Eaabuy.com – Egaaa.com

I registered on the site Eaabuy.com – Egaaa.com in November 28, December 1 and transferred the money through MoneyGram and the trouble started. Seller threatens me not to send my things that I paid! This is true and its delinquency. Instead of apologizing to me, threatens me. incredible. THIS IS MAFIA.

Eaabuy.com – Egaaa.com

Buyer’s Nationality:

Eaabuy.com – Egaaa.com

Seller Website:
http://eaabuy.com/index.php – http://www.egaaa.com/

Seller Address:
fucai dasha jiefang lu chaoyang village, beijing – wuhan, beijing – wuhan, 1638, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Search Engine

Type of product(s) being purchased:
Iphone 6 plus – Ipad Air2

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
Under 1,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
US or Canada

Type of Complaint(s):
contract violations, scams & other unethical activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:
hello, I want to warn you and tell you about my experience with these two webstore fraud: eaabuy.com & egaaa.com.

webstore: http://www.eaabuy.com/
webstore: http://www.egaaa.com/
locaton: China
tel +086-0182-71868389 (both same)
BeiJing Company Address; 1638 # fucai dasha jiefang lu chaoyang village beijing china (both same)
Wu Han Company Address: 816 hao jiahua da sha jiefang lu hankou village wuhan china (both same)

I had the misfortune to know eaabuy.com through Google and since the low prices of the articles I have decided to send $ 800 for 1 Apple iphone6+ 64gb and an air ipad 2 64gb.

I registered on the site November 28, December 1 I transferred the money through MoneyGram and the trouble started.

Just picked up the money in Wuhan (the next day) I warn with an e-mail that would send me the goods soon.

On the website it says that they send immediately all the goods.

I wait … no confirmation e-mail about the state of my order for 8 days.

Then I began to suspect it was a fraud.

I warned several times that I started to denounce them and after 10 days they tell me that soon I would send my goods and write me stupid excuse like…”FedEx not send electronic stuff with batteries…(????!!!). of course … nothing … all fake.

I contact the Chinese Embassy in Rome, I make a report to the Postal Police and show to MoneyGram agents.

The police post a few days later he calls me and tells me that a another website uses the same wrong information and misleading to work around people all over the world. here enters egaaa.com .. Italian postal police who are investigating eaabuy.com, Told me that These thieves have more fraudulent sites, they are using the same false license sales only changing the name. These Are the same people who are rubbing a lot of money with the lure of buying at low prices.

Analyzed the sites and you will find That everything is identical.

1: License sales equal (this is the most severe)

2: the same website

3: package delivery tracking id equal

4: payment method equals always Remember That for every commerce website, the law demands a specific license.

ALSO, they make a false post on DETROIT NEWS

Also MoneyGram Agent (they investigated too) tell me, they keep money from Wuhan and soon give me the ID name of person to keep the money.

All the information I am sending to the support of eaabuy.com that when they see that I’m really angry write me an e-mail with this text

“December 13 we transport the customer’s product, at first We will transport your Apple iPad 2 and Apple iPhone 6 Air Plus, But you have insulted our website, Manager sends stop your order transport, Finish your transaction, If you stop abuse, We will transport your goods on December 18, Otherwise will forever stop the transportation your goods OK? ”

Threatens me not to send my things that I paid? this is true and its delinquency. Instead of apologizing to me, threatens me. incredible. THIS IS MAFIA.

ABUSE? Insulte website? sure … they took the money right away, do not respond to e-mail, do not send me confirm my goods … and I should feel comfortable? CERTAIN THAT YOU INSULT !! you’re stealing me $ 800 that I have honestly worked !!! I like a fool I stop to write about this website waiting for at least this time they kept their word and believing in humanity of the people … the result?

think On 18 December they were going to send me my goods? never !!!! Never e-mail, info and my order never blocked !!! Today I tried to do the last time a step forward, I sent an e-mail intimating that I alerted the police of Wuahn and they said so:

“Your item shipped today, we have your product Submitted to the Express company. usually you it takes about 48 hours That You will get a tracking number. Thank you “

Which Company Espress? DHL? FEDEX? UPS? still want 48 hours? to do what? to steal other people? I replied to the email asking for the serial number of the shipment and the company. I think you have responded? never!

Chinese laws are very strict for fraudulent companies and I will make sure that they end up in trouble. I have five people through Facebook have had the same experience and look also this user that created this page: https://egaaafakescam.wordpress.com/2014/11/05/www-egaaa-com-fakefraud-spam-scam-dont-send-your-money/

This morning, I found another blog with the same features of fraudulence and the same modus operandi..and … surprise … the same address and same phone number. this is a real organization to commit a crime. put on a website for 6 months and disappear, taking with him all the money he can steal people. We must stop !!!

here the blog: http://www.scambook.com/company/reports/169459/JCEEEcom

Take care and disclosed to all this message.

Stop these thieves


Ps: if you need evidence or the copy of the police report or the case open with Moneygram write to me. I’ll be happy to show that I did not invent anything

User Recommendations:
First time…very bad experience


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