This US buyer sums up the entire status of China sourcing in 3 sentences.

In case you didn’t have a chance to read this case study of an American buyer of Chinese electronics as listed on our blacklist, the buyer’s advice is spot on that I thought I would give our readers the highlights:

Even if the factory is big it doesn’t mean they know what they are doing!

Sometimes they are just too busy.

I have read enough reports to be amazed how much money the Chinese factories lose every year because:
A. the sales people don’t know or understand their products and only have degree in English.
B. the sales people don’t/can’t give straight answers to simple questions.
C. the tech department does not understand that there are lot of buyers that are consultants, engineers or designers that are building systems around the factory products and are really not the actual importers but will make the buying decisions.

“A lot of the problems foreign buyers have with Chinese suppliers are caused by the knuckle head performances of the factory sales people”

Sometimes the buyer is not even dealing with the actual factory’s sales person but rather a person that knows English and has some loose affiliation with the factory. Maybe you are dealing with a sales person that used to work with the factory but is now just scamming the old and new customers!

Same story, different day. Until the Chine sourcing situation improved, buyers must be cautious about suppliers.
Same story, different day. Until the China sourcing situation improves, buyers must be cautious about suppliers.

China sourcing industry is in a critical phase. Be warned!

Lots of factories will be going out of business this year, they just can’t get bank loans and the economy is contracting.

What will happen in this changing environment is that some of them will offer very good deals to get your money, because they are broke! Then once they have some of your money they will not deliver just to keep your money. Believe me, this happens all the time.

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  1. Hi Everyone, we are a UK company that has traditionally bought from our UK supply chain until the onset of Covid and this supply completely dried up. This forced us to source components from China, but we do this through and I can honestly say that after 18 months of trading, yes perhaps a little more cost but after spending £100k we have to date never had a component supplied that was not what we ordered or was a fake part.
    Do your due diligence, ask for digital images and research versions etc. We now have trusted suppliers and are very happy with the service they supply. China is not a bad place for business but like any off shore supply chain, research who you deal with before parting with your hard earned money

    1. Adam, thanks for your comments! As Digipart sent your fake parts, did you have a chance to make a formal listing for them? Here is the link for listing bad suppliers: BTW, you raise important points about due diligence. We made a list of ways to stay safe and posted it at It would be greatly appreciated if you could take a moment to read over that page and let us know if our checklist is missing anything based on your experience.

  2. yes,most of supplier do not have their factory,just trader, for example, OTHER COMPANY NAME REMOVED , just a trader, they did good things for the previous orders, then you will know they are doing fake and scam in the big orders, the sales people are good , but the goods will be shit finally

  3. JFC Electronic Components of Singapore.
    Thieves all of them. Shipped counterfit Xilinx and Altera parts after payment. Said they would warranty any bad parts. All parts were verified by an independent 3rd party test house and all parts were remarks.
    Skype: Karen JFC
    There is another person named Vivian as well but they are probably the same.

    Do not do business at any cost, they will steal your money
    978 880 7077

  4. ZLpower Electronics in Shenzhen is another example – we actually know them personally – my wife is Chinese and can not believe this either – our Son was working in this “factory” – he observed the the father of the Manager collects all defective parts – I assume they just get shipped to another unsuspecting client
    AFTER PAYMENT of course – approaching this place … simply no response …..

  5. …. Warranty is not honored, complete shipments are defective, spare parts PURCHASED are defective, absolutely no response from supplier or factory (mostly just assembly plants) – and every thing MUST BE PAID UPFRONT – no chance for recovery of losses ……

  6. I am also to old for this Shit – we all should band together and fight this Trade Rape – I am more then happy to make a donation to make this web initiative stronger – I lived and worked in China for 6 years – my German mind can not comprehend this way of doing business

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