What to do when money was sent to the wrong place?

After reading our blog post on the Shanghai Surprise, some readers ask if anything can be done to get money back. The chances of recovering funds are not good in the case of the typical “Shanghai Surprise” but there have been rare instances where things worked out for the buyers. Read more about it in this article.

2 comments on “What to do when money was sent to the wrong place?

  1. i’m anand king, i knew OTHER COMPANY NAME REMOVED HERE from a trade fair, the CEO was very nice and gentle firstly, the previous orders were excellent , but when i gave them the big order , then the disaster was coming, i let the inspection agent to do the job, the inspection report was good, but when i received the goods find many defults, i suspected the supplier bribed to the inspection agent, but the inspection agent only responsible for the goods they check , not responsible to the final goods, i sent many emails and called many times , the CEO of OTHER COMPANY NAME REMOVED HERE never reply , OTHER COMPANY NAME REMOVED HEREis only a HK company, i also did not find their official office in China Mainland, where are they hiding? total fake scam scum company .! i had long time to forgot this terrible supplier, not all of chinese suppliers are bad, just need to choose the good relaible ones, for inspection agent, i choose OTHER COMPANY NAME REMOVED HERE mostly after this terrible case

    1. Dear LucyAna,
      Please follow the forum rules and submit a post for the company you want to blacklist at We would be happy to publish it. It is not appropriate to talk about a company other than the one which belongs to this particular listing. You has been asked 12 times to follow the rules and the web team is in the process of removing the name of the company you are trying to expose from your recent comments. If you continue to ignore the forum rules you will be removed from our system and all your comments deleted.

      Please confirm you understand that you need to make a dedicated listing for the company you wish to expose and you can not post comments about that company on other company’s listings. Thanks for your understanding.

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