Ocean Bright Mechanical Int’l Group Ltd

They show me a very good machine when I was there, but later they shipped another machine, not the one we agreed, and very bad quality. Do not believe such low price, it could be problem.

Ocean Bright Mechanical Int’l Group Ltd

Buyer’s Nationality:

Ocean Bright Mechanical Int’l Group Ltd

Seller Website:

Seller Address:
No. 4477 Longwu Road, Shanghai, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Direct Buy Website

Type of product(s) being purchased:

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
12,001 to 25,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
Northern Africa

Type of Complaint(s):
scams & other unethical activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:
The name of the sales interpreter is Alice.
Their price is very low, and the pictures are very good. They show me a very good machine when I was there, but later they shipped another machine, not the one we agreed, and very bad quality, I think it is fake.

User Recommendations:
Do not believe such low price, it could be problem.


8 comments on “Ocean Bright Mechanical Int’l Group Ltd

  1. Hello everyone,

    am a second-hand construction machinery counterparts, hated such behavior State

    If you come to Shanghai, please go to the following address alarm,

    上海市中山北一路803号(Shanghai Zhongshan North Road No. 803)
    0086-21-62310110 EXT
    This is not an ordinary police, which is to take over the foreign affairs police.

    Phone consultation is not recommended

  2. You is a big cheater and fraudy cheated more clients.you does not have any your own machinery you tool pictures from other machinery then post in website..i suggest to all buyers beware of this company name ocean bright mechinical int’l group LTD. Location shanghai china.. cheater manejer alice zhou mobile No. 0086 15021977028 and her boyfreind jack.shanghai 100% used machinery company is scamer totaly fraud for more information contact me thanks.
    Email.. jasimori@yahoo.com
    skype… skype.. jasimori1
    Mobile No.. 0097470330790,wat’s app

  3. The guy who made complaint online didn’t mention his name and didn’t mention what brand and model of the excavator he bought from our company.
    We doubt it is made by our competitors in Shanghai who is also selling used machines as our company. Because our company is very big in Shanghai and we have many customers and sell many machines every week, thus making some other suppliers jealous of our company, so they write bad things about our company online and they want to beat us in this unjustifiable way.
    This website is not good and unfair for good suppliers. If I want to write bad things for some other supplier, I can write it immediately now and you can see it posted online tomorrow.
    We welcome you to come to visit our company and inspect the machines in our yard and ship them personally, so you can be guaranteed that you will receive exactly the same machine as you see in our yard.

    1. Ocean bright Mechanical int’l group LTD. Is papular cheating business i have all evidence about this company they cheated more clients name Alice zhou to handle this company.beware of this company..

    2. Alice Zhou you and your criminal boyfriend Jack are criminals, fraudsters and scamers. Are you not ashamed of yourself to response to this allegation? i You have defrauded me of $5000.00 about a month ago. I was in your yard and in Shanghai and most of your colleagues told me that you and Jack are cheating customers including me. I have all the transfer receipt and invitation letter you sent to me so i will attach them for everybody to know how criminal you people are. I hired a lawyer in China who did a due diligent on your company and confirmed that your company has no assets and no business that is why you have opened your company account in shanghai. All you do is moving from one yard to another and take pictures to upload on your website. Even some machines you showed me were later claimed by other workers in your that those machines were not for you and Jack. When i read about your crminal activities on Suppliers blacklist and contact you, you denied and able to convince me to transfer money into your account and kept the money for you and your criminal boyfriend. I have the online transfer receipt which you claimed to have transferred to my account. As at now you are not responding to my whatsaap. The same bank details you said was not good, the lawyer in china used it to transfer my money into my account. Simple you are a criminal and customer should buy anything from your so-called company. Any customer who wants to know the truth about this company should contact me on Mobile:00447506757392 and i will whatsaap you all the communications i had with this criminal Alice Zhou. You can also contact me on my email at george.frimpong@yahoo.co.uk for more pictures including the car of Jack. Please do not allow Alice Zhou to convince you because she always accuse her other colleagues of jealous but truely she is a criminal. I am a victim so please stay away from any company you see Alice Zhou’s name. If she feels what i am saying is not true she should dare me. She has no shame.

    3. Buen día amigo estoy con comprando dos maquinas en shangai a esta persona Alice Me podría dar más información

      De que se trata esto ???

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