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This company sent us samples of the bag for our approval. The sample was perfect! Nevertheless, before we confirmed the order, we sent a person to make an audit report of the factory. After sending 40% down payment they suddenly, on 6th May, stopped to communicate with us.

yiwu sokolo e-commerce

Buyer’s Nationality:

Yiwu Sokolo E-Commerce

Seller Website:

Seller Address:
10-1.Xiaoshun Industrial Park.Sihai Rd,Jinhua city,Zhejiang,China, , West Industrial park,Yiwu City,Zhejiang Province,China, No.18-1,Fancun Jiangdong Road Yiwu Zhejiang, 320000, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Online Supplier Directory

Type of product(s) being purchased:
lady bag

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
25,001 to 100,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
Western Europe

Type of Complaint(s):
missed lead times, contract violations,

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:
1. We were looking for lady beach bag (cork husk material). And we check alibaba website to fins a good supplier (gold supplier)
2. The company Yiwu City Sokolo E-Commerce Firm quoted us the best price. So we started to negotiate with this company.

Yiwu City Sokolo E-Commerce Firm
Telephone: 86-0579-85037822
Fax: 86-0579-85676918
Address: West Industrial park,Yiwu City,Zhejiang Province,China
Zip: 322000
Country/Region: China (Mainland)
Province/State: Zhejiang
City: yiwu

We saw in alibaba this company was gold membership. And the supplier’s company premises had been checked by Alibaba.com staff to verify onsite operations exist there. A third-party verification company had confirmed the legal existence of the supplier.

Contact Person: Sam Zou. Mobile phone 008618257913139 / 008615868949694
E-mail: sokoloyw@realteamchina.com, sokoloyw@live.cn, samzou520@hotmail.com
Another address: Rm.201, Unit 2, Bldg 13, Yinhai Area 1, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China

This company sent us samples of the bag for our approval. The sample was perfect!

Before we confirm the order, we sent a person to make an audit report of the factory.

The detail address that Sam told us to met our inspector was No. 10 building,xiaxitao area,Huancheng Rd,yiwu city zhejiang provice.

But after we confirmed the order and paid the 40% deposit, Sam told us the factory where they were producing the goods was in China shandong laizhou city east of enhancing number 60 (we couldn´t find that address with the details he told us)

So, we met this person throught our inspector before the order. We confirmed the order because we talked to him before and be sure this trading company could make the order! Also because this supplier was gold member of alibaba.

We confirm the order, with delivery time 30 days.
We paid the 40% deposit on 28th march.

First the delivery would be on before 29th april. But Sam told us they need time till 9th may. We accepted the new delivery and booked a shipment and asked Sam to contact to our forwarder.

The shipment date is as follows:
ETD: MAY/14/2014

Also we asked to Sam to send us samples of mass production, and he sent us 2 samples on 21th april. The samples were perfect.

We were asking Sam to make an inspection control of mass production, but Sam always said that the inspection could be done before shipment in the Yiwu factory. And he gave us the Shandong Factory address very late (we couldn’t find any factory with these details: China shandong laizhou city east of enhancing number 60)

We were talking by e-mail and phone everyday to Sam for weeks!

But suddenly, on 6th may, he stopped to communicate us.

We were sending him many mails everyday, we called him everyday, but there was not any feedback from his side.

On tuesday 13th may, the contact person in Alibaba had been changed. The new person was Lise Zeng. Every time we sent her a mesenger throught alibaba trademanager, she desconected the service!

We still are sending mails and phone calls everyday.

Please take note the company details in the alibaba record were not correct.

We called to the telephone number, and it was a drinks store.

Also the inspector who went to the factory to make the audit, came back to the factory to ask for Sam, but nobody knew him! The employees said that Sam was a client, but he was not staff of that factory.

Finally, also the contact details of this company were removed from alibaba website!

We recorded many complaints in alibaba about this matter because nobody replied us.

But we saw there was only one complaint! the rest of complaints had been removed!

So we submitted 2 complaints more about this situation. Now 2 of them have been close by alibaba. Only there is one complaint and alibaba does not help us to find a solution.

We have pictures of the lady beach bag. The PI document, the copy of the 40% payment we made on 28th march. E-mails between both companies… Everything!

We looked for the factory in Shandong that made the samples and we found it! They told us they have never received an order to arrange mass production. Only the samples order for checking from the yiwu trading company.

We need you to take care of this situation, inspect this company and look for Sam and ask him for our order and our money.

Can you image the damage this person has done to our company???. Our company reputation damaged, our clients reputation also damaged. We are going to lose a VERY GOOD CLIENT because this person has cheated us

Thank you and best regards


User Recommendations:
you cannot trust any supplier, although this supplier is a gold member from alibaba. also you cannot trust alibaba website.
We do not have any other advise from another buyers about this company. But we had a similar experience with another supplier from alibaba last year. we paid usb order and the supplier sent us usb without chip inside.
please be careful with alibaba website. they really do not check the suppliers activities neither if they are real. and finally alibaba does not care about fraud and disputes.


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