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I have been purchasing products from China for 25 years. I have had little trouble with Factories until the last year and a half. One that has been not honest and unreasonable has been DIY USB Electronic Technology Company Limited in Shenzhen. I have only been in contact with Zoey Fan. There is also a Sales Manager (Who has no name).They have not lived up to their word.

I’m Not a Wealthy Person. I Need Help Fast to Get My Money Back

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DIY USB Electronic Technology Company Limited

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I have been purchasing products from China for 25 years. I have had little trouble with Factories until the last year and a half. One that has been not honest and unreasonable has been DIY USB Electronic Technology Company Limited in Shenzhen. I have only been in contact with Zoey Fan. There is also a Sales Manager (Who has no name).They have not lived up to their word. Please see my note to a promotional product search site called Global Forces seen below. Please read a short synopsis of one of three incidents on three orders that were placed around the same time.

I need your help immediately on this matter. I am not a wealthy person. I may be sued by my client and the Canadian Military may take my EX client off their vendor list. My client is not at fault. I can forward all incriminating emails from Zoey Fan and DIY.

I want my money back IMMEDIATELY!

This was a short note that I sent to the BBB:

Good Day,

I received a quote from Zoey regarding a product (1GB USB Dog Tag Flash with Chain) to bid to my client for their client which is the Canadian Military. The factory bid on the product under the conditions received from my client and agreed they would all be met in their quote. I received the factory’s confirmations of my client’s requests via email and not on the factory’s invoice when I placed the order. The factory knew and approved of all the dates that were involved. They assured me they would meet my client’s ABSOLUTE IN HANDS DATE. They did not. Utilizing my cost from the Factory, I was able to quote a price where my client was able to win the bid. They did. I assured them the product would be on time as promised through my confirmation emails from Zoey at the factory. I received the pre pro sample as promised and my client approved everything. There was only the ball chain that was missing, but they approved the product regardless with the imprint shown via email. The factory was to receive information to input into the USB’s on a later date as promised. My client sent the info to input on the date promised. The factory said there will be no problem and the product will ship on time. The alluded to the fact they are using a new shipping agent. I didn’t care as long as the in hands date was met. From that point, everything that could go wrong did.

I will need a lot more than the 45 lines allowed for this comment. I may get cut off, but I will write as much as I can on this sheet. I will be happy to go into complete details, but the bottom line not only did they not ship the product, they wanted to substitute the product purchased with a style the Canadian Military did not order. Zoey from the factory said that they made a mistake in the quote and could not honor the pricing two weeks after I had placed the order. I said my client will not pay more because they won the bid and it was set in stone by the Canadian Government’s Purchase Order. I was not going to take a loss because I made very little profit on this order. I could not even think about asking my client. I told Zoey you have to honor your mistake just like would. They did when the order was placed and then tried to change it about 2 weeks into processing the order. I could not believe it.

At the same time, I had two other orders from clients that were being processed with Zoey. There were some issues on that, but they were supposedly ironed out. Until, I received the two other orders and not the Dog Tag order for the Government. Zoey had mentioned that she would ship two orders together one being the Dog Tags and the other being a metal swivel USB order for another client. The other order (3rd) was ready to go, but I had not paid the balance so it was not going to ship. I wanted to make sure the Dog Tag order shipped before I sent any further funds. Zoey gave me two tracking numbers from their NEW shipping agent. One was good one was no good. The orders were being shipped through Fed Ed International Economy. That would have been fine since they were to be shipped as promised by Zoey (Via Her email to me) on Sunday November 18th, 2012 (Their Monday November 19th, 2012) reach my client no later than November 23rd, 2012. It was originally November 22nd, 2012, but delivery in hands was given one more day. The product shipped FROM CHINA on November 22nd, 2012. They shipped it Fed Ex International Economy that was to be delivered on November 27th, 2012 before 5:00 P.M. I could not believe what I saw and heard. Needless to say, other than Zoey and DIY, EVERYBODY ON THIS SIDE WAS BEYOND FURIOUS! I was in a panic, but I worked out something with Fed Ex where I was able to pick up the box (If landed and cleared on time in Toronto)at my regular Fed Ex Depot at 9:00 A.M. November 26th, 2012. My client received a rather harsh ok from their client (Canadian Military) that the product had to be IN THEIR HANDS NO LATER THAN NOON ON NOVEMBER 26TH, 2012. They had a 3 day event that ran through November 28th, 2012, but had to have these to put into their giveaway package for the sponsors that paid $ 15k and their other guests.

