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We are a student company form Norway. We have experienced a break in a contract. We had a contract saying US$ 2,79 per reflective umbrella, and paid deposit US$ 864. When they got the money, they refused to sell us the umbrellas for less than US$ 6,59…

JinJiang Jiaxing Group Co.,Limited

Buyer’s Nationality:

JinJiang Jiaxing Group Co., Ltd

Seller Website:

Seller Address:
XingBan Industrial Area, XingBan Industrial Area, FuJian, 362200, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Online Supplier Directory

Type of product(s) being purchased:
Reflective umbrellas

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
1,001 to 3,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
Western Europe

Type of Complaint(s):
contract violations

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:
We are a student company form Norway. We have experienced a break in a contract.

We had a contract saying 2,79 per umbrella, and paid deposit US$ 864. When they got the money, they refused to sell us the umbrellas for less than US$ 6,59.

They refuses to pay the deposit back, and even when we agreed on a loss; to buy fewer umbrellas at the unreasonable price he quoted; he still refuse.

We are now in loss US$ 864, and they refuse to meet us.

User Recommendations:
This Chinese company is not trustworthy. Peter, our contact person does not hold up his end of the contract. We are now loosing US$ 864.


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  25. Good afternoon, I’m Grace from the United Kingdom. I purchased 2000 custom logo Christmas ornaments in Jinjiang Jiaxing two months ago. It’s been a pleasant collaboration!

  26. I’m from the United States, and I purchased 800 refrigerator magnets in Jinjiang Jiaxing. I had custom logo requirements, but after comparing many options, Peter from Jiaxing provided me with a solution that I am currently most satisfied with.

  27. I’m a customer from the United States, and I placed an order for a custom-sized litter box with Jinjiang Jiaxing Limited Company. The litter box features a logo that can be inlaid and disassembled at any time.
    It’s important to remember that to be successful, we must be competitive. Offering high quality at a reasonable price is the biggest competitive advantage. I hope that for our next collaboration, the pricing from Mark will be even more competitive. Overall, I am satisfied with my experience.

  28. Hi, I’m Achintha from Sri Lanka. We were on the lookout for a glass bottle design to launch our brand into the European market. We required bottles in 300 ml, 500 ml, and 750 ml sizes. Initially, we ordered a sample of 500 bottles in 300ml size, 1,000 bottles in 500ml size, and 500 bottles in 750ml size. Our future plans include purchasing 10,000 bottles per month.
    We also needed to print some sample bottles from our design to check for quality. Fortunately, the samples we received met our standards. Overall, we are very satisfied with both the product quality and the service provided.

  29. I am an Italian customer who recently purchased 200 outdoor beach chairs from Jinjiang Jiaxing Limited Company. The chairs are made of high-quality aluminum alloy and top-grade fabric, featuring an adjustable backrest for added comfort. Their lightweight and foldable design makes them incredibly convenient for outdoor use.
    I am extremely satisfied with the sales representative, Lisa, who was patient and enthusiastic throughout the entire purchasing process. She also offered me a very competitive price.

  30. I recently placed an order for 3,500 Large Capacity Multifunctional Pencil Cases from your esteemed company. These items are destined for Sri Lanka and are intended as gifts for school students on Children’s Day.
    I am delighted to share that the students were ecstatic upon receiving these pencil cases. Their joy and appreciation were palpable, and it added significantly to the festive spirit of Children’s Day. From our side, we are thoroughly satisfied with the quality, design, and functionality of the pencil cases.
    Working with Jinjiang Jiaxing Limited Company has been a seamless and positive experience, and I want to express my gratitude for ensuring timely delivery and maintaining top-notch product quality. I would wholeheartedly recommend your services and products to others.
    Thank you for being an integral part of our Children’s Day celebration and for bringing smiles to many young faces.

  31. I represent a company based , South Australia. Our operations demand the use of approximately 50 to 60 zippers per month, primarily for dust containment. These zippers are specifically integrated with clear polythene film to create entrance doors, ensuring that our projects maintain a clean and dust-free environment.
    Having worked with Jinjiang Jiaxing Limited Company, I’m pleased to note that we have consistently received the bulk of our required products from them on a monthly basis. Their commitment to quality, timely delivery, and professionalism has been exceptional, and I have been thoroughly satisfied with our ongoing business relationship.
    I highly recommend Jinjiang Jiaxing Limited Company to anyone in need of quality products and a reliable partnership. Their dedication to meeting our specific needs has made our collaboration seamless and beneficial.

  32. As an Australian business owner, finding a reliable overseas partner is paramount. I have been in partnership with Jinjiang Jiaxing Limited for the past three years, sourcing various types of footwear for my website. From slippers to snow boots and even rain shoes, they have consistently delivered quality products that have not only met but often exceeded my expectations.
    The collaborative experience with their team has been nothing short of delightful. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence are evident in every transaction. It’s been a pleasurable three years of partnership, and if all goes as planned, I foresee many more years of fruitful collaboration.

  33. I had the pleasure of working with Lisa for the second time this year, and I couldn’t be happier. Last year, I ordered 5,000 custom PVC keychains from her, and the quality was top-notch. Being from Portugal, I appreciate good craftsmanship, and Lisa’s products didn’t disappoint. When I decided to place another order this year, Lisa offered me a discount for leaving a review. It’s a win-win situation for both of us, as I genuinely believe in the excellence of her products and service. Looking forward to our continued business in the future!

  34. Happy weekend, I bought a kraft paper bag in Jiaxing.
    The raw material is required to be kraft paper, the thickness of the material is 80g-150g or various sizes can be customized: from 9×5.5x17cm to 33x18x40cm. They asked my needs very carefully and seriously, and carefully completed my products according to my requirements. I am satisfied. Hope to cooperate again in the future.

  35. At first, Lily’s quote was way more than we expected, you know? I just wanted to check out their products, as a friend recommended their company to me. But after some follow-up discussions, I gained a lot of trust in Lily and their products. Right now, I don’t have a huge demand, so I only ordered the Lexar M35 USB Flash Drive for now.

  36. I recently purchased 50 ergonomic office chairs from Jinjiang Jiaxing Group Co., Limited, and I must say that I am highly satisfied with the quality of the chairs. The ergonomic design provides excellent support and comfort for our team, making long hours at the office more bearable.
    However, I must address the shipping aspect of my purchase. The logistics process was disappointingly slow, and I had to wait for a whole month to receive the chairs. This long delay dampened my initial excitement, and I found myself feeling rather calm by the time the chairs arrived.
    Despite the delay, I would like to commend the company for the quality of their products. The chairs are sturdy, well-crafted, and undoubtedly worth the wait. I hope that in the future, Jinjiang Jiaxing Group Co., Limited can improve their shipping efficiency to provide a better overall customer experience.
    Looking ahead, I am interested in making future purchases from Jinjiang Jiaxing Group Co., Limited, provided that they can offer me a more competitive price. Overall, I highly recommend their ergonomic office chairs to anyone in need of comfortable and supportive seating, but I do hope they take steps to enhance their logistics to ensure a more timely delivery process.

  37. I am writing to express my satisfaction and admiration for the Luggage Strap Wheels with 4 Wheels, Telescopic Handles, and Tie-down Straps/Top and Side Carry Handles that I recently purchased from your company.

    The product itself is incredibly well-made, boasting robust functionality and excellent build quality that catered to all my travel needs. It is clear that your company prioritizes customer satisfaction and quality in each detail.

    In particular, I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to your sales representative, Ms. Lily. She demonstrated unparalleled professionalism and a keen understanding of the product range. Her commitment to ensuring a smooth purchasing process was a significant factor in my positive shopping experience. I am genuinely impressed with the level of service she provided.

    Please extend my gratitude to Ms. Lily, and keep up the fantastic work. I look forward to continuing my relationship with your esteemed company.

  38. Dear team at Jingjiang Jiaxing Co., Ltd.,
    I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with the children’s dance costumes I purchased from your company. I had a wonderful experience and I wanted to commend you for your excellent product and outstanding service.
    Firstly, I want to praise the quality of your children’s dance costumes. The fabric is soft and comfortable, perfectly accommodating the children’s dance movements. Moreover, the designs are stylish, instilling confidence and charm in the children. I noticed that every detail is meticulously crafted, with clean lines and sturdy stitching, showcasing remarkable durability. This has left a strong impression of professionalism and quality.
    Secondly, I would like to commend your exceptional customer service team. Throughout my purchasing process, they patiently addressed my inquiries and ensured I had the necessary information. Their friendliness and professionalism made me feel welcomed and valued. I greatly appreciate their support and assistance throughout the entire transaction.
    Lastly, I want to thank you for the timely delivery. I am impressed by your efficiency and punctuality in delivering the order. I received my items before the expected date, and they were well-packaged without any damage.
    Overall, I am highly satisfied with the children’s dance costumes I purchased from Jingjiang Jiaxing Co., Ltd. Your product quality and customer service have been truly inspiring. I will not hesitate to recommend your products to my friends and family.
    Thank you once again for your excellent work! Wishing you continued success, and I hope we have the opportunity to collaborate again.


  39. I recently snagged 50 containers worth of plastic barrels from Jinjiang Jiaxing Import and Export Company, and boy, am I happy with them. These barrels are a cut above the rest. Each one is put together so well – they’re sturdy, yet still easy on the eyes.
    What really made me tip my hat to them is their top-notch professionalism. They responded to all my queries in a snap and made sure I had a smooth ride throughout the buying process. From the moment I placed my order to the delivery, it was clear sailing all the way, making me feel super confident about my decision.
    What took the cake was their super swift and efficient delivery. The barrels arrived in one piece, right on schedule, without a single hiccup or damage – a rare feat in today’s world of shipping.
    All in all, I’m tickled pink with my purchase of the plastic barrels from Jinjiang Jiaxing Import and Export Company. I’d give them a big thumbs up and recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat. Their professionalism, quality, and service are simply unbeatable. I look forward to doing more business with them in the future.

  40. I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to you and Jinjiang Jiaxing Co., Ltd. As a customer who purchased your company’s modeling clay products, I am extremely satisfied with the quality and service provided.
    Firstly, I want to commend you for the prompt handling and timely delivery of my order. The entire purchasing process was smooth and efficient, thanks to your team’s professionalism and attention to customer needs.
    Regarding the modeling clay products themselves, I am highly pleased with their quality and performance. Safety was my top concern, and I am delighted to find that your products meet my expectations. They are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and accompanied by product certification. This provides great reassurance for the expansion activities at my school.
    Furthermore, I am very satisfied with the texture and ease of use of the modeling clay. It is soft and malleable, allowing children to unleash their creativity. This is crucial for school expansion activities as it fosters imagination and hands-on skills.
    Lastly, I would like to thank you once again for offering me a discount. It demonstrates your care and support for customers. I truly appreciate this extra assistance as it enables me to make the most of my limited budget and provide more resources for the school’s expansion activities.
    In summary, I am highly satisfied with the products and services provided by Jinjiang Jiaxing Co., Ltd. Your modeling clay products are both safe and enjoyable, meeting my expectations completely. I would not hesitate to recommend your company’s products to others and look forward to future collaborations.

  41. As a customer from Norway who purchased fitness equipment from Jinjiang Jiaxing Co., Ltd., I am highly satisfied with the products. Here’s a concise review praising the products and services:

    I am delighted with the quality and performance of the fitness equipment. The craftsmanship and material selection are excellent, providing a sense of durability and reliability. These equipment withstand my intense workouts without any quality issues, offering a stable and secure training environment that allows me to reach my full potential.

    The versatility of these fitness equipment is impressive. They offer various training options to meet different fitness needs. I can perform a wide range of exercises on a single device, whether it’s strength training or cardio workouts. This saves me time and space while enabling me to have comprehensive and efficient training sessions.

    I also commend Jinjiang Jiaxing Co., Ltd. for their innovative product design. The fitness equipment features a stylish and modern appearance with attention to detail. They are not only functional tools but also provide a comfortable user experience. I particularly appreciate the additional design elements such as the smart display screens and adjustable seats, which enhance the enjoyment and convenience of my workouts.

    Furthermore, I want to acknowledge the excellent service provided by Jinjiang Jiaxing Co., Ltd. Their team has been incredibly helpful and supportive throughout the purchasing process. They promptly addressed my inquiries and provided detailed installation and usage guidelines, making it easy for me to start using the fitness equipment.

    Overall, I am highly satisfied with the fitness equipment and service offered by Jinjiang Jiaxing Co., Ltd. The quality, versatility, and innovative design of their products have provided me with enjoyable training experiences, while their professional service has made me feel valued as a customer. I highly recommend Jinjiang Jiaxing Co., Ltd.’s fitness equipment to individuals and commercial establishments alike. Thank you for delivering outstanding products and services!

  42. Absolutely love these baby chairs! They are top-notch in quality, beautifully designed and ergonomically friendly, which is just perfect for my kiddos. Not to mention, they’re surprisingly affordable. I ordered 500 of them for shipping overseas and the whole experience was a breeze. Two thumbs up!”

  43. I recently had the opportunity to use and evaluate the 4-drawer chest storage tower/wardrobe with a metal structure and adjustable feet, as shown in the attached picture. Overall, I found it to be a sturdy, neat, and durable storage solution.

    Firstly, the metal structure of the chest provides excellent stability. It feels robust and secure, ensuring that the drawers remain in place even when fully loaded. The adjustable feet further contribute to the stability, allowing for easy leveling on uneven surfaces.

    In terms of aesthetics, this storage tower offers a clean and organized appearance. The metal finish adds a touch of modernity and sophistication to any room. The drawer fronts are sleek and complement the overall design, while the simple yet stylish handles facilitate smooth opening and closing of the drawers.

