VNSKY Corporation Limited

VNSKY informed us that VNSKY has merged with TE Components, and money to be re-transferred to new account. Then VNSKY shipped through Fedex and delivered the full order quantity, but the whole order don’t function at all.

VNSKY Corporation Limited

VNSKY Corporation Limited, Hong Kong

Seller Website:

Type of Complaint(s):
Money not refunded, goods not functioning

User Experience:

HitekNOFAL issued two Purchase Orders FPO/228/2013 and FPO/13/2014 to VNSKY based on quotations received from them, HitekNOFAL transferred 9,415 US$ to VNSKY bank account number (Bank: Hang Seng Bank Ltd, A/C No.: 363526633883), on Nov. 25th 2013 VNSKY informed us that VNSKY has merged with TE Components, and money to be re-transferred to new account (Bank: HSBC Hong Kong, A/C No. 023116403838) and two transfers were made (9,415 US$ and 23,115 US$) and money was received by them.

VNSKY shipped through Fedex (Tracking number: 873370938640 and 874121713482) delivered full order qty. But the whole quantity don’t function at all.
Two mails were sent to TE Components and VNSKY to refund the money, and tried to reach them by phone with no response from their side

Noting that the two companies are registered on the companies registry (The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region) and hereunder all their details on CR

VNSKY Corporation Limited
CR Number: 1949742
Reg. Date: 8-8-2013

TE Components Limited
CR Number: 1729143
Reg. Date: 15-4-2012

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  1. We experienced a similar issue with VNSKY where the wrong product was sent. For us, the part we ordered was $20.00 and the product they shipped cost $.25. Several attempts to contact JACK and VNKSY have been unanswered, no emails, no phone communication, nothing. I believe this is a well designed SCAM WEB SITE. We’re out $3,600 with no recourse. I recommend NOT purchasing any products from VNKSY. They are a SCAM.

  2. On base of their offer, we have placed our oder VNSKY-0414001 for 65 pcs 0CNN100E.V @35.00 USD ea. Instead what we ordered arrive to us 100 pcs Songle SRD-12VDC-SL-C and a cutting reel with Analog Device, AD7883BRZ-10. Tracking number 3065435951 by DHL. We tried to reach this company but unfortunately no one respond. No e-mail either by phone.
    Very bad to have contact with those bad company

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