All went well with Fed Ex and I was their on November 26th, 2012 at about 9:00 A.M. and receiuved the package at about 9:15 a.m. I had a 2 1/2 hour drive barring traffic jams to deliver the product to the event in Kingston, Ontario Canada. I opened the package as always to take out any papers that contained the origin of where it came from so my client does not know. When I opened the package I saw NO DOG TAGS! They shipped the metal swivel order and the other order that I did not pay the balance on that was suppose to held until I paid the balance. I COULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED. Now I have my client and the Canadian Military wanting to tear me apart let alone a possible lawsuit from my client. I will not tell you all the conversations between us, but I did forward all the email correspondents between me and Zoey showing their promises on paper. I gave all the factory information to my client so they know I was telling the truth. I don’t lie to clients because it is hard enough these days to get orders. Why lie? I need the business because I am by no means a WEALTHY MAN. Then I had to contact the factory (Many Many times with no replies by email or anyone answering their phones during China business hours). Then I finally receive and email about what they intended to do by sending another style product that the Government will 100% reject. I sent Zoey’s reply to my client and they wanted to tear my head through the computer and / or phone. It is TOO LATE!!! I need help on this.

There is quite a bit more to say, but I want to do it formally to the BBB. I have to remit payment back to my client which I do not have all the funds at this time. I insist on a FULL refund from DIY along with the duty, landing, brokerage and tax fees that are additional.

On one of the orders that were in the box, they shorted the quantity by 2 pieces. That is nothing, but it is the principle. Plus, there wer a few pieces that were unacceptable to my client. And they were to me as well.

I need to resolve this situation immediately. The factory in question said they will refund my money for both orders once they received the products back. I was informed by Fed Ex (How the packages were shipped) that the Factory refused the packages to return. I do not want the packages. They were not made correctly and did not meet the in hands date. My EX Clients want to take action on me because of this factory. I do not need any further headaches and lies from this factory. Just my money that I paid them for these two orders and let’s move on.

Please help me ASAP. I mean really QUICK!! I can’t get sued especially for something I did not do.



**NEW What lessons did you learn from the experience and do you have any general advice for other buyers?

Unfortunately, there are many more undesirable so called factories overseas that will not live up to their agreement when purchasing product. Quality of the product is another issue. At times, your pre pro sample that was approved by your client may not be the finished product that is being shipped. The overseas sources such as Alibaba, Global Sources, HKTDC and Made in China need to really crack down on their suggestions of companies. My past dealings, Global Sources and HKTDC have been more reliable. Alibaba has been the least reliable in past dealings, but have been better in recent times.

Many of us do not have the funds to always use a “Third Party” to make sure the factory in question is honorable, legit and has been audited. We are always trying to win bids and every penny counts. But, if you always need a third party, I suggest using David Fisher at

Extremely reliable and knowledgeable regarding overseas dealings. He is also endorsed by Mike Bellamy from

Mike knows what is going on especially in China.

Those two can really help regarding overseas’ factory dealings.


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  1. i’m lucy Ana, i was cheated by OTHER COMPANY NAME REMOVED 100% fraud & scum & scam, 100% fake items , for usb sticks and powerbanks,They use the used very poor quality chip/ batteries instead good quality after the inspection the inspection report seemed good, but the quality of final goods arrived destination was very poor, fake capacity ,we should choose good reliable suppliers

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