    The four drawers provide ample storage space for various items. Each drawer measures approximately 30x30x20 cm (H), or similar dimensions, which is suitable for storing a wide range of belongings. Whether it’s clothing, accessories, documents, or miscellaneous items, this chest storage tower efficiently accommodates them all.

    One notable aspect of this product is its durability. The metal construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it capable of withstanding daily use and providing reliable storage for years to come. The drawers slide smoothly, thanks to the quality materials used in their construction.

    As a consumer from Russia, I appreciate the practicality and functionality this chest storage tower offers. It not only keeps my belongings organized but also adds a touch of elegance to my living space. The adjustable feet are particularly useful for maintaining stability on various surfaces, which is a feature I highly value.

    In conclusion, the 4-drawer metal chest storage tower/wardrobe has impressed me with its sturdy build, neat appearance, and durability. It offers ample storage space while maintaining a clean and organized look. Whether you need it for a bedroom, office, or any other living area, this product proves to be a reliable and aesthetically pleasing storage solution.

  44. I recently had the opportunity to visit the Jinjiang Jiaxing factory and try out their Bluetooth speaker. To my surprise, the speaker performed exceptionally well in many aspects, whether it was sound quality, appearance, or service, leaving a deep impression on me.

    First and foremost, the Bluetooth speaker offers outstanding sound quality. During the listening session, I experienced clear and powerful sound effects with almost no noise interference. This speaker undoubtedly provides an ideal choice for consumers who value sound quality.

    Secondly, the Bluetooth speaker from Jinjiang Jiaxing excels in battery life. The long-lasting battery life means that users don’t need to recharge frequently and can fully enjoy the pleasure of music. At the same time, its compact size makes it easy to carry, allowing you to play music whenever and wherever you want.

    In terms of service, Jinjiang Jiaxing also performs exceptionally well. During the visit, I experienced the politeness and enthusiasm of their staff. They answered all my questions thoughtfully, giving me a more comprehensive understanding of the product.

    Lastly, I find the price of this Bluetooth speaker to be quite reasonable. Considering its excellent sound quality and outstanding service, I believe this is a worthwhile investment.

    In conclusion, the Jinjiang Jiaxing Bluetooth speaker excels in sound quality, battery life, size, and service. I highly recommend it to everyone! If you’re looking for a high-quality, affordable speaker, this product is definitely worth a try.

  45. As a company specializing in foreign trade, Jinjiang Jiaxing has always been widely acclaimed for its excellent product quality and outstanding customer service. I am pleased to have found the garden shoe products I am interested in on their shoe product website and contacted their sales representative Mark for a product catalog.

    In the catalog, I saw many exquisite garden shoe products in various styles and colors. After detailed communication and inquiry with Mark, I also gained a better understanding of the characteristics and advantages of these products. These garden shoes are not only comfortable and stylish, but also affordable, making them very suitable for wearing in gardens, outdoors, and other occasions. What’s more, the materials used in these garden shoes are very environmentally friendly, with minimal impact on the environment, which meets modern people’s requirements for environmental protection.

    In addition to the advantages of the products themselves, I am also deeply impressed by Jinjiang Jiaxing’s professional and efficient customer service. When meeting with their boss Peter, he patiently answered all my questions and gave me many helpful suggestions. When purchasing products from this company, I believe they will provide the best quality service and the most favorable price, which makes me feel very confident.

    In short, I am full of confidence in Jinjiang Jiaxing’s garden shoe products. Whether in terms of quality or service, they can satisfy me. If you are also looking for high-quality garden shoe products, I strongly recommend that you contact Jinjiang Jiaxing. They will definitely satisfy you.

  46. Jinjiang Jiaxing’s stopwatch is a high-quality product that is both affordable and reliable. I ordered a large quantity and was able to receive an even better price, which made it an excellent choice for my company’s needs.

    One of the best things about working with Jinjiang Jiaxing was the exceptional customer service provided by Peter. From the initial inquiry to the ordering process, he was extremely patient and attentive to all of my questions and concerns.

    I also had the opportunity to visit their factory, which was impressive. The production process was highly efficient and the staff was professional and knowledgeable.

    Overall, I highly recommend Jinjiang Jiaxing’s stopwatch for anyone looking for a quality product at an affordable price, with exceptional customer service and a high level of production efficiency.

  47. Recently, I purchased a wooden pirate ship ornament from Jinjiang Jiaxing, a foreign trade company. Overall, the product left a very good impression on me. Today, I would like to share my evaluation of this ornament with you all.

    First, let’s talk about the quality of the product. The craftsmanship of this wooden pirate ship ornament is very exquisite, with great attention to detail. The wooden material is made of environmentally friendly and pollution-free raw materials, which gives it a rich texture and a smooth, delicate feel. The overall design is very distinctive, full of the mysterious atmosphere of a pirate ship, making it a great choice to display at home or as a gift for friends.

    Next, let’s discuss the service. During the purchasing process, the salesperson’s attitude was excellent, answering questions patiently and in detail, making me feel respected and valued as a customer by Jinjiang Jiaxing company. Moreover, the price of the product is very reasonable, offering good value for money and making my shopping experience enjoyable.

    However, the only aspect I was dissatisfied with was the shipping speed. It took a full month from placing the order to receiving the product. This can be quite a challenge for customers who need to purchase a gift urgently. I hope that Jinjiang Jiaxing can improve their shipping speed management in the future to provide a better shopping experience for more customers.

    In conclusion, the Jinjiang Jiaxing wooden pirate ship ornament performs exceptionally well in terms of quality and service, making it a trustworthy choice. The only downside is the slightly slow shipping speed, and I hope the company can address this issue to offer a more perfect shopping experience for consumers.

  48. As a customer from Norway, I had an amazing experience with Jinjiang Jiaxing. The sales team was incredibly patient and gentle, providing me with meticulous and courteous service. Moreover, their custom paper products are not only affordable but also of excellent quality. I highly recommend Jinjiang Jiaxing to anyone looking for a reliable supplier for custom paper products.

  49. I recently purchased the portable tattoo removal laser machine from JinJiang Jiaxing Group Co., Limited, and I must say I’m super impressed with the results. Before I dive into the details of the product, I have to mention the amazing customer service I received. Lily, the sales representative, was patient and gentle throughout the entire process, and their boss, Peter, was incredibly down-to-earth and approachable.

    Now, let’s talk about my experience with this portable tattoo removal laser machine. After using it a few times, I’ve noticed that my unwanted tattoo has significantly faded. The treatment process was pretty comfortable – I didn’t feel any significant pain, just a slight tingling sensation. What’s more, my skin didn’t experience any discomfort after the laser treatment, making it a safe option.

    In summary, this portable tattoo removal laser machine from JinJiang Jiaxing Group Co., Limited has earned my praise for its efficiency, safety, and portability. If you’re looking to get rid of a tattoo you no longer love, I highly recommend giving this machine a try!

  50. If you’re looking for a great foreign trade company, you can’t go wrong with Jinjiang Jiaxing. The sales team is incredibly patient and gentle, and their customer service is both meticulous and polite. What’s more, their products are not only affordable but also of outstanding quality. Overall, I highly recommend Jinjiang Jiaxing to anyone in need of a trustworthy supplier.

  51. As a customer from Russia, I am extremely satisfied with Jinjiang Jiaxing’s reflective umbrella. The sales team was patient and gentle throughout the purchasing process, and their customer service was meticulous and polite. Not only was the price affordable, but the quality of the reflective umbrella was exceptional as well. I highly recommend Jinjiang Jiaxing’s reflective umbrella to anyone in need of a reliable and high-quality product.

  52. I recently had the pleasure of working with Jinjiang Jiaxing, a foreign trade company that truly exceeded my expectations. Their sales team is gentle, patient, and incredibly professional, making the entire process smooth and hassle-free. In addition, their customer service is meticulous and courteous, always ready to assist and address any concerns or questions.

    But what truly sets Jinjiang Jiaxing apart is their commitment to providing affordable and high-quality products. I was genuinely impressed by the excellent value I received and the exceptional quality of the items I purchased.

    In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend Jinjiang Jiaxing to anyone looking for a reliable supplier with top-notch customer service and outstanding products. Don’t hesitate to give them a try; you won’t be disappointed!

  53. This custom t-shirt is amazing! The designs are unique and full of personality, showing the taste and style of the wearer. High-quality fabrics and printing techniques make this t-shirt durable for comfort and long-lasting. Whether giving as a gift or wearing it yourself, this tee is a great choice!

  54. This 430 x 316 x 442mm, 10kg capacity leather paper bag comes from Jinjiang Jiaxing Group Co., Ltd. I am very satisfied with this shopping experience. The salesperson was excellent, polite, and very patient, providing me with great service. The quality of this customized leather paper bag is good and it can carry a weight of up to 10kg, which makes me very satisfied. The logo I customized is also very prominent, and the entire packaging bag looks very professional. Overall, I am very satisfied with this shopping experience and strongly recommend the products of Jinjiang Jiaxing Group Co., Ltd.

  55. I recently had the opportunity to purchase a product from Jinjiang Jiaxing, and I am thoroughly impressed by the entire experience. The sales representative was exceptionally patient and detail-oriented, making sure I fully comprehended the product’s features and benefits before finalizing my purchase.

    Not only was the customer service polite and respectful, but the pricing was also quite competitive, providing excellent value for the quality of the product. Jinjiang Jiaxing clearly understands the importance of delivering a positive and memorable shopping experience.

    In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend Jinjiang Jiaxing for their outstanding products, superb customer service, and attractive pricing. I will undoubtedly be returning for future purchases.

  56. I recently had the pleasure of purchasing a product from Jinjiang Jiaxing, and I must say, the entire experience was outstanding. The sales representative was incredibly patient and meticulous, ensuring that I fully understood the product’s features and benefits before making my purchase.

    Not only was their customer service polite and courteous, but the pricing was also quite reasonable, offering great value for the quality of the product. Jinjiang Jiaxing definitely knows how to create a positive and memorable shopping experience.

    Overall, I highly recommend Jinjiang Jiaxing for their top-notch products, exceptional customer service, and competitive pricing. I will certainly be returning for future purchases.

  57. Great purchase! Your desk lamp is absolutely fantastic! It’s clear that you put a lot of thought into selecting a lamp that not only provides ample light but also adds a touch of style to your workspace. The design is sleek and modern, and the quality of the materials is top-notch. I’m sure this lamp will be a reliable source of light for years to come. Enjoy!

  58. I recently purchased this desk lamp and I must say, it is absolutely fantastic! The design is sleek and modern, making it a stylish addition to any room. The build quality is top-notch, ensuring that it will last for years to come. The adjustable brightness levels and flexible neck allow me to find the perfect lighting for any task, from reading to working on my computer. I am thoroughly impressed with this lamp and would highly recommend it to anyone in need of a versatile and reliable lighting solution.

  59. “Wow, I’m really impressed with the quality of this garbage bin! It’s sturdy, well-made, and really does the job well. I appreciate the attention to detail and the durability of the materials used. Great job!”

  60. The large shipment of ropes is fantastic! The quality of the product is outstanding and the price is unbeatable. It’s no wonder these ropes are selling like hotcakes!

  61. Great pet toy ball!

    I recently purchased the pet toy ball from your store and I must say, it is a fantastic product! My furry friend absolutely loves playing with it and it has become her favorite toy. The quality of the ball is excellent, and it is durable enough to withstand my pet’s rough playtime.

    Moreover, the bright colors of the ball are eye-catching and add a fun element to my pet’s playtime. I appreciate the attention to detail that has gone into the design of this product.

    Thank you for creating such a great pet toy ball. I highly recommend it to other pet owners looking for a high-quality and fun toy for their furry friends.

    Best regards,junior

  62. I am from UAE and bought 500 tents for camping in Jiaxing. Made of interconnected aluminum (high-grade) rods, while the lampshade is made of a parachute-like material. The canopy comes in a lightweight box weighing less than 4 lbs and is easily assembled by attaching aluminum poles and sliding it over a ripstop polyester cover (the same material used for parachutes), the canopy measures 15 x 10 feet, The canopy is 50 spf. Sample production time is 8-10 days, 500pcs bulk production time is 25 days. I received my entire shipment at the end of August and have had no issues so far.

  63. Tracy and I bought a batch of picnic mats before their Spring Festival. Lily said that they were cleaning up the inventory and planned to have a good Spring Festival. The price they gave me was very favorable, which was very exciting. I am really very happy. I hope there will be such a good and cheap picnic mat next time. I will still find Tracy to buy.

  64. I need 3000 pieces in UK sizes black, white, beige S, M, L, XL, XXL
    CTN Material: Nylon/Spandex Fabric Type: Nylon Elastane
    Type: Fitness Sports Yoga Bra
    Color: More than 10 colors are available
    Size: S-7XL
    I compared 4-5 companies and finally chose Jinjiang Jiaxing. The offer they gave me was the best.

  65. Lily said that it was their Spring Festival recently, and they were doing promotional clearance before the Spring Festival, and asked me if I needed it. The quote she gave me really touched my heart. The order has been placed and my shipment is now traveling across the ocean to come to me.

  66. I’m Paul from Canada, I contacted Lily in September and ordered 5 custom shoe cabinets to store my various shoes. And at the beginning of October, I received a shoe cabinet customized according to my requirements. It can be pushed and pulled, disassembled and assembled freely, dustproof and moistureproof. I am very satisfied.

  67. Hello everyone, my name is Ken, I am from Florida, USA, and I own a small shop selling crystal glass craft products. I ordered 4 types of crystal glasses from Tom. They are the suppliers I have been working with for 5 years. I trust them.

