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Asked for a quote for rubber rust eraser. Had initial trouble getting the item specified, but they sent a photo of exactly the product I was looking for, and after MANY prompting by this company, (“Price will go up soon!”) I sent my payment of $850 for 1000 pcs of my product, plus shipping.

Jin Jiang Jiaxing Group Co. Limited

Buyer’s Nationality:

Jin Jiang Jiaxing Group Co. Limited

Seller Website:

Seller Address:
XingBan Industrial Area, XingBan Industrial Area, FuJian, 362200, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Online Supplier Directory

Type of product(s) being purchased:
Rust Eraser

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
Under 1,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
US or Canada

Type of Complaint(s):
scams & other unethical activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:
Asked for a quote for rubber rust eraser. Had initial trouble getting the item specified, but they sent a photo of exactly the product I was looking for, and after MANY prompting by this company, (“Price will go up soon!”) I sent my payment of $850 for 1000 pcs of my product, plus shipping.

They sent a sample. It was entirely the wrong substance, and I told them so.

They sent another sample. Item was acceptable, and I told them so.

They replied, “Size: 80 x 25 x 20cm
Quantity: 1000pcs
EXW price: USD2.2 / piece
Shipping cost: USD358

We are sorry for before our misunderstanding of your product, and our quotation USD0.45 / piece was for the first sample. Noted you are ok with our second sample, but as the material is carborundum, which the material cost is relatively higher, also the cost for production process will be more complex, so the total cost need to be adjusted. Hope you could kindly understand and consider.

We really treasure this opportunity to cooperate with you, so we sent the samples to you to confirm the product, which helped us to avoid causing loss to both of us. Also we have been trying our best to offer you bottom price, once you confirm this, we will proceed with mass production immediately!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Best Regards, Tina”

Did you catch that? They raised the price to 2.5 times the original, “Hope you can accept. So sorry, so sorry.” We went back and forth, but they wouldn’t budge. Finally, I demanded a refund. They said; fine, but it will cost you $350 to pay for the samples. (I’m getting very angry just typing this.) After MUCH back and forth, I accept my refund, less the $350.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably too late, because you trusted them like I did and got screwed, and now are trying to find a site to leave a review on. They are crooks. Especially Peter.

User Recommendations:
All I can hope for is that you are reading this BEFORE sending them any money, and that you will direct them to this page so they can see how the $350 is costing them at lot more in lost revenue than if they had produced my product from the quoted amount, or refunded me 100% of my payment.


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  1. I am interested in shirts and shorts, so I booked 1000 sets in Jiaxing and intend to sell them to the Bolivian market, 2019/20 medium-quality Super League model.I ask for a logo with our own company.

  2. I am interested in shirts and shorts, so I booked 1000 sets in Jiaxing and intend to sell them to the Bolivian market, 2019/20 medium-quality Super League model.

  3. I am Nilesh Chive this side I have my own IT sales Service company in India and we are looking for keyboard and mouse manufacturer who can manufacturer product for our company,So I found Jiaxing.

  4. Hello, my name is Joslin. I am a company representative
    We are interested in knowing the price of toilet paper, white double medium quality
    We have ordered 4 pieces of plastic packaging with our brand name like Jiaxing, and each of them is packed in a main plastic package.
    We also punched the size of our logo and roll on paper.
    A 40hq container can hold more than 4 rolls.

  5. We are a small company from Malaysia and we plan to need 120,000 white folding umbrellas. I will try to ask them to send me a sample and wait for me to receive the sample for evaluation.

  6. I am adult from INDIA
    I have a small skating class need 40 to 50 only
    In various sizes is it possible 
    And i need a sample piece small size so i can check it with the kids.
    I pay for it plus delivery charges.
    Thank you very much Lily for your help.

  7. Recently, it was the peak season for purchase. I just placed a large order of 18,000 under Jiaxing. The business that contacted me is really great.

  8. I saw that company was blacklisted. But I received a good quality sample. I hesitated for a long time, but I still placed an order. The proofreading time is a little longer. Fortunately, the goods were delivered on time.

  9. The first cooperation was in 2017. I placed the order but did not complete the delivery. Because my client canceled this project. This cooperation has caused losses to both of us. After that, we don’t have any chance of cooperation. But this does not affect our relationship. Peter often sent me a message to greet me and sent me their new style. he’s good. Once I have a new project, I will contact Peter.

  10. I have been working with JIAXING for 5 years. Our hats are all set in their home. The hat is of good quality, the front of the hat is lined, comfortable and stylish, but the size is slightly smaller, and the price can be cheaper and more perfect.

