw/h for 2 hours. after test 2 hours same rooms 2 air (same conditions) with jumbo C100 power saver result: 5.1 Kw/h. i contact the factory and ask me i need hotel minimum load 45A , night time i test again i open many room for 60A for can try true,

I tested 1 hour without power saver.
I tested 1 hour with jumbo C100 = lost 0.04kw/h not win
I tested another power saver from another supplier same place same condition – I win 16%!

I showed picture evidence to the factory Shenzhen Jumbo Power Technology for getting a refund on the product, but they closed every communication. From the first test I have 1 friend in china seller others product I sent him every test in real time. he then also contacted Jumbo many times about the wrong user manual, and he participated in the dialogue with me and the factory Shenzhen Jumbo Power Technology. Yesterday he called the factory again, but nobody answers his calls anymore.

He contacted me and look for Monday go visit is scam factory not honest, also him approval he carries this witness for complaint to Alibaba. because during every test i send him every report every problem and him contact is factory jumbo every time.
Now the complaint with Alibaba a really opening and Henry Chen me friend china make everything for jumbo company come back full money. thank you very much china find good friend agent help for resolve problem, i report jumbo for scam, for product not true to is website because I make a true test and product not save!
Please note; Shenzhen Jumbo Power Technology company are gold supplier 4 years with a not true certificate third-party verification service provider by Hangzhou Zhongde Information and Technology Services Co. Ltd. website does not exist

Also I blame when you report a scam, they never close the account of the scam company, but only place a warning 90 days have 1 dispute. This is not enough to protect other victims.

User Recommendations:
I recommended is website can contact Henry Chen good friend agent him sale others product and can help for when have dispute with not honest supplier. him resolved last month 1 problem with another supplier. Actually the complaint just start have to wait about 5 to 10 days for i up can resolve.

I recommended is agent honest:

Name: Henry Chen
Account alibaba:

Thank you Henry Chen for your i wait the issue with jumbo,

I want to ask for everybody on the world:

Buy a power saver from Shenzhen Jumbo Power Technology if you want to increase your bill electric.


1 comment on “Shenzhen Jumbo Power Technology

  1. to Mr.Sun,

    How can Mr.Sun said that he lost the 1220USD?
    We have communicated by Alibaba,Mr.Sun returned the goods,and we have refunded 1220USD in RMB to his Chinese friend and this is what Mr.Sun had confirmed with Alibaba and Jumbo.
    We didn’t cheat Mr.Sun for the business,how can Mr.Sun say that our power saver is scam? He even doesn’t understand well about this technology. After we received the return goods,Our engineers checked the equipment, found that all the equipment circuit board has been burned. It’s proved that he has an error occurred while installing, lead to equipment damaged. How can Mr.Sun require a damaged equipment bring energy saving effect?In this case, Mr. Sun threaten us that if we don’t give him a full refund, he will put bad words on Google and other network to damage our company reputation, he told us that he worked in Google company for many years, so it’s easy to do all this by him.Because China can’t visit Google sites, we don’t know what he will do terrible things, we are considering our global business, We refund the 1220USD to him.But after we refund, until today, we found that Mr. Sun still made a vile things,publishing the articles which malicious damage our company reputation.
    We have many other customers who are purchasing our products.They got positive saving now.
    If Mr.Sun doesn’t understand this technology,then I suggest Mr.Sun to stop this business.Or he may lose more money and time.
    We have refunded all money to Mr.Sun,and still Mr.Sun use blacklist to say our bad words? This is not an honest business man should do. And it is not a manner can be respected.
    Does Mr.Sun really think that we have worries about the bad words? No,we are real power saver company,and we will be responsible for our products. I do believe that our customers will understand it.
    If we are real scam and cheater for power savers,then we will not refund the money to Mr.Sun. The truth is that we are doing business honestly and we did refund the money to Mr.Sun and we have great confidence about our products.
    At the same time, We have already applied to the local judicial institutions for the record, and request protect our company reputation .In the end, Jumbo assure all of our partners, we provide customers with high quality products.

    Thanks for your time.

    Jumbo Team

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