  68. First of all, thanks to peter for patiently following up on my custom-made inquiry about the new big click bamboo folding hand fan, Jinjiang Jiaxing company said that their company has more than 15 years of experience in producing customized new big click bamboo folding hand fans experience. I need a custom folding fan, I provide the fan prototype, they make and customize my logo according to the size of the product picture and video I provided. My original purchase quantity is 5000 pieces. But my fans are selling very well. I then asked Peter to add 2000 pieces.

  69. For Christmas I just want to enjoy my holiday. But I promised Lily to comment for her after receiving the goods. I am very satisfied with Lily’s service attitude. Goods quality is also good. We have cooperated many times.

  70. There is nothing wrong with my electrical, the connection was the wrong plug, I replaced the one that didn’t work, to check that the machine had power no light came on! Those that can produce hot water will not produce cold water, and those that can produce cold water will be warm water! I wasn’t very happy with the product so I returned them for a new batch. I am still satisfied with the after sales.

  71. The epidemic has made it difficult for me to move forward. But I believe everything will be fine. The last time I placed an order with Jiaxing was last year. One year allowed me to slowly start my project. Lily asked me to evaluate here and promised me a discount for the next project. Very satisfied.

  72. good day. I have been looking for r EB-L4 lamp bluetooth speaker with wireless charger for bedroom lighting for a long time. Finally, I took a fancy to the products of Jinjiang Jiaxing Company on the platform. We chatted for a long time before I decided to give my order to their company.

  73. Personligen gillar jag verkligen inte kinesiska företag, men min fru rekommenderade starkt detta kinesiska företag till mig. Av en god mans förtroende för sin fru, och för att få min fru att känna att jag litar på henne, försökte jag hitta Lily, säljaren för detta företag, och kommunicera med dem om produktsamarbete. Samarbetsprocessen var full av vändningar, men lyckligtvis blev slutresultatet tillfredsställande. Jag fick varorna till min belåtenhet. Jag kommer fortfarande att hitta det här företaget att samarbeta med i framtiden.

    Personally, I really don’t like Chinese companies, but my wife strongly recommended this Chinese company to me. Out of a good man’s trust in his wife, and to make my wife feel that I trust her, I tried to find Lily, the salesperson of this company, and communicate with them about product cooperation. The collaboration process was full of twists and turns, but fortunately the end result was satisfactory. I received the goods to my satisfaction. I will still find this company to do business with in the future.

  74. T shirt manufacturing custom 180gm fabric weight short sleeve solid color t shirt men o neck oem printed t shirt
    Last month, I purchased 5,000 100% cotton T-shirts from Lily in Jiaxing, Jinjiang. Requires wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying, compressible. and shipped to Nairobi. It is still in transit, I will comment when I receive the goods.

  75. First of all thank you Peter for fulfilling my order on time. My timer is still being shipped by sea, and it is estimated that I can receive the goods next week. Thank you Peter for sending me the photos of the goods. Regarding the freight forwarder, not sure if it will be the same as last time. Please do not contact him.
    This time I will ship your shipment in a 20″ container with shipments from 3 other suppliers. Thanks in advance.

  76. This damn pandemic has kept me from running my business for a long time. My project was temporarily put on hold last year, and it was only launched this year, but it started very slowly. Jiaxing and I have been old friends who have cooperated for many years. Thank them for always being there.

  77. Good afternoon, I haven’t placed an order for a long time. Lily, who was connected to me before, has left her job, and now Nancy from Jiaxing Company is connecting with me. Nancy was very gentle and careful. I am satisfied with my goods.

  78. We bought a total of 200 of these models. Regarding the water fountain, we need battery power for the children. The product contains lilies from Jiaxing Company. Lily knew that I was worried about the high tariff cost, and offered to lower the product price on the commercial invoice so that I would not have to pay too much tariff. Thank her very much.

  79. I am looking for cheap price birch wood toys for preschoolers wooden play toys non-toxic toy pop guns. Peter took the initiative to contact me and offer me a quote. I am satisfied with his price, but the quality is still doubtful, so I asked Peter to send me a sample first. My sample has been received, and the price of follow-up orders is still being negotiated.

  80. I bought 500 Christmas crystal balls in Jiaxing to get ready for the upcoming festival. I have always loved dreamy crystal balls since I was a kid. When I grow up, I hope to have many crystal balls. After collecting many crystal balls, I opened my own shop.

  81. I bought 2000 100% cotton 3D sheets in Jiaxing last month. The quality of the product is satisfactory, but the price is not good enough. I hope peter can give me the lowest price next time. This will enable long-term cooperation.
    A buyer from India.

  82. It’s been a long time since I started my project. My project has been suspended for 2 years, and many things have happened in these 2 years, which made me unwilling to run my project. I only plan to continue my project this year: Barbie dolls for children. I thought Lisa, who I communicated with before, might have left. I just asked her tentatively. Unexpectedly, she is still in this company in Jiaxing, Jinjiang, and continues my project. I just want to do business with her.

  83. Good morning, I like Miss Lily from Jiaxing very much, I always ask her about the price. I originally wanted to simply ask for the price. There’s something magical about Miss Lily that makes people want to buy products from her.

  84. I seem to have missed the commercial invoice for this shipment of cork coasters. I only have profoma. So I asked Tom to send me another copy. From January 2020 to the present, I have been working with Jiaxing for the third year, and I am still very happy. Looking forward to our next follow-up cooperation.

  85. I was browsing your company’s products on the website and I need 2500 coasters. The communication process was very pleasant, and the samples I received were also satisfactory to me, which looked very good. Looking forward to the follow-up cooperation.

  86. Good afternoon, our camping business has shrunk a bit this year. Therefore some of our customers become nervous to place orde. We cannot place such large-scale orders as in previous years, but I still trust JUDY from Jiaxing Company. Our cooperation has always been is pleasant.

  87. Good morning everyone, I’m from Amania, I bought color acrylic sheets in Jiaxing. Lili told me that they are specialized in producing acrylic sheets with more than 20 years of experience and low prices. I have great confidence in Lili’s professionalism. After all, we have been working together for many years and have been very happy.

  88. The shape is cute, the small size does not take up space, it can stand up by itself and will not fall down, the appearance is also online, it is very convenient, and the price is cheap. My guests like it very much. This is my 5th purchase. I order with Jiaxing once a year and we are already old friends.

  89. Dear Lily, I am very satisfied with the 2000 folding umbrella that I ordered you before. I plan to visit your factory this year and hope you will apply for a business visa for me. I have sent an email to tell you personal information. If you need to contact me again.

  90. At the end of the year, the cost of materials and freight has increased. For me, my cost has increased a lot, and my profit is not as good as before. If I want to maintain the previous profit, I can only increase the price, but the increase in price will lead to a decrease in sales. I can only buy the product I need at a lower cost, but I need to maintain the quality of the product as much as possible. In my comparison, I finally chose Jinjiang Jiaxing Company. If they do not raise prices in the future, we will continue to cooperate.

  91. I purchased an automatic pet feeder in Jiaxing. Lili told me that they have over 15 years of experience in producing automatic pet feeders. I need a 6L capacity, stainless steel automatic pet feeder. I ordered 500 units first, and if this cooperation goes well, I will continue to order 1,000 units.

  92. I need about 20 tons of rubber bands a month. Although our previous cooperation was very pleasant, but you know, our domestic situation is not good recently, and the price of each product has increased by about 20% compared with the previous one, which means that we need to spend more money to buy the products we need. . So dear Li, I hope your price can be more favorable to me.

  93. I bought 2,500 umbrellas in Jiaxing last month. I am very satisfied and happy to cooperate. I promised Lili to help her evaluate, so I came to leave a comment. look forward for next deal.

  94. I ordered a laptop bag and an ipad bag in Jiaxing and paid the full $13,000. Tony also arranged the logistics of the Ipad bag for my manufacturer, thanks.

  95. Hello Lily,

    I am very sorry but by mistake we arranged the payment on a previous bank account of yours,
    instead of the correct new one,
    Now, if the old account is still on, perhaps you could get the money from there.

    Otherwise, please inform us and we’ll arrange a new payment to the correct account.
    Awaiting the favour of your reply asap, please accept our apologies for he incovenience.
    Thank you very much, the goods received are very good.

  96. I contacted Sonny in Jiaxing today. I asked for a sample to test the quality, but she asked me to pay the sample fee, but she said the sample fee can be refunded at the end of the order and should be paid to her. I’m very hesitant, I’m worried about being deceived, I just lost $20,000 in scams last year.

  97. When I first placed my order, I found out that Jiaxing was on the blacklist and was hesitant, but the quality of their samples successfully convinced me. I accepted the sample list, the quality of the samples satisfied me, and the quality is still ok after receiving the bulk. I will try other products next time.

  98. When I first cooperated, I waited and watched for a long time, and asked the German customers who had already made orders to contact me. I believe that their guests are willing to introduce Jiaxing to me, and they must have their own satisfaction. I placed my order and paid in mid-March. I’ve been waiting for news from Lily. This is my first time working with a Chinese company. So I am very afraid of being cheated. Lily told me that the order has been completed today. She sent me photos to check. Thank you so much Lily.

  99. Dear friends,

    Thanks lily for your help.
    Usually, we don’t say thickness and mil, we say weight, which is about 4-5g
    I have received the samples, we can start the bulk order.

  100. Good morning everyone, I ordered 20,000 pieces of bamboo poles in Jiaxing that are 230cm tall by 25mm with 30cm orange fluorescent band or 80cm on top for better visibility. The goods have been received, and the attached pictures are evaluated.

  101. I ordered a figurine from Peter last week. The unit price of the product is very cheap. But the cost of opening the mold is a bit expensive.
    He told me that they can make molds from my samples, they don’t need to reopen the mud embryo, but the size and volume of the samples will be smaller than my physical samples. For the size, it will be 4-5 % smaller. The proofing fee is $400.
    If I want the exact same sample as mine, the proofing fee for 7 styles is $800.
    I chose the first way and sent money as he requested, he also gave me the sample invoice.

  102. Dear Lily, have a nice holiday. Very satisfied with our last shopping bag collaboration. I bought another 1000 custom shopping bags from Lili this time. 300 white, 300 black, 300 green, 100 blue. The new crown has affected my business a lot. But I am sure it will pass. God bless us.

  103. Have a nice weekend, I ordered 5000 bags from Jiaxing company. A total of 1000 black, 700 tan, 400 green sachets. This is my 5th cooperation with Jiaxing Company. What a delight.

  104. 200 Christmas trees have been purchased and there is a communication problem. But Lili patiently checked the details with me. Arrived so far, still satisfied. Hope the price will be better next time.

  105. Dear Lily, I wish you all the best.
    Sorry for the late reply, for some reason I got your old emails in the spam folder and I couldn’t see them until today. Long time no see, because the epidemic has made it difficult to carry out many of our projects. The stroller I ordered earlier is still not sold out. Quality and style are not easily out of date. I thank you so much for caring about me. I will contact you again if necessary.

  106. Thanks for your reply, I received my shipment Dog Training Bite Suit Full Protection Dog Training Bite Sleeve. I am currently satisfied with my product. No problem has been found yet. If there is a follow-up quality problem, I will go to them to be responsible.

  107. Dear Lily:
    Good morning!
    Thank you so much for your kind information.
    We look forward to receive the goods in a couple of weeks.
    Thank you for all your Support on this order.
    With my Best Regards,

  108. Guten Tag zusammen, haha, etwas verlegen, das ist das erste Mal, dass ich diese Art von Kommentar schreibe. Lily sagte, wenn ich ihr helfe, dies zu kommentieren, gebe ich mir einen guten Preis für das Produkt. Wer kann bei gleicher Produktqualität günstigeren Preis ablehnen. Exzellent! Ha ha.

  109. I ordered 330 hats in Jiaxing, but I haven’t received samples yet because our highway was paralyzed by an avalanche. I look forward to receiving my samples as soon as possible.

  110. Thank you Lily for your patient service.
    Christmas is near and I have no needs at present.
    The previous batch of products sold well.
    I’m going to have a good rest now.
    I’ll be in touch if I need anything.

  111. I was invited to comment on this. I ordered 3,000 keychains in Jiaxing Company in 2019. The sale was completed and the feedback was good. At present, I have the intention to cooperate again.

  112. I ordered 5000 customized thermos mugs in Jiaxing, Jinjiang in July for our event. Request to print our company logo. Received the goods, satisfied. Come and support Lily. Thanks for her service.

  113. We hope to introduce a test kit for COVID-19. COVID-19 rapid detection kit, SARS-CoV2, used for coronavirus, IgG/IgM antibody detection.
    I first order a box of 1,000 kits in Jiaxing, and then order 18,000 test kits.

  114. My dear, we haven’t been in contact for a long time, so glad you remember me. I am not on vacation. I don’t work anymore, I retired due to illness. I’m just at home. The teddy bear I ordered with you before sells very well. But obviously, I can no longer continue this project. May you all be well, and the Lord bless you.

  115. Hi Tony,
    We are going to receive our shipment for phone bags tomorrow.
    Do you have a packing list for this shipment?
    I need to know how many cartons and how many units per carton.

  116. Hi Tony,
    Glad to hear from you. Thank you for your update, if I need any items soon, I will contact you for the price. The last cooperation was very pleasant. I haven’t been to China for 2 years. If I have the opportunity to go to China again this year, I hope to have dinner with you again.

  117. I ordered 500 locks, the order quantity is not large, and the shipping price is also acceptable. Things like this would be great. This will be a person climbing the route. Must be able to bear the weight of at least one person.

