Top Tech Mall, China

Thought I was Buying Electronics Through a Trusted Chinese Supplier

Supplier Name:

Top Tech Mall

Buyer Name:

Adam 20042


I trust a Chinese company and I contact them to buy 3 play stations with 30 games as a sample and they accept the deal and they asked me to send them the money trough WESTERN UNION but I decide to send them the money trough Bank of China in Melbourne, Australia.
And when they got the money they send me 2 MP3 which i did not order and doesn’t cost more then 100$ in fact I pay for the 3 play stations with the games almost 960 au $. This is their website:
and this is the seller ( the cheater ) hotmail:Michael (

Same thing happen to me with this when i purchased a sample order of some blackberry phones and all that i received was 3 mp3 players which are useless to me.

Anyways, after making the payment of USD2,900 he kept denying he had received payment, even AFTER I received confirmation by both my bank and the Bank of China that the transaction was successful. After a few more emails, he then tells me his name is actually ‘Guan Ten’ not ‘Guan Teng’ and following that tells me that his a/c no. was actually 455230107881223997 (with 1 digit off). I then checked with the Bank of China, and these new account details don’t even match.
After threatening to report him to the police, and asking him to give me proof of his bank a/c details, he disappears off the face of this earth. So whatever you do, DON’T trade with ANYONE with this a/c number. Or if you find him, report him to the police, he ripped me off AUD 5,000 and it bloody hurts.
I’ve written a report to the China CCPIT embassy seeking help. I’m not sure what to do next. If anyone has any advice to offer I’m up for it.

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