Asalet Group Factories

After Asalet Group sent various documents showing they are registered, a chicken order was placed for my customer in Qatar. Deposit was made of 20% then final balance on Asalet showing copy of Bill of Lading. Still til now we have not received original Bill of Lading or Shipment of Chicken.

Asalet Group Factories

Buyer’s Nationality:

Asalet Group Factories

Seller Website:

Seller Address:
19 Mayis Mah Dr. Husnu Ozturk Sk, No 03 , Sisli , Istanbul, 34360, Turkey

Initial contact with the supplier:
Online Supplier Directory

Type of product(s) being purchased:
Chicken Products

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
25,001 to 100,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
Middle East

Type of Complaint(s):
scams & other unethical activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:
After Asalet group sent various documents showing they are registered, a chicken order was placed for my customer in Qatar. Deposit was made of 20% then final balance on Asalet showing copy of Bill of Lading. Still til now we have not received original Bill of Lading or Shipment of Chicken.
Bill of Lading was “dummy” or “fake” and so were the tracking numbers for the cargo documents. These were all meant to be received by no later than 30 July 2014.
“Ada” or “Mina” or Mehmet Kabatas are the people we dealt with. ASALET GRUP is now suggesting that we “STOLE’ our own container!!!
This company is registered with license board, Turkish embassy and all relevant government bodies and is active. Its come to my attention just recently that they have scammed other people – in the same company name – Asalet Grup – and are still being allowed by Turkish government to operate. These people are the biggest scammers, liars, cheaters

User Recommendations:
I will never again have dealings with any Company in Turkey.
Do not purchase anything from anyone unless you are in direct contact with farms, manufacturers. I will never purchase from any trading company in Turkey again, as even the registered trading companies can be scammers.


8 comments on “Asalet Group Factories

  1. Hello, it has just come to my attention that the company Asalet are now using a different trading name Minel Eggs. Their website is Please do not trade with this company. They are the same owners as Asalet Group of Factories – Mehmet Kabatas, Aida, Mr Deniz Gundog, Madam Oya etc. All Fake names, providing fake documents…claiming to have imported to certain trading companies in United Arab Emirates.

  2. Yes, people…. We faced Asalet scam in February, 2014 with a great contract for frozen beef tripe. Pre-legal actions were not a success. Mr Bugra said product was damaged due to some force majour and refused to refund our money. Now we are thinking about legal process. Any thoughts, bros?

    1. Portos,
      I hope you are able to use this forum to connect with other buyers who have been scammed. But I would warn against posting the discussion about your strategy for going after this scam artist because this forum is open to the public and there is a chance he could be watching.

  3. This company, was supossed to provide 1000MT/month for chicken pawns to my chinese customers, they provided all the required docs, including Hong Kong code as authorized providers, for about 1 month on negotiations, they agreed to all customer requirements, even agreed to acept a visit to farm and processing plant at Istambul, they claimed to be slaughtering over 2 mil, chickens per day, and ready to supply, they agreed to receive deposit 30% for order after customers visit to farm and factory, and agreed to receive the 70% balance for order against B/L docs, with customers presence at plant during production process and shipping port. Visit was scheduled by Ada Burcu (Manager) and Bugra Aygoudgu (CEO-FOUNDER) for Sept 4 2014, they even suggested hotel.

    Schedule was customer arriving to Istanbul at 5am, then picked up ar hotel by 9.30am by company’s driver to visit farm and processing plant with Ada Burcu… But when customer got to hotel, no reservation at all… Then no answering mobiles or landline phones, no answering e-mails, and website down, No driver to pick up customers… After 5 hours, they sent email giving a phony explanation about a storm in marmara near the farm.. Suposedly that was the reason nobody showed up at hotel, and new secretary screwed up with hotel reservation, i instructed customers with every contact detail, they went to office address and its a residential building, nobody known about this company… Some other russian customers were last week there same hotel, also delayed but picked up by a driver and driven to an alternate office runned by CEO daughter in law..

    Russians said meeting was ok, and ready to proceed to deal, they were upset by delay and agreed to make deposit for 30% order next monday…

    My customers and me are suspicious about this strange behavior, and the fact about no real address, no body answering phones or emails, website down for 24 hours by now.

    Big elaborated scam? They sold olive oil for other customers and no problem.. But now this… They have all turkish docs, licenses, registrations, export licenses etc etc…

    Even the HK supplier code which is a big reference for food importers.

    Customers now, lost time and money on trip, worried about their personal safety, i wonder.. Why acept farm and factory visit, why no upfront money required, why acept to receive deposit after visit.. Why acept to receive balance after shipping and in presence of customer… So strange…

    Seems to me they are scammers big time scammers, or even worst maybe trying to do something against customers safety?

    Im trying to do research on bank, and with turkish chamber of commerce etc.

    Anybody else with a weird situation with this people?

    Everyone should be warned about them.

    Now not only customers had lost time and money.. My reputation and name was severely damaged by this situation.

    Fortunatelly no more money was lost by customer, but air tickets and hotel.

    Howcome turkish authorities allow a company like this to have all documents and being scammers??? Are all turkish companies like this?

    Scammers authorized by turkish government?!

  4. I wish that i read this post earlier but now is too late for us..i tried to contact this company but seem that they were gone 🙁
    We transferred to them 30% of deposit also..after 30 days even cant contact to anyone from that Asalet???

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