  118. Dear Andy, we currently have no new projects. The wooden heart I bought from your company has not sold out yet. I have changed careers. The sales of golf gifts I asked your colleague Lili to buy are slow. I will contact you again if necessary. grateful.

  119. Dear Lily, I don’t have any new projects for the time being. Our last cooperation was 2 years ago. I haven’t figured out what to do recently. But I plan to go to China recently. Our previous cooperation was very pleasant. I hope you can show me what projects are more suitable for me.

  120. My client is a small rural savings and credit cooperative. If our cost is high, members may not like the high expenditure on non-essential stationery, but I need this business. I ordered 7000 pieces of stationery for the first time. If the quality of the delivered product satisfies me, it will be a continuous cooperation.

  121. Jinjiang Jiaxing Group Co., Ltd. is trustworthy. I ordered 200 aprons this year. But I repeatedly modified my design. They cut off my order patiently. Thank you very much for their patience. I received my order last month. I am satisfied with the quality of AAAAA. I will order again.

  122. I met Lily at Made In China. We conducted an in-depth investigation on Jinjiang Jiaxing. They have nearly 20 years of industry experience. They are gold suppliers promoted mainly from global sources. They are large companies and have many businesses. Most of them are very professional, but some of them may be very young. I think the best way is to find the number of the sales company and contact their boss.

  123. I am preparing to start a company in Germany to sell technical equipment, such as children’s toys and other related equipment. So I was doing business research before writing my business plan. Therefore, I am looking for an ideal supplier of such products.

  124. I was cheated by a Chinese company before. This caused me to lose some money. I will be worried about working with Chinese factories again. So it was not until this year that I visited a Chinese company again. The last order we closed made me very satisfied. Jinjiang Jiaxing is great. I think this company is trustworthy.

  125. I bought a batch of Candy paper bag. After receiving the goods, I found that some of the products were a bit flawed and did not meet my requirements. I asked them to give me some compensation, but the company rejected me. I don’t think my claim for compensation is unreasonable. The company is only willing to deduct $200 for the next order. Fortunately, we finally agreed. For the next order, I will give me another 200 dollars cheaper on the basis of the discount.

  126. I ordered 1 Red Bull wearing double-layer inflatable suit. No latex.
    The requirement is: there is a soft thing with SPH hole on the vagina. The place of sight and breathing is the eyes and mouth of the Red Bull inflatable suit. The zipper is on the back and must be opened from the outside and inside. I’m already using it and I’m very satisfied. Next time there is a need, I will find the Jiaxing company.

  127. What happened next?
    Have you solved your problem yet?
    I just placed the sample order to Jinjiang Jiaxing Company last week. We plan to send the mass order to them this week. Could you tell me more about them?

  128. I want to buy some ergonomic computer chairs. Peter promised to give me a refund if I am not satisfied with the product.
    So I placed a sample order with the company and paid $100.
    My sample has arrived, but I haven’t opened my delivery yet.

  129. I ordered 100,000 masks in Jiaxing before, but due to the epidemic, my business has been affected. Now I don’t have enough money to pay the balance, so the order has been postponed to deliver in batches this year.
    Lily promised me the price I agreed on before.
    Now my order has been completed.
    Thank you very much Lily, look forward to working together again.

  130. We have entered the 12th year of cooperation with Jinjiang Jiaxing Group. We started ordering glass bottles in 2011. After that, we place 1-2 orders from them every year. Most of what we need is our own customized pattern keychain. We have just closed our new order.

  131. Dear Lily,
    Good afternoon!
    Thank you so much for the PI, no problem for the date and I wish you had had a very nice Holiday!
    I will forward Swift information as soon as I receive it from Accounting Department.Let’s look forward to the next cooperation
    Best Regards,

  132. Hi, Lily and Peter,
    Yes, some of our states are slowly opening up,
    You need to send us some more samples in order to let us know if this new line of mask wearing glasses is suitable for us.
    We didn’t like the previous styles and types very much.
    But we are satisfied with the material, and the products we order in the future all hope to be made of this material.
    Thank you

  133. Dear Lily, Happy National Day, I hope you have a great holiday. I asked you to order 6000K masks. Because you are on vacation, you introduced your colleague to me. Many of my questions about the product have been solved patiently by your colleagues. I’m still very satisfied with the goods. It would be better if you can get more discounts.

  134. Dear Lily,
    Thank you very much for your reply.
    Please confirm the cheapest charge for backpack option 2
    Regarding option 1, the position of our product logo is the same as that of custom products, right?
    I will forward your bank information to our accounting department to send the wire transfer funds as soon as possible.
    Thanks again and best regards.

  135. Dear Tom, our cooperation last year was very pleasant. I need a mask this year, but the current shipping fee is too high. Wait a minute, I will come to you immediately if there is a need.

  136. Dear Lily, I recently ordered 500 sets of table tennis suits with your colleague Cui Xi. Although you cannot be responsible for my project on vacation, our previous cooperation is still very pleasant. Your colleagues you introduced to me are also patient and responsible for me. Happy holiday.

  137. Hi, I need leggings made of cotton/spandex blend fabric with printed text, which can be quick-drying and breathable, which is very suitable for sports wear. I only need the female model and XXL code. I am satisfied with the sample. But due to the new crown, our current project is unfortunately suspended. If it starts, I will contact you immediately.

  138. I previously ordered 3000 pet toy balls from Lili. But due to the epidemic, it will take a long time for us to sell all of them. It will take us more than a year for 3,000 balls to be sold.

  139. Hi Lily, I hope you all go well. I have retired due to my health and I am moving to Switzerland. I will start business in Switzerland. Unfortunately, I have no plans to order in large quantities at the moment. I plan to open a small supermarket. I have many types, but the number will not be too large. If my business goes smoothly in the future. I will find you to cooperate.

  140. Dog logo in white like last time on all
    750 of each color = 3000 total
    Boxes need to be completely wrapped in plastic and/or double boxed. The last shipment had boxes that were busted open.
    Lily – this is good. We will send deposit in a day or two. Also, we are searching for basket dog beds. I will send some pictures.

  141. I need 43 and 44 size skates and running shoes. I ordered some samples in Jiaxing. Mark only charged me 35 dollars for express delivery. thank you very much. I have received the sample. I hope that the follow-up Mark can give me a more favorable price.

  142. Hello Lily,
    How are you doing?
    The situation here is slowly but surely getting back to normal…but not completely yet.I have a question. I know we’ve been doing business together for some years now with branded items but now I’m seeking help for a food product.
    Do you have any contacts to companies you trust who would be able to deliver 40 tons of Baby Milk Powder, preferably German Brand . (Of course the original product)
    They have 4 stages of products the Pre Stage for newborn babies, then Stage 1 up to stage 3.
    If you know anyone who would be able to provide us this (it would be for delivery to the province of Henan (for the victims of the recent floods).
    Thank you very much for your help as always.
    Best regards,

  143. Dear Lily, my business has not fully recovered yet. The epidemic caused heavy losses to my business. I don’t make wedding decoration products anymore. I need 200 fragrance diffusers, Will do. Lets me get the products first.

  144. The rubber material is accurate to 12 cm on the thin Havana strap. I only need red soles and shoulder straps. Rubber sole (same quality as Havaianas) with 12 cm rubber strap… Order 2000 pairs.

  145. I ordered 5000 lion-shaped soft PVC 3-D key chains from Lisa. Because I am not satisfied with the existing patterns. I need to be customized. look forward for next deal.

  146. Dear Lisa, long time no see, I am not in the office, I have a mobile phone, the office is closed.
    The quality of the heat dissipation scarf does not meet our needs. We are only interested in medical applications. I plan to visit your factory. Booked next week, but the flight has been cancelled due to Covid.

  147. My first order is for 5000 pairs of shoes. No more details. I just hope that the smaller the better. There is no preference, but a certain degree of protection is required. Pressure/strain sensors in the insole, one in each pair of shoes (or possibly socks).
    These will indicate when the feet are off the ground by illuminating the LED devices on the shoes or ankles.

  148. I am interested in some clothing. I need a bundled transaction. I have 4 different clothing brands with multiple designs and need multiple sets of pants/shorts and tops. I attached my design.

  149. Dear lily,
    I am Alexander, a businessman from Russia.
    I am looking for a supplier of electric blankets, the size is 150 * 80 cm.
    EXW price of electric heating blanket, size 150*80cm.
    I want to buy a batch of 150 yuan electric blanket for a trial.
    I can buy your products in RMB.
    I also have an agent in China
    Best regards

  150. I confirm the details of the order’,
    I have attached a number of files and pictures for illustration and explanation,
    In this hanger or something similar there will be room to stick a size sticker as same of the picture.,
    The hand tag is best attached to a label with a long string So that the customer can see and browse the tag if we attach it to a product that may damage it .,
    I still have to send you a Hebrew label that must be sewn over your label and a barcode sticker that must be stick on the back of the hand tag.

  151. Dear LilY. Good day. I am Elsa from Iceland. I am looking for cheap PVC film for my business. Thank you for your service. Hope we have the opportunity to cooperate again.

  152. No problem! Let’s go with 500,000 total. 100,000 going to England directly from you and 400,000 coming to the US. I need a very small print difference for the swabs going to England. They do not have to be in small boxes. Bulk boxes are ok.

  153. Dear Lily, we are looking for fashion cosmetic bags for the summer of 2022. My requirement is 28 cm in length, 16.5 cm in height, and 14 cm in depth, which is more suitable for summer colors. I currently only plan to order 50,000 units. If the follow-up feedback is good, we will add additional orders.

  154. Hey Lily,
    That’s perfect, the strap measurements make sense (increasing by 70mm each time).
    Do you have any other options for packaging at all?
    But the flip flops are good to go。

  155. Dear peter,
    thank you for your letter.
    Peter, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we will withdraw from the apparel business and start other production lines. We are now selling children’s toys, if necessary, I will contact you.

  156. Hello Lily…Sample socks are here…We only received small and medium socks, no large/XL size. According to our drawings and letters, it should be in the pocket behind the knee The side of the socks, so the samples are not available…the compression and quality are okay…the pockets can be more precise, without much attention to their appearance…we need these samples to show to the dealer, so they must be perfect, No flaws… I will ask my Chinese tailor to move the side pockets behind the knees of a few pairs, and I will buy LG/XL samples on Amazon… In the future, we will need one or more inspection stages to make sure The result is correct…We don’t need the small round tape included…please quote for this type of packaging, thank you!

  157. The sales of our winter goods are good, but the quality of our factory is not good.
    This is why we want to change our factory. Our first batch is only 2000 pieces, but if the products sell well in the future, we will make additional orders. In addition, we have orders for summer brushes and sprinklers.

  158. We contacted a few months ago, but I just came to you to place an order. I was wondering if this product can match our brand, and we need to change the label. Thank you very much for your help.

  159. Hi,
    I will be selecting 10 designs from the ones I have sent you. Your price at the moment is too high though.
    The Pink Panther magnet is not to be made because of infringement.
    Can you make the changes to the others? If you need more clarification mail me for that.

  160. Dear LilY, thank you very much for remembering me. We have not been in contact for 2 years. Although we are still very difficult, I am gradually opening up my business. I will contact you as soon as I need it.

  161. Dear Lily,
    I want to order measuring equipment
    1. Pink – 1000
    2. Blue – 1000
    White logo with one color.
    Please refer to the attached pictures and files with the logo.
    I want to pick up the goods with the label John ordered.

  162. Dear Sir, we are importers and hope to import electric cars.
    My expected order quantity is 10,000 pieces. I only need one sample in the early stage, thank you for your help.

  163. Thank you for your sample.
    We have received the sample.
    Good material.
    Is this ready-made, or do you make it yourself?
    We need cuffs and sizes to use UAE according to our size.
    Better style.
    Let us know

  164. Hi Lily.
    Glad to hear from you. In the past year, the situation has changed a lot. I am now in the United States and I have my own company. We sell household goods, including furniture. I am not interested in diapers anymore. Next time I need furniture, I will find you.
    Have a good day!

  165. Hi Peter,
    I started in 2020 last year. I sell 10 containers of 40′ every month. I want to order purple nitrile-free gloves. I hope to get a better price. Thank you.

  166. Hello
    We are considering making another high-quality corkscrew with wooden handle
    I don’t want to repeat the following, it is more troublesome to use. Thanks to Lili for recommending another model to me.

  167. Dear Lili, thank you for your preferential price, but I currently only need to order 1,000 pieces. I hope I can start selling next month. thank you very much. I will find you if necessary.

  168. Dear Lily ,
    For the small items , 40 thousand pack quantity .
    For the large items , 20 FT container .
    Mail picture of the items , including the packaging , all in the case pack of 36 .

  169. Dear Lili, I haven’t contacted for a long time, thank you for remembering us. We are now gradually recovering our business. I hope we can have another chance to cooperate. Wait for me, right away.

  170. Goodbye! Attention! I ask for 10,000 polyester cotton polo shirts of 180 g/m².
    Absolutely! We need you to provide preferential prices.
    Do I need a customized polo shirt?
    1. The item is male
    2. Short sleeves
    3. I need 1000 pieces of gray, 1000 pieces of sky blue, 1000 pieces of white, 1000 pieces of purple, 1000 pieces of light green, 1000 pieces of dark green, 1000 pieces of orange, 1000 pieces of black, 1000 pieces of red, 1000 pieces of navy blue.
    4. I need to print my logo, I will send my logo to you, I hope you will make artwork for me for my reference!

