Scammed by Defective USB memory. Fake capacity

Contact person Stephaine

We ordered 400pcs usb from this company. After we got usb and start using it we mentioned that all usb is failing when running updated files. At that moment we had 326pcs left.

We checked it with our IT company and found out that we got 547,3Mb instead of 4GB we’ve ordered. We informed supplier for this running file error issue and about fake capacity.

They asked us to send some usb for checking. Firstly we send 6pcs. They found only 2pcs not working because of short circuit and told us that rest of them is ok. It was strange because as we’ve checked them they all (6pcs) were having same error. Hoping that they will change all rest chips with fake capacity to our ordered 4GB capacity we send them rest usb 320pcs. Firstyl after they check it they claim that they got only 219pcs. secondly again they said that they see no problem. As they  checked and formatted usb. Foramting of usb does not solve this issue, cause chip is cheated memory size. It shows 4GB, but reads only 547,30MB. Until you fill it all with files it works normally but as you overfill 547.30MB it starts failing. As we had ordered 4GB we  got 547.30MB. Seems that supplier does not see any problem and it is more than one month we cannot solve it with them.

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  1. i’m lucy Ana, i was cheated by OTHER COMPANY NAME REMOVED 100% fraud & scum & scam, 100% fake items , for usb sticks and powerbanks,They use the used very poor quality chip/ batteries instead good quality after the inspection the inspection report seemed good, but the quality of final goods arrived destination was very poor, fake capacity ,we should choose good reliable suppliers

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