  11. Sunny always responds to my information in a timely manner. I called Sunny and she was very nice and professional. I am ready to place an order. But I saw some bad comments about this company. I am going to China this month, I think I will visit this company.

  12. I don’t understand why they didn’t tell me that they couldn’t produce what I needed after receiving my deposit. Although they kept apologizing, I quickly refunded my deposit, but I was still a little angry. They promised to give me a gift next time and hope to work with them next time.

  13. Before we had some samples wrong, Jiaxing’s service attitude was very good. They think there are some problems I have not considered, and the price is lower than the previous factory. After I placed the order, I always received their progress information in time.

  14. I was cheated by a Chinese company before. That made me lose some money. I was very cautious when I was working with the Chinese factory again. So this year I visited this company. Overall it is still very good. I think this company should be trustworthy.

  15. Jinjiang Jiaxing Group Co., Ltd. is a trustworthy enterprise. I only booked 500 units in October, but I have repeatedly modified my design. They patiently cancelled my order. thank you very much. I received an order last month. I am very satisfied with the quality of AAAAA. I will click again

  16. I have ordered 5,000 mobile phone cases from this company. The transportation and packaging are highly praised, and the packaging is strict and the transportation safety is guaranteed.

  17. When I first started ordering, I found that JIAXING was hesitant on the blacklist, but their sample quality successfully convinced me. I took the test and put it down. The quality after receiving the big goods is still ok. I will try other products next time.

  18. Andy said that their company is on the blacklist and hopes that I can share my order experience. I was still very tangled at first, but I saw that the quality of the samples they sent me was very good, and Andy’s service was very professional. Even during the break, he patiently answered my questions. I am very satisfied with the order process. This is a very enjoyable experience.

  19. I received samples from them last week. Except for one color error, the others were all played according to our design. Tony promised to provide the correct sample before I could produce it.

  20. This company is great.I just want golden, purple and brown samples to checking quality. But they sent me 11 samples of different colors for my choice.

  21. The first cooperation was in 2016. I placed an order but did not complete the delivery. Because my client canceled the project. The cooperation resulted in losses for both of our companies. After this, we didn’t have any opportunities for cooperation. But it didn’t affect our connection. Peter often sends me messages to greet me and sent their new styles to me. He’s very good. I’ll contact Peter once I have a new project.

  22. I have placed an order for 100pcs blanket with this company.And I want a sample to check the quality.The sample is of good quality, but it has no label.Our country needs a label for imported goods to indicate the product.I asked them to add a label, but they said my quantity was too small, and it needs to increase the price of the label or the quantity.I still need to pay the freight. I don’t have enough budget to increase the quantity or the price.I told them about my situation and tried to add free labels.But they seem to have given me the bottom price.In the end, we regret that we have not reached an agreement on the price.They have agreed to refund me.If I have enough budget next time, we will cooperate again.

  23. I can’t understand why they didn’t tell me they couldn’t produce what I need, after they received my deposit.Although they kept apologizing and they quickly refunded my deposit. They promised me a gift next time, and I am looking forward to cooperating with them.

  24. The sample cost is too high. But i accept their explain. Business is risky. After i place the order, they keep their promise and return the sample cost. I believe this is the credible company.

  25. I love my hats I ordered 100 and I’m planning to buy 500 more from this company.They are very professional and delivery was fast plus the quality is very good.

  26. Jin Jiang Jiaxing Group Co. Limited, we work for a decade, June 22, we cooperate with a single garden shoes, before the sample got very satisfied, good quality, treat customers very warm, as long as there is good treat each other, the price can be adjusted, before I was quite worried, and not as you stated, Jiaxing clerk, very patient with me to talk price, only the results of many conversations, both of us very satisfied, you can look forward to a good cooperation.

  27. For your experience Unfortunately, Jin Jiang Jiaxing Group Co. Limited cooperation for ten years, down 6.1 children beach chair + umbrella orders, before that we have under similar orders, originally a children beach chair + umbrella is $ 6, the sample also at their own expense, and later often cooperation it can get a free sample. children beach chair + umbrella also adjust the price, consultations may be 5 dollars. Object for each cooperation through rational negotiation over the price before you return, I think every communication is money.

    1. March, with the Jin Jiang Jiaxing Group Co. Limited cooperation, and slippers on the list, I’m glad to see samples is very good, very good quality, received the goods, the quality is consistent with the sample in April, really each pair of very carefully supervise the production process dragged on, thanks Jin Jiang Jiaxing Group Co. Limited, have the opportunity next time there is cooperation.

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