  171. Dear peter,
    My designer made 2 concepts for slippers, please check attachment 1 and 2.
    Is this workable for 2000 pairs (2 different sizes)?
    Please note customer will choose only 1 design (so flower design or tartan design)
    This is the first time I work on slippers so I need some advice???? of you..
    i need sometimes produce slippers with 36-38 size and 39-41 size
    Material: PE sole + pvc strap (10mm and 15mm width strap1 design
    Logo design print on 1 strap
    Can you inform me:
    FOB/usd per pair (2000 pairs in total, 1000 pieces per size group) :
    Inner/outer packing:
    Sample and mass lead time:
    Thanks so much.
    Kind Regards,

  172. Good morning
    I have a customer who wants to buy 20 million boxes of gloves every month.
    Please check the specifications and certificates of the gloves, and test reports.
    They are 100% nitrile rubber gloves, powder-free and blue.

  173. Our initial goal was to only order 2000 power adapter cords, but after seeing the samples, we ordered 3000, and the price is also a very favorable price for us, thank you tony

  174. This is for a client, I have no say on how many. Right now it’s 30,000 and I need to make a decision with the supplier in next few days. I have millions of hangers pending.

  175. Hello,
    So, when I finally received the pen, I was very excited. It took nearly 2 months longer than expected, but I think in the end… they have arrived.
    I write and confirm with you 2 times to confirm that you have the correct Pantone colors to print these colors. You have confirmed both times that you will use pantone P1235C when printing yellow.

  176. Hi Lily
    How are you? I hope you are well.
    After contacting our production department, we ordered 15,000 panda backpacks.
    Production time: 30 days
    We provide EXW price and FOB price for you to compare. We can ship them together with the restg spark box and mug we ordered last time. Please check with peter whether the price is feasible and provide suggestions.

  177. Dear Lisa, it’s been a long time since we last saw each other. We haven’t seen each other for 2 years. Hope you are all well. I hope I can come back in December to discuss our cooperation again and visit your factory.

  178. Dear Peter,
    Since the shoes we ordered are the same as in the past, we believe you can get the same quality.
    Therefore, no pre-production samples are required. Therefore, please proceed directly to mass production.

  179. Dear Lily,
    Thank you for your interest in our offer.
    I don’t want to choose you because I have other suppliers who want to choose more, but our management chose you, so I must obey.
    I hope you don’t let us down.

  180. Dziękuję droga Lindo, mój kolega już wcześniej zrezygnował, a teraz to ja jestem odpowiedzialny za przejęcie spraw dokowania i współpracy z Twoją firmą. Dzięki tobie wciąż mam wiele niejasnych szczegółów.
    Thank you dear Linda, my colleague had already resigned and now I am responsible for taking over the docking and cooperation with your company. Thanks to you, I still have a lot of unclear details.

  181. Cara Lili. , A causa dell’epidemia originale, il nostro progetto è stato rinviato. Ma grazie mille per la tua preoccupazione. La prima volta che ho lavorato con te è stata molto felice, tu e il tuo capo Peter siete davvero i miei partner preferiti.

  182. Please note the following:
    I am going to try some samples of your “food grade” PVC film.
    I need a copy of the “food grade” certificate of PVC film
    Please also confirm the CIF price of the following files:
    400mm x 1300mT x 20 micron (76mm CORE)
    450 mm x 1300mt x 20 micron (76 mm CORE)
    500mm x 1000mT x 20 micron (76mm CORE)

  183. I am interested in ordering 1000 units of the robot.Lily, you should know that our cooperation last time was very pleasant, so I will come to you again. I hope you can give me a more perfect price.

  184. Hi Peter.
    Unfortunately we are all in the same slow recovery due to the pandemic. Until companies (and people) feel comfortable enough to plan events and have large gatherings, I don’t expect to see any significant sales for the light of coin. It’s like we have been on hold for the last year and now we are moving in slow motion. I hope that as the fears of the pandemic go away, the world will start to come back to life and things get closer to normal again.

    The most important thing is that we have gotten this far and we are all healthy. We are hoping for prosperity in the not too distant future.


  185. We are developing for Winter 2022.Keep in mind our Winter is not so cold so We don’t need real Winter boots etc…I only need sneakers, my target quantity is not very large, but thank you for your effort.

  186. Hi Judy,
    | am a new company looking for suppliers of baby diapers and baby wipes.I think to start | would need a low MOQ, maybe about 200-500. I also have a design and logo that I would like to use.
    Please let me know.

  187. Mr. Peter.
    After greetings and more respect.
    I want to tell you that we still have an unresolved problem. So far this is a cold pack and we have encountered a problem. The container has arrived at the port and we cannot release it. Thanks for your assistance.

  188. For my first mono business, I only plan to order 500 bento boxes. My number is not high and my budget is limited. Thank you Lili for your help.

  189. I’m back from vacation, thank you very much for the good wishes. We also hope it will be a very successful New Year.
    Perfect, I’ll pass the data.
    Thanks, I’ll pass the tip.
    Thank you very much for help.

  190. Usually I don’t do art by myself, because I don’t have the ability to do it. This is why I leave it to the supplier to do it. I found a software that can do it, and the results are as follows. Test it well and use it. 4000 posts.

  191. Dear Lily
    You have sent me the prices of 5 styles of silicone water bottles and 2 styles of water bottle bags.
    Regarding camouflage bags, we hope to make embroidered logos and black bottles as much as possible.
    But you told me that you cannot use recycled materials to make silicone or plastic water bottles. I feel very sorry. If there are other styles, you can also send them to me for selection.

  192. I ordered 500 dials in Jiaxing. I only like dials for the styles Lili sent me, so I asked her if she can just use the dial alone, thank Lili.

  193. I’m looking for a good price for basic styles, but for ladies/men/children, high-quality EVA clogs/crocodile shoes are also suitable. A friend of mine recommended the Jiaxing company to me, and I placed an order with the recommendation of a trusted friend. I am very satisfied and hope that the follow-up cooperation will be happy.

  194. On behalf of my Hire company in the UK, I purchased the cheap Marquee trademark for resale here.
    I need to buy a tent of the following size.
    3m x 6m
    4m x 6m
    4m x 6m
    4m x 8m
    I only need to buy one of each size because I want to judge the quality before placing a large order.

  195. Hello there. I found out that my customer needs kn95 children’s mask. Do you have those? I don’t know how much they need, but my client needs a sample first. She has already got two from other suppliers, and if possible, they need to win the bid quickly. Lily, can you provide me with a sample.

  196. Peter many thanks for making contact for these items.
    I am contacting Lily for a PPE program for a client,
    so we will concentrate on that for the present.
    thanks again

  197. Hi Peter / Lily,

    We need you to produce the rubber immediately. Last shipment is delayed and we do not know when we will receive it.

    Produce 100k pieces for us but we need 10K shipped ASAP.

    We will send PO and funds tomorrow but please start process today.

  198. The reason why I requested the printed logo was because it looked cleaner. With the embroidered logo, the black colour leaked into the yellow and some of the yellow was a bit faded. See attached photos of printed vs the embroidered. If you can ensure the logo quality will be better when embroidered, no colour bleed or fading, then I am happy to proceed this way.

    Please use attached cleaner version of the logo.

  199. Please see attached artwork for the two cases. Please note, the sizing is not correct because I do not have the case size information. Please resize the artwork to fit your dyelines and resend for approval.

  200. Hi Peter,
    Please see comments below…
    The reason why I requested the printed logo was because it looked cleaner. With the embroidered logo, the black colour leaked into the yellow and some of the yellow was a bit faded. See attached photos of printed vs the embroidered. If you can ensure the logo quality will be better when embroidered, no colour bleed or fading, then I am happy to proceed this way.
    Please use attached cleaner version of the logo.

  201. shorts
    forearm sleeves
    calf sleeves

    1) neoprene has perforated holes to allow moisture to escape
    2) 2mm-3mm thickness, pref 2.5mm
    3) outer layer of nylon on neoprene is plush to attach velcro sided flat weights
    4) attached are reference images

    5) neoprene needs to be single sided inside
    6) flat weights, is this something you can make or source
    this is reference only as we are re-designing these products.
    we can accept suggestions to make better or more comfortable.

    I am sure you can produce the garment items,

  202. Thank you. I will need to order now of the smaller wigs but I do need to make a few changes in the design of the wig cap. Do you still have the heads I sent you?

  203. I just want to order 8 million masks for my company. I didn’t plan to cooperate with Chinese companies at the beginning. But Lina’s sincerity and the quality of her products touched me. What we need are masks with good quality and favorable prices, not our prejudices.

  204. We bought many winter products, we are a Canadian importer, and we are interested in winter children’s ski products. Our current needs are not great, we only plan to take it slowly, thank you for your help.

  205. Price advantage is what we need. Therefore, the import tax here is shocking. Make it expensive in the store. So I ordered a small part of the product first.

  206. I think you ordered 500 pet grooming scissors, but the price you quoted me for the first time is higher than the price on your website, my dear, it’s wrong for you. If it weren’t for my follow-up question, your price would not be so Cheap.

  207. Hi Lily,
    I am very happy to hear from you. Yes, everyone is satisfied with the toy. We will launch it later this month.
    I should send you the new design as soon as possible. We must do some written work before we can start, so I will notify you as soon as possible.

  208. Dear Lili, I’m sorry to disturb you during your holiday, but my goods are in a hurry. Thank you very much for your patience and sacrifice your wonderful holiday time to help me deal with my questions.

  209. Regarding the eco-friendly folding shopping bag, I need to attach my company’s logo. My first cooperation will not be too many. I will only order 1050 pieces. I will increase my order if necessary.

  210. We ordered 100,000 boxes of medical nitrile gloves. I need all the details about the packaging. We communicated on the email for 1 month and asked Mark to send me a box of samples. We need to beat our competitors. Good quality and affordable prices Dingqing gloves products.

  211. Dear Lili, I heard that it is your Chinese New Year. I hope you have a happy holiday. I recently planned to customize a batch of T-shirts with our team logo for my volunteer team. I thought of you first. After all, our previous cooperation was very pleasant. Wish us hez again

  212. Dear Lili, it’s been a long time since I saw you. I rushed to place an order before you celebrate the Spring Festival. For my business, although the epidemic has not ended, I will always continue to maintain my business and live a life. I wish you all the best.

  213. Thank you for your follow-up. Due to COVID-19, we have slowed down our business. We will follow up in the near future because we may still be interested in the 3 sets of cardboard cardboard suitcase-style gift boxes. You have to trust us. Although it is a bit difficult for us to restart my business, I will contact you again if necessary.

  214. Hello there
    I am creating a row of triggers that will not leave a sepia line. I am looking for whether it is possible to make the upper belt with a material that does not block the sun (UV) of the tan lines. But Lisa told me that in general, if there is a shadow, you will get sunburn. Only transparent shoelaces can be made without blocking the sun. I know mine is a bit naive, but I am very grateful to Lisa for her patient explanation. I will find her next time I need it.

  215. Hello everyone, I am from Canada. I ordered 2 sizes of yoga mats from Jiaxing, one with a size of 185*80CM, and one with a size of 160*60CM. For my customers, there are 2 sizes. 4 colors, 300 black, 300 blue, 300 purple, and 300 pink. Very happy, Lily said that because they were going to clear the inventory during the Spring Festival, they gave me a very favorable price. good luck!

  216. I ordered 100,000 aluminum foil containers.
    Size: 800ml (211 * 140 * 44mm) and 1000ml (220 * 157 * 55mm).
    Packing details: 1000pcs / ctn 65 * 32 * 45cm / ctn gross weight: 9.3KG
    At first, my partners were very resistant to hearing products from China, but they conquered us with their product quality and price.

  217. Dear Lily, we will start our business on January 20th, but will close soon in March. For the sake of my life, I have ordered many disposable masks and gloves. Thank you very much and hope you will download Once there is the United States, we have the opportunity to meet.

  218. I am opening a private club and hope to have LED glow cup stickers. So I first placed an order for 50,000 LED luminous cup stickers, I am very satisfied

    1. how is business at your private club? no problem with opening a club during Covid? you are lucky. those stickers look cool. how much did you pay?

  219. My name is Ben. I am from Switzerland. I ordered 10,000 disposable shower caps for our small shop. The shipping cost from China to Switzerland is US$40.

  220. We are still interested in suitcase-style cardboard/cardboard gift boxes. Set of 3.
    Sorry to miss your call. I did see your call. My Friday is very messy. For years of samples, I don’t need the logo on the front of the box. The logo should be placed in the box. Don’t worry, the purpose this time is to check the quality of the box.
    I’m looking at my previous notes. I only ordered 500 this time. We have a limited budget. The new crown is unable to start a lot of our business.

  221. Hi Lily, I wish you all the best,
    I hope you are well. I do have an idea. Do you remember the hat you made for me? I hope I can modify the design with a 2-inch fold. Except for the 2-inch cross-section that is bundled like a typical plastic shower cap, the rest is almost always flat. Thank you. Best wishes.

  222. My name is Luis. I am interested in distributing your products in Panama and Costa Rica. Thank you. Therefore, I would like to ask Lily about the prices, especially the solar backpack and product features, and I ordered 100 units first.

  223. Our company is mainly engaged in bedding products, and I am looking for low-cost and high-quality suppliers for our company, and samples of 7-piece bed sets. But Lili said that I need to pay a sample fee of $100, and that it will be returned to me after I place the order. I tried to pay 100 dollars and am still waiting for my sample.

  224. I was always looking for the company’s high-end fashion glitter ribbon, and then I found Jiaxing Company. I am very satisfied with the samples they sent me. We need a total of 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, and 20,000 metric tons.

  225. I wish you all a good day. We are a new company aiming to build an online shoe shopping website in Nigeria. We only focus on various types of men’s and women’s footwear from corporate, casual wear to sportswear, I mean footwear of all types and designs.
    We need to have a trustworthy supplier in China, and we can provide the best trust for many of our customers. So we found the Jiaxing company. This is our third year of cooperation.

    Thank you.

  226. I ordered 1,000 toilet brushes. For my business, I just want to slowly restore my business. The epidemic has caused my business to be much worse. I hope everything will get better. Thank you for your concern.

  227. I found Jinjiang Jiaxing on the recommendation of my French friend. I ordered 300 women’s underwear and 300 men’s underwear.
    Important note: We need to add our own brand to it, so we also ensure that Jiaxing can print some information or add brand care labels. I believe in the eyes of my friend.

  228. I want to use 100% butyl rubber air bed to buy a container for many years. Using 100% butyl rubber, I need the thinnest 100% butyl rubber of all air cushions to maximize the length and width. I am very satisfied with the samples I received and plan to start follow-up cooperation. Thank you Sunny.

  229. Dear Lisa, you and I ordered 200 summer pajamas for ladies. The quality of the samples I received is very good, but I hope you can give me more discount on my second order. Thank you

  230. Hello, I only ordered 50 samples of black shirts with yellow prints. We only plan to order 1,000 men’s round neck shirts in bulk. The color only needs two colors of black and white, with foil gold logo on the left chest, and our company’s label on the inner tie. Thanks for the caring service of Jiaxing Company.

  231. game cards

    I am very happy to receive news from my dear Lily. Our work in Turkey continues, and we are working hard to develop our company.
    COVID-19 has also affected our communication with you. But now we are in touch again. Our cooperation is always pleasant. We ordered 500 more paper game cards from you。

  232. image033

    Dear Lili, Happy New Year’s Day, I am very grateful that you are still concerned about my news. We are very good now, and my business has slowly recovered a lot. Have the opportunity to meet in China.

  233. Thank you Lili for remembering me. I haven’t had a project for a long time. Because of the new crown this year, our business has fallen a lot. Everything will be fine, and we intend to restart our project. We first ordered 300 fashionable leopard print hats. Together will be fine.

  234. Hi Peter or Lily,
    I only order wallets now, because all the other items I try to sell are not what the customer wants or wants. Although your product is of good quality, I cannot sell all the sticks on the mat or umbrella and have to donate them. Therefore, now we only focus on our unique wallet, if you have the latest styles and preferential prices, please send me an email.

  235. It’s been a long time, dear Daisy, we haven’t been in contact for half a year, and even so, I am the first to think of you when I need it. Thank you very much for your concern and condolences. God bless, I’m fine, but it’s also difficult. You know, because of the epidemic, we have been resting for too long. I am about to start my business now. I ordered 20,000 sweatshirts.

  236. I’m sorry, Lili and I have not been in contact for a long time. Many of our projects have been suspended under the influence of the epidemic. However, we don’t need so many bracelets now, we only need 400, 100 of each color, thanks to Lily.

  237. I customized 50,000 kitchen towels and cleaning towels in Jiaxing, Jinjiang. I hope to find a lower price than before. I have lost a lot because of the impact of the new crown epidemic. I just want to save costs and start my business again.

  238. image004

    I am very interested in the rose scent of tea, and put a dedicated candle in a non-flammable plastic cup (6 hours to 12 hours). As shown below. I ordered a batch first.

  239. Dear Lili, we have not been in contact for a long time. Since the epidemic, our business has deteriorated a lot, but we are slowly resuming business now. When we resume business, I will think of you immediately. Thank you for remembering me during the period. . Send me an email and care about my condition.

  240. Thank you Lili for remembering me. Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, we only started to resume business in November. I only placed a sample of 2 tennis rackets. Thank you very much.

  241. Hi, dear Lily, long time no see, thank you for staying with us. Yes, covid caused a lot of problems, and they still do. Business is not good, we are all looking forward to 2021. I haven’t had any big projects for a long time, but occasionally small projects to maintain my basic business. Hope to have the opportunity to cooperate again.

  242. Because of Covid 19, we are still struggling. I think the best place anyone should go to is China. I haven’t heard any Covid19 news. I think China really got rid of this situation. I am very happy, listening to Lili’s description, China is very safe now, I hope Lili can invite me to visit.

  243. P2QI]8~7M%4HVY~WJ5ZK29T

    High quality multifunctional calorie jumping LED skipping rope
    I am interested in making some professional skipping ropes and redesigning the handles. I will
    Like to go from the handle to and include a very similar arrangement (with the arrangement in the picture above)
    Rotary joint and metal rope, but connected to the knurled part and the rest of the handle
    It will be completely different and the design will be more complicated. So I promised Lili to comment, and she promised to give me a better price next time

  244. I ordered 500 pieces of men’s casual pants loose straight work clothes, 328 pieces of women’s trousers, and 188 pieces of women’s suits in Jiaxing. This is my second cooperation with Jiaxing. Nana promised me a better price than last time. Thank her very much.

  245. 1DA82C4AEE7954

    Snake bone chain
    Color: platinum star snake, rose gold star snake, gold star snake, platinum round snake chain, rose gold round snake chain, gold round snake chain
    Purity: 18 inch 0.65mm wire diameter is about 1.8g, 18 inch 0.8mm wire diameter is about 2.5g。

  246. Meu nome é Diana
    Perguntei à empresa o preço dos chinelos de verão. Eles têm bons modelos. Após consultoria e negociação, encomendei 50.000 pares de chinelos. A primeira cooperação foi agradável.

  247. Claim
    All goggles/glasses must be marked as Z87 + D3. If only Z87 is marked, it means that they have no impact resistance level and no dust protection. EN166 must also be on it.
    There are 150 goggles per shipping box. I ordered an inner package of 10, then 15 packages/shipping carton, or 15 inner packaging, then 10 packages/shipping carton.
    For glasses, 20 pieces per inner package, then 5 pieces per carton.

  248. hi, I found a ceramic color-changing mug from Jiaxing on the website. I was very interested, so I contacted peter. After a simple consultation and negotiation, I first ordered 500. If I am satisfied in the future, I will add another order.

  249. Hi, I packed custom paper bag socks, OPP bags, and purchased 100,000 pairs. Style 1 and Style 2 are 50,000 pairs, both styles have cushions on the arch, and each paper bundle packs 6 pairs.

  250. Need to choose the fabric to be produced, we first need to view the sample of the material. Before placing the production order, I asked Lili to send samples of each fabric for our confirmation and inspection.

  251. I ordered 300 portable foldable USB charging aromatherapy fans in Jiaxing. The price is much cheaper than what I ordered at the previous factory. I am very satisfied.

  252. I ordered 300 lifeguards in Jiaxing. But I am also very interested in inflatable lifebuoys. Lucy promised to send me a sample for testing, thank her.

  253. Die jüngste Situation ist turbulenter geworden und viele kleine Unternehmen haben begonnen, ums Überleben zu kämpfen, und der Schatten des Bankrotts und der Entlassungen ist unter dem Einfluss der Epidemie immer ernster geworden. Also fing ich an, mich mit beiden Händen vorzubereiten. Ich habe 1000ge anpassbare LOGO Glasflaschen in Jiaxing für mein kleines Unternehmen gekauft. Immerhin steckt mein Geschäft noch in den Kinderschuhen und es gibt immer noch viele Schwierigkeiten. Trotzdem bin ich der Jiaxing Company für ihre bevorzugte Behandlung und die Vorschläge der Patienten sehr dankbar.

  254. I am writing about food sealed cans for our upcoming winter purchases. Material glass jar without any logo. Hope to catch up with our celebration before the holiday.

  255. The quality of the shoes is not bad and they are comfortable to wear. My colleagues and I are very satisfied. Before we sell to our customers, we will first experience and understand the product.

  256. I am the owner of a small supermarket from Australia, and I want to buy some camping hammocks for my small supermarket. To be honest, I was not interested in Sonny’s first offer, which exceeded my purchase budget. But the discount offer later moved me. I am still satisfied with the quality of the samples. There is also my profit margin. So I am quite satisfied.

  257. Dear Lili, I am very happy to cooperate with you for the second time, and thank you for your patience and responsibility. You are the biggest motivation for my cooperation with your company. Thank you Peter too. Thank you for your hospitality, Chinese food is really great, but the chopsticks make me a little hard to control.

  258. hi, I am a retailer from Germany and I want to buy some sports water glasses for my store. To make event prizes for our upcoming anniversary, the logo requirements can be customized to our company’s icon. 2000 is required. 500 blue caps, 500 purple caps, 500 red caps, 500 cyan caps. Lily said that the price may be a bit high because I made it to order. But for our dear guests. We are willing to spend the money. Thank you Lili for your patient answers and help.

  259. Medical gloves, my target is not many
    A 20-foot-long cabinet is 28 cubic meters, a box is 0.49 * 0.34 * 0.405cm, the volume is 0.068 square meters, and a box is 3000 pieces. Lisa gave me a more satisfactory price, thank her.

  260. This is my second purchase in Jiaxing, and the second purchase of peter gave me a better price. Said to celebrate their anniversary. I am very happy. I hope the price next time will be more favorable than this. wish you a happy life.

  261. We are looking for protective clothing for the government. Must have level 2 classification or higher.
    Items needed:
    ·Class 2 dress
    ·Level 3 dress
    ·Level 4 dress
    ·Isolation clothes
    ·Work clothes
    ·Anti-virus suit
    ·Breathable suit
    Must have FDA 510K,
    CE or Canadian equivalent.
    The requirements must have:
    Knitted sleeves or
    Elastic wrist
    Tie back
    I am quite satisfied with the samples Lili sent me, and plan to order a batch first.

  262. Hello there,
    Our company is a professional company in Portugal specializing as a distributor of disposable safety and protective personal equipment (PPE)
    Due to the shortage of supply from our European and international suppliers (such as 3M and Moldex), in this case, we are obliged to contact other foreign suppliers. In China, this is the place with the most manufacturing companies.
    We ordered some requirements:
    Disposable non-woven fabric disposable mask with elastic ear-hook filter paper
    KN 95 protective surface,
    FFP2 (N95) and FFP3 disposable respirator masks,
    Disposable gloves
    Shoe cover
    Protective clothing, such as isolation clothing. and many more.
    Civil filter mat PM 2.5 as a filter aid for reusable cotton masks
    As you can certainly understand, in the past few weeks, many complaints have been deceived by Chinese suppliers, complaints from buyers due to fraud, forgery and forged certificates, so the conditions for import and resale have become stricter.
    Chinese companies must conduct international trade on the manufacturer’s white list (FDA and CE lists)
    Chinese companies must have a CE certificate of conformity, and any certificate of conformity is invalid.
    The product and packaging box must be marked with the specifications based on the production (for example, China GB 2626-2006 and European EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2019; ETC:)
    We must also comply with the same regulations as PPE to use civil filter pad PM 2.5 as a filter aid. Therefore, we must meet the same standards as disposable respirator masks before we can continue negotiations; we ordered 10.000 pcs as a trial order.
    We thank you in advance and wish you all the best.

  263. I customized a batch of folding fans with the pattern of the Virgin of Christ in Jiaxing. This weather is very suitable for the selling of fans. And the Lord will bless me to sell.

  264. Ich komme aus Deutschland und habe in Jiaxing 50.000 Masken bestellt. 100 Stück sind 1 Box. Ich habe zuerst eine Schachtel mit Mustern bestellt. Ich bin mit der Probe zufrieden. Später bestellte ich direkt 50.000 Masken. Es ist noch auf dem Weg nach Deutschland.

  265. I received confirmation yesterday that the metal tags had arrived. I unfortunately won’t see them in person until the furniture they are being placed on arrives in Australia – I will give you feedback then.
    Thank you for producing these metal tags for us so quickly, it is much appreciated.
    Have a lovely day.

  266. At the beginning of the year, I asked Jiaxing to order a batch of masks. I was satisfied with the quality, but the price was too expensive. But at that time, prices rose globally, I understand. I now ask Peter to order a new batch of masks. The price is too favorable. Peter said they celebrated their anniversary and gave me a discount again. He is such a charming man.

  267. I am from Mexico and I ordered a batch of protective glasses in Jiaxing. The product is good. The freight is too expensive. The direct trip to Mexico costs $6,500! My goodness!

  268. Hi, Lili, you know, our first cooperation was not pleasant. When I was preparing to cooperate with you in depth, you told me that the price needs to be increased, which I cannot accept. you know. No one can accept a product price increase for no reason. And I cannot accept the reason you told me for the price increase. But I decided to give you another chance, hoping that you won’t let me down this time.

  269. I ordered 1,000 outdoor mosquito repellent camping lights in Jiaxing. My business is gradually getting on track.Hope everything will get better and better. God bless.

  270. This is the first time I have started my own business. Although the number of me at the beginning was relatively small. But my business will get better and better. You can also contact me if you need a retail package.

  271. This is my first time buying products in Jiaxing. I first browsed on their website. Then I sent the inquiry. Lisa took the initiative to contact me. Let me talk about my feelings about receiving the goods, I think it’s ok. I will have follow-up cooperation. Hope to give me a better price next time.

  272. hi.lily. I haven’t cooperated with your company for a long time. You know, the epidemic is getting worse. My business is getting worse and worse. But I hope I can still cooperate with you if I have the opportunity.

  273. good day,
    Thank you, I participated in the Caton Fair online.
    I am trying to find the attached clock, if you can thank me I also have a video
    The size of the clock is; approximately 23/21/1.7 cm
    The logo attached to the PDF is the logo we will use for the clock
    The color can be white or cream
    It has holes for wall attachment
    Table that can be opened to stand
    The delivery will be delivered to our shipper in Guangzhou, I am still waiting for my goods.
    thank you very much

  274. I asked Jiaxing to order the following types of water bottles:
    Movement type (both rubber surface and transparent surface)
    Mineral water bottle (applicable to rubber surface and transparent surface)
    Gallon type (one gallon)
    Baby bottle
    Girl bottle and glass bottle
    There are not many of each. But Joe solved my problem very patiently. Thank her.

  275. Hello, I want to buy only gaming laptops at the right price.
    GeForce rtx 2060/2070/2080
    The price must be good.
    Only branded laptops: Lenovo, Gigabyte, Asus, Acer, Sony, Alienware, Clevo, etc. , Lily has emailed me the transaction details, and I only purchased a sample with PayPal. If your price is favorable enough. I’ll buy more and it will be cheaper.

  276. hi. I’m from New Zealand. In the past six months, it was not easy for everyone. We ordered 8 12 in Jiaxing. 16 oz bowl with pp lid. It is for salads and other foods. Each size is 50000 & 100000 pecs, single color printing. I’m still waiting for the goods.

  277. I am an artist, and I plan to use glass bottles to make crafts. I need to prepare some materials. It happened that my friend introduced Jiaxing to me. I ordered 300 glass bottles and nothing more.

  278. I know that shoes have always been a product that Jiaxing is good at. They have been manufacturing shoes for more than 20 years. But the first time I worked with them was not very pleasant, a bit contradictory. But Peter promised to give me the most affordable price next time I buy, and he will personally check the quality, and I can inspect the goods at any time. So I decided to trust him again. Our cooperation this time is very pleasant. Thank goodness.

  279. This is my first time reviewing products on this platform. My client is very satisfied with this product. Due to the epidemic, our products have not sold as much as we wished, and they are not selling well. But I believe this is only temporary. Just as the epidemic is temporary, everything will pass and it will get better together. Hope you all are well!

  280. Hello everyone, I am a yoga school teacher from New Zealand. I bought 100 PVC balls in Jiaxing last year. I am buying yoga equipment for our school. But we don’t have much money. So I compared the prices of several companies. Thank you Judy for his thoughtfulness and patience for giving me a very good price.

  281. We have been out of business for a long time because of the epidemic. But this time I ordered 100,000 rubber gloves from Lily. I think this is definitely necessary. There is also a market. Lily is really a charming lady.

  282. It has been 2 years since the last time I bought a doll in Jiaxing. I switched to other industries in the middle. I am back now. 2 years are enough to happen and change many things. But what remains unchanged is that Peter and Lily are still in this industry. Although it was only a small order this time, Lily made me feel relieved.

  283. I asked Trixi to buy 3000 e-cigarette floats. Today, I suddenly wanted to look at the evaluation and talk about my feelings about buying before. I hope Trish can give me a better price next time.

  284. Now the epidemic is getting worse. I need to prepare more for myself and for my family. I asked Lily to buy 200 pieces of protective clothing. I also said that I trust Lily very much. This is not the first time that we have cooperated. The previous cooperation has been pleasant and unpleasant. Fortunately, we all solved it perfectly.

  285. Recently, due to the more raging epidemic, our demand for masks has also risen sharply. I didn’t want to do business with Jiaxing at the beginning, after all, their evaluations were very average. However, I needed it very urgently, so I asked my Chinese friend to help me go to the factory in Jiaxing to check the samples. The quality of the samples was satisfactory. Lily’s service also made me very relieved. I ordered 100,000 masks first.

  286. Good morning everyone. I am Amanda from India. I ordered 10,000 PVC dolls in Jiaxing and I am quite satisfied. Lucy gave me a very good price, and Lucy was very patient to answer my questions throughout the process. Lucy said let me evaluate her. I’m very happy. Lucy is such a lovely and charming lady! If I need it, I will still look for her.

  287. I purchased Jiaxing’s product mosquito repellent silicone bracelet. I just want to try to sell it in my country first. The situation in the Philippines has a higher incidence of dengue fever, so we really need this product. Lily gave us a more affordable price. If the product responded well, we will repeat the order and include Jiaxing as one of our suppliers.
    Thank God for blessing.

  288. This is one of my class projects and I plan to buy an umbrella for my college campus. I have obtained authorization from our school administrator. I am very happy that Lily gave me a very favorable price for me who is still a student. I will find Lily next time if I need it. Happy cooperation. By the way, I really hope to see Lily. I hope that I will have a chance to go to China next time.

  289. I am planning to buy 300 sunshade hats for my small shop. You know, the hot summer, the sun hat is standard. I compared a number of suppliers. Jiaxing was finally finalized. To know. I don’t have a lot because of it. They did not reply to me. Only Jiaxing enthusiastically responded to me. Also gave me such a favorable price. I will come again.

  290. I ordered 500 outdoor folding chairs in Jiaxing. I asked the folding chairs to have all the colors. Due to my limited budget, I asked Jiaxing to give me the best price. But James told me that this is already their best price. Ok. In fact, I feel that I can still make more favorable points, but I can accept this price. I hope that next time I order more, he can give me a more favorable price.

  291. I ordered 500 black matte essential oil bottles, 100 black bright color cosmetic jars and 100 black blenders in Jiaxing. I asked the lid to be plastic and the bottle to be made of glass. Jiaxing met my requirements. I am satisfied with the samples I received. Next, I am waiting for my big goods.

  292. I ordered 25 sets of tables and chairs in Jiaxing, the size requirements: chair 470 * 480 * 880mm, table: 1600 * 600 * 750mm. Color requirements, the chair back should be green, the cushion must be black. I am very grateful to Tony for listening patiently to my request and improving it carefully. I think I will definitely have the 2nd and 3rd cooperation with Jiaxing.

  293. We are an oil company from Australia, this is our third cooperation with Jiaxing. I am very satisfied with the service attitude of Helen. She tried her best to meet our demands. For example, this time the essential oil bottle. We require glass that is frosted. To print the logo of our company. Our size requirements are also very picky. We will have a happy next cooperation with Jiaxing.

  294. Hi, I am adulta from India, I ordered 2000 tables in Jiaxing. I was not very satisfied with the samples I received. I want the table to be round and round. Not easy to get hurt. Rugged and durable, the best price is low. After all, I don’t have that much budget now. Fortunately, Lucy has met my requirements. She is really a charming lady. The next time I need it, I just want to find Lucy from Jiaxing.

  295. I bought 500 fans in Jiaxing and asked for the story of Jesus, the Virgin and Christianity. This fan will be used for our church activities. Thanks to Lily. Helped me a lot before and after. May the Lord bless her.

  296. I ordered 2 types of fans in Jiaxing. A floor fan, a ceiling fan. These two types of fans are sold in my store and are very popular. This is my third time to order products from Jiaxing. Our cooperation was very pleasant before.

  297. Hey, we opened a new nail stick and eyebrow stick in South Africa. I want to order gel nail polish and a lot of color nail polish. So I found Jiaxing. I ordered six different colors of nail polish samples from Jiaxing. He charged me a sample fee of $100. This is too expensive, which is unreasonable. But Lily told me that the reason was explained. And their samples will be returned.

  298. We are an import and export trading company and are interested in learning about Jiaxing’s high quality men’s safety electric shaver. But the blacklist keeps me on the sidelines.

  299. I am a clothing store owner in Georgia. I took the initiative to ask the upcoming Halloween to prepare some interesting costumes. I have seen a few on the website of Jiaxing. I have received the sample. But I still have a few places that are not very satisfactory. I hope that its price can be more favorable.

  300. I want to create my own lipstick series, so I want to know the ingredients in Lily’s lipstick, and I want to know if Lily can help me. I want to know what materials Jiaxing uses. How does your company work? I need to find Lily for some samples.

  301. I plan to visit China in the next month to visit the perfume bottle factory in Jiaxing. I ordered 5,000 perfume bottles from Jiaxing. I am still very satisfied with the sample, but I still intend to visit the factory in person.

  302. I am a peter I met at this year’s Canton Fair. I am very happy to talk to Peter. He has his own unique views and opinions on the products. I am very impressed. I think I should work with peter once, otherwise I will regret it.

  303. I am a novice mother from South Korea, Liu Hanya. I want to buy a baby stroller for my baby, and I will open a baby store by the way. I saw Jiaxing’s baby toys on the website, I am very interested.

  304. I am interested in buying Jiaxing’s Mummy backpacks, their colors and accessories are custom made. I mean I love black, blue, purple and soft pink, and each color has a gold zipper. I ordered a sample from Jiaxing. I am still waiting for my sample, I am looking forward to it.

  305. Hello, my name is Lilian, I am interested in the eternal ink of eyebrows and lip lines.
    Lipsticks are rarely colored, and eyebrows are rarely colored, especially brown to dark brown. I saw Jiaxing’s products on Global Sources and I am very interested. Lily pulled me into a customer group and introduced me. Thank you very much.

  306. Quiero hacer un enrutador de personalización WiFi 3g que contenga el nombre de mi empresa.
    Primero ordené 100 routers de Jiaxing. Enviado a españa. Necesito probar primero la actitud del mercado español. Tengo que decidir cuánto ordenar.

  307. I am very interested in Jiaxing’s fashionable wooden watches, I want to know more in detail. I saw that the price on their website was $10, which is a bit high for my budget. I hope Lily can give me the best price for my first purchase.

  308. hi, this is Amanda. I have already sent an inquiry about kangaroo plush to Jiaxing. I want to customize about 300 pieces and add the logo to the kangaroo. Thank you! I am very satisfied.

  309. Hi, everybody,

    I am interested in working with Jiaxing to produce some sexy underwear. Lily sent me some photos of their existing stocks. I still like some styles. But some of the styles I want are not. So I am still thinking about it.

    Thank you

  310. I want to customize 10,000 Kuwaiti flags for our upcoming elections. Requires a length of 150, a width of 75. 4 colors, black, red, green, white. I asked James to send me a sample check. I am still waiting for my sample.

  311. This is my second cooperation with Jiaxing. The last time I placed an order was in 2015. Recently, my guests have needed again. The first cooperation was very satisfying to both of us. Otherwise, I will not find Jiaxing again.

  312. Hi, everyone. I am Amani of Ghana. I am very interested in 12-foot tarps. I am very interested in seeing Jiaxing’s tarpaulin products on Global Sources. I plan to first learn about Jiaxing and order a sample.

  313. We need to order 3,000 bottles of UV nail paint, nail tools, nail jewelry and more. We regularly need to purchase for our upcoming nail art school.

  314. We are a small company that has just been established, so in order to save costs, we need a cheap and good quality black baseball cap. I booked 3000 tops in Jiaxing. Lily promised to give me a discount of $300. If the sales are not bad, I will also look for Lily to place an order.

  315. I bought 1000 basketballs in Jiaxing. The samples they sent at first had several qualities. I said that I want the best quality. When I place an order, the quality of the samples I receive is very general. They told me that the price I gave could not be done so well. I am a little angry.

  316. I bought 2,000 golf balls in Jiaxing. The samples they sent at first had several qualities. I said that I want the best quality. When I place an order, the quality of the samples I receive is very general. They told me that the price I gave could not be done so well. I am a little angry.

  317. I am Arioyn High. I am interested in jiaxing’s 100% silicone ladies handbag.
    I booked dark blue, white, and yellow. Red, orange, purple and pink. 3 wallets of each color, so a total of 21 wallet samples. I am still waiting for my sample.

  318. I ordered 2,000 laundry bags in Jiaxing. At first I was not satisfied with the price that Jiaxing gave me. I think the price is too high. And my company is just getting started, I have to look at the market reaction first. David promised me that if I had the product I wanted next time, he would give me a discount.

  319. I am from Australia, I ordered 100 children’s wooden chairs from Jiaxing. It is very strong, with a smooth surface and no small thorns. I am very satisfied. If I still need it, I will still look for Jiaxing.

  320. Hi! I am john from Nigeria, we are interested in Jiaxing’s teacup. My conversation with Lily’s sunny was very pleasant. I believe that sunny is a person, and her company, so I booked 2,000 patterned teacups.

  321. Hello there! My name is Frana, I received an email from jiaxing, I am interested in jiaixng sandals, I want to know if Jiaxing can be shipped to my country, Haiti or the United States.

  322. I am a diaper importer from Mumbai. I am going to find some diapers of good quality and cheap price. I saw a diaper on Jiaxing Global Sources. I have already paid a sample fee of $100 and I look forward to the follow-up.

  323. When I came to China last month, I visited the factory in Jiaxing. Peter received me very warmly, and took me to visit their shoe factory and sample room. I am very satisfied.

  324. We are a small British company, and we are going to prepare products for the upcoming Christmas. I am looking at Jiaxing’s plush toys. I plan to book 500 feedbacks first.

  325. I am looking for a degradable napkin that is environmentally friendly and non-polluting. Linda told me that they have this type of product. I am going to China next week and I plan to visit the factory in Jiaxing.

  326. I am very interested in Jiaxing’s ceiling fans, but I am still waiting to see. Because I was cheated by a lot of money before I started doing business, the loss made me unable to recover. So I am very worried about being cheated again.

  327. We are a small company that has just been established for 3 years and is located in the UK. I want to buy some toothbrushes for our company. I haven’t placed an order yet, I am still waiting to see.

  328. This is my second time with Jiaxing, the first time is still 5 years ago. The first order I worked with Jiaxing made me very satisfied, so we had to think of Jiaxing when we had to place an order. I asked my agent to contact Lily of Jiaxing. I hope that our second cooperation will be enjoyable.

  329. Hi, I am Nally from Canada. I ordered a canvas bag with our logo from Jiaxing. I asked for 2 styles and 4 colors each. I am very satisfied with the style they recommend, and the sample is confirmed to be no problem. But now I am seeing the blacklist of Jiaxing, I am starting to worry a little.

  330. I am jame from the United States. Although it is still early from Christmas, our company is already preparing Christmas products. I just ordered a sample of several Christmas products in Jiaxing. Wait until I receive the goods and come back to comment.

  331. I am interested in Jiaxing’s product OEM new high quality protective suit and I want to use it for my paintball company. I need to make 2 different colors, such as red and gray or red and other colors shown by Jiaxing. The size of my plan is s, m, l, xl, 2xl, 3xl. Each color can share two colors at the same time. I want to take a look at the product samples before placing an order. I am still waiting for my sample.

  332. Hello there. I sent a request to Jiaxing for a children’s soft indoor playground of 30 * 26 meters. They told me how much it cost and how quickly it can be delivered to the UAE. I am very grateful to Jiaxing for his help.

  333. I want to buy biodegradable sanitary napkins in bulk and add them to the names of the different organizations I offer. Thanks to Jiaxing for providing me with different types and cost quotes including transportation logistics for my reference.
    Thank you

  334. I am planning to order some casual shoes, sports to wear very beautiful and quality things to suit the weather in our country. So I added Lily. Thank you very much for her introduction.

  335. I ordered 3,000 razor blades in Jiaxing. I asked for a logo with our own company. The material requires platinum. Jiaxing sent me 10 samples without logo, I am quite satisfied. I intend to place an order directly.

  336. Hi, I am Kumar from Nepal.
    We are a marketing company for a variety of consumer products.
    We are looking for a soap bath. I ordered 100 soap samples from Jiaxing. I am still very satisfied with the samples. I hope that the products will satisfy me.

  337. We are Cairo’s factory candy…..I want to find a sucking Almstaih or similar product work form or price stick depends on the idea of bright light or light play… Jiaxing’s tom is very serious I communicate with me, I really like the serious and responsible attitude of his work.

  338. I’m Cicala, based based in France, Paris. l know jiaxing have any suggestions for clear Griptape (Anti-slip) for scootering and skateboarding.
    I would like to have clear Griptape.
    Size: 6.3in x 23.3in
    Without design.
    Square corner.
    And on the back a brown leaf.I am very glad that my request for Jiaxing can be satisfied.

  339. I am Nina from South Africa. I am interested in seeing a trampoline and inflatable jumping castle below $1000 on the website of Jiaxing. I intend to try to contact Jiaxing first.

  340. I’m starting a company in South Africa, that sells technological devices such as phones, laptops, and other related devices. So I’m doing business research just before writing my business plan. So I’m searching for the ideal supplier of such products.

  341. I am Pearson from Australia. This is the third time I have placed an order with Jiaxing. I hope to find steel balls of various sizes. Fortunately they have, although we are still in the negotiation stage. But I think we should be able to make the third cooperation.

  342. I have been working with Jiaxing for 5 years. Every time I go to China, I will go to Jiaxing’s company to visit. I am very grateful to Peter and Tom for their hospitality.

  343. I ordered 500 dolls in Jiaxing. He said that he had the style I wanted, but unfortunately he didn’t have the style I wanted. He asked if I could accept similar styles, or wait for half a month. I am a little angry. But he promised to give me the best price this time.

  344. I am Rassel from the United States. I ordered 1000 eyelash boxes in jiaxing, but I am not very satisfied with this order. I hope that his price will be lower at a lower price.

  345. I am the manager of a purchasing company from Spain. I searched for slippers in Alibaba and it recommended Jiaxing to me. I tried to order 500 pairs of slippers first. The quality is still good. I will place another order in the future.

  346. This is the fifth year of my cooperation with Jiaxing. I think the time is really fast. I thought Lily was a liar before. But Lily earned my trust with her professionalism.

  347. I plan to order 100 ceiling fans first. The sample fee is a bit expensive, but Linda explained to me that the sample fee will be refunded. Let me first look at the quality of the ceiling fan.

  348. It is already summer, I want to buy beach pants for my company, although I only booked 500, but as long as the quality of this batch makes me satisfied, I will continue to place orders.

  349. I really appreciate this company. They always take the initiative to introduce me to their new style. After I place an order and receive the order, they will ask me about the sales of the order. This is good.

  350. I have been paying attention to this company before, and I have tried to pay the sample fee. But Lily’s explanation is that the end of the order can be retired. Why didn’t she think that I was not satisfied with the sample?

  351. I ordered 500 top hoodies in jiaxing, the quality is good, the inside is fine velvet, the material is still very comfortable. The style is also hot. Customer service LILY patiently answered all my questions.

  352. I placed an order in mid-November. I have been waiting for Lily’s message. This is my first time working with a Chinese company. I am afraid of being cheated. Lily told me that the order has been completed today. She sent me the photo for inspection.

  353. The sample they sent me for the first time was not what I wanted. But they don’t want to send samples anymore. After negotiation, I paid the deposit through Paypal. They sent me the samples again until I confirmed that the samples were ok. Although there are some unpleasant moments, I am very satisfied with their attitude. Looking forward to receiving my goods.

  354. The sample cost is a bit too high for me. But I accept their explanation. Business is risky. After I placed the order, they followed the promise and returned the sample fee. I believe this is a trustworthy company.

  355. I ordered a metal pen from this company. They gave me a very strong price and didn’t raise the price later. I have completed my order. This (sales66@jiaxing-groups.com) is the staff who receive my work. She is a very professional person.

  356. Last year I ordered 2,000 small yellow ducks from Lucy. I only needed 4 samples of different colors, but they gave me 7 samples of different colors. It was a pleasant cooperation.

  357. This is my first time working with JIAXING. Even though my order is small, they are very patient and professional. I want to introduce them to my brother company.

  358. I received the I received the big goods today, and I also let the employees go to the inspection, great quality and packaging, thank you Tony for their professionalism. today, and I also let the employees go to the inspection, great quality and packaging, thank you Tony for their professionalism.

  359. I received samples from them last week. Except for one color error, the others were all played according to our design. Tony promised to provide the correct sample before I could produce it.

  360. I contacted Tony of jiaxing today. I asked for a sample test quality, but he asked me to pay the sample fee, but he said that the sample fee can be refunded when the order is over, and should be paid to him.

  361. I ordered some samples from tony, but the results I received for the first time were not very good. The products they sent were not what I wanted. The good thing is that they are willing to send me samples again. I am waiting for their second sample now.

  362. I saw the company on the blacklist.But I received the samples of good quality.I hesitated for a long time, but still placed the order. Proofing time took a little bit longer. Fortunately, the goods were delivered on time.

  363. I really appreciate this company.They always take the initiative to introduce their new styles to me. After I place the order and receive them, they will inquire about the sales status of my order. This’s good.

  364. I placed the order for 30000 waterproof mobile holder. Before I place the order, I askes for 4 samples to test. I put some papers in it and soaked it in water for more than six hours. Surprisingly, when I checked it, the paper was completely dry. So I decided to work with this company. The quality of the order is the same as the sample.

  365. I once placed an order about the gorilla coin purse with this company. The coin purse is their existing product. But I want to change the color of the keychain and add a label with my own logo. We have agreed on a price of $1.89 per unit including the label. After when I received the P/P sample, I decided to change the background color and font color of the label. But lily asked me to pay for the copy fee. The price $1.89 includes the label, I don’t understand why I’m paying for it. And later I communicated with lily’s supervisor, she explain me the reasons. Finally i added the quantity from 800pcs to 1000pcs. Although there were some problems between us, we finally reached an agreement. The gorilla coin purse is lovely and of great quality.

  366. I am a long-term cooperative customer of Jinjiang Jiaxing group.I have been ordering Christmas products at the company every November since 2013.I am ready to communicate with Lily about the next order this year. This company is really great and trustworthy from my first-hand experience.

  367. My name is Irduaj. I ordered 50000pcs key rings and paid the deposit in JINJIANG JIAXING IN JULY. But I don’t have enough money to pay balance payment. So the order was delayed. JIAXING GROUPS is very good and agree to delivery the goods with Partial shipment. Now, my order has been shipped. Look forward to cooperating again.

  368. I place the order and paid in the middle of September. I’ve been waiting for lily’s message. This is my first time working with a Chinese company. I’m afraid of being cheated. Lily tells me that the order has been completed today. And she sends the photos to check.

  369. I am from Carrollton. My name is Joannie. I placed an order with Jiaxing last year. Their plastictable skirting clip is of good quality. I expect to place an order with this company in December.

  370. For the first time, the sample they sent to me was not what I wanted.But they don’t want to send samples again. After negotiation, I paid the deposit through Paypal. And they sent me the sample again until I confirmed that the sample was ok. Although there were some unpleasant moments, I was satisfied with their attitude. Looking forward to receiving my goods.

  371. This travel dopp bag is perfect for all types of trips and fits perfectly in your weekend bag or luggage. It’s handsome and attractive. I got the black travel bag order. The inside black and white lining is attractive and a unique feature. The inside also has a side mesh pocket and the overall depth is quite substantial.

  372. It was a beautiful accident to meet Lily. When i visited China, i met difficulties and Lily helped me. I trust Lily, trust Jinjiang jiaxing groups. As I expected, there were no problems with my order.

  373. It is up to the reader to decide what to believe as the SBL site simply serves as a forum, but the recent 10+ comments posted to this listing have been red flagged for the following reasons:

    1. they all came in at about the same time
    2. they are all from @yahoo or @aol

    Either this supplier was able to get some happy to customers to all write in and sing praise (and 10+ customers happen to use @yahoo rather than @company) then perhaps, the positive listings were not fabricated.

    We wonder if: “they trick me well. I will introduce them to my brother company.” was a fraudian slip! Probably meant to say “they treated me well”.

    If you had a positive experience with this supplier, by all means, do please write it. But try to use a corporate email other than @yahoo or @aol in order to add legitimacy to your listing/comments.


  375. JinJiang Jiaxing Group Co.,Limited is trustworthy. I just ordered 500 units IN Jun. But i repeatedly modify my design. They are patient to sever my order. That is highly appreciated. I received my order last month. I am satisfied with AAAAA quality. I will order again.

  376. I usually visit Jiaxing Company two times every year. I like to check quality in person before they ship order out, this will help to avoid many issues. Next month i will fly to their factory for new project.

  377. This company is a fraud and they have the habit of asking people more money even if you already agreed on the price and send them 30% downpayment. They returned the money to us, but it was lacking 200-300USD. They said it was for the samples, but we paid them for the samples. Then they said it was for the products they already made, but they did not give us the products and yet they took our money. So please do not make any transaction from this company. They will scam you. Peter Wang, their boss, is a useless person who did nothing, not even talk to us regarding this matter when we are already sending him messages on wechat. The agents Lily and Lee, were insisting for us to pay more and that they will not give us back our money. They wasted 2 months of our time, and when they returned the money to us, we are already close to our client’s deadline. Now we have to pay penalty to our client for delayed delivery that this JinJiang Jiaxing company caused us. They are no longer available to talk to. You can not trust this company.

    1. Hi, dear candace,

      Thank you for your feedback and so sorry for any inconvenience caused.

      This is service team from JinJiaxing company, can you tell me who take charge of your cased, we will definitely look into reason and give you reasonable plan to solve this problem.

      My boss is busy and he make business trip usually, so it may loss your message. You can also contact our manager-Ruby with below contact detail.
      E-mail: manager@jiaxing-groups.com
      skype: manager@jiaxing-groups.com
      Whatspp: +0086-17750980760
      Wechat: +0086-17750980760
      QQ: 759017562
      Direct call: +86-17750980760

    2. hI, dear candace

      Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

      We are service team from Jinjiang Jiaxing company. We are glad to serve you with any problems.

      My boss Peter want is busy cause he is on business trip usually, so he may miss your message.

      We sincerely hope we can do something to solve the order issue before.

      You can contact manager-Ruby with below contact detail.
      E-mail: manager@jiaxing-groups.com
      skype: manager@jiaxing-groups.com
      Whatspp: +0086-17750980760
      Wechat: +0086-17750980760
      QQ: 759017562
      Direct call: +86-17750980760

    3. We placed $280000 water bottle order last year to Jinjiang jiaxing. We were worried in the beginning because it was also our first time to choose this company.However, it turns out sucessfully and the service is good, the clerk lily is very kind and patient.In the coming season, we will still choose this company.

    4. According to my working experience with Jiaxing Group, they are a big company. They have their own company policy like all China vendors. For the convenience of team management, their sales have same name for Peter and Liy. For myselves, i have two project–water bottle and towel, so there are two Peter serve me because they are from different team but same company. I think you can name the sales’ number here so they can check with their boss for the details for you.

  378. I can now confirm that the dispute Paraflex student company had with JinJiang Jiaxing Group Co.,Limited now has been resolved. They refunded the money owed, and everything has been fixed. The company is trustworthy – but it is not possible to delete the post here at supplierblacklist. . In conclusion : JINGJIANG JIAXING sorted out everything in the end. Well done, and Paraflex student company appreciates that.


  379. We are talking to JINJIANG JIAXING GROUPS CO., LIMITED about the negative reviews. They say they only changed prices when the order quantity or requirements changed by the buyer. Did you have in writing the order requirements and did they change?

    1. The price of the order changed after we had gotten the total invoice – and the prepayment had been made. This meant that we didnt have money to order 800 units, because the price trippled. We had trouble getting our deposit back, since we couldnt make an order for 800 units anymore, BUT THIS WAS RESOLVED IN JULY. So I believe you can trust the company now. They deserve credit for initially solving the complaint, allthough it